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  • I must admit that my expectations were a little different for this movie. With a title like "Serial "Fucker" 4" I expected to see a lot of group action, especially the kind were 2 guys or more team up to bang one lucky girl. Well I kind of got what I expected and I kind of didn't get what I expected. I expected rough and hot scenes with plenty of double penetration were the guys take the girls to the limits. While there is some minor double penetration the scenes really weren't all that hard. This is not a bad porno, but it had the potential to be really great.

    None of the girls were super attractive but none were ugly either. Dominica was probably the hottest and Vanessa and Allison weren't far behind. All the scenes were group scenes which I liked. We kick things off with Eimi taking on 3 guys at once. Eimi was OK looking and the scene was enjoyable. There was a rookie involved in this movie and he had trouble with trying to prevent blowing his load prematurely. In the scene with Eimi he blows his load way too early, but luckily for Eimi the 2 professionals take over. This was also the only scene with some enjoyable double penetration in it.

    In the following scene we see one of the pros and the rookie take on Dominica together. Here the rookie performed way better, but he still had to take a brake in the middle of the scene so he wouldn't blow his load. The problem with this scene was that we don't see Dominica get double stuffed. However this was still my favorite scene in this movie, but it would have been "fucking" spectacular to see this hottie take a cock up her ass and a cock up her pussy simultaneously. In the next scene we see Viktorie (Lucie Horinkova) and Sunny take on 2 guys. Here we mostly see Viktorie in action and I must say that I was impressed by the rookie, because he really sticks it to her hard in this scene. The scene ends with the 2 guys taking turns to blow their loads in Viktorie's pussy. Sunny took care of the cum that dripped out of Viktorie's pussy.

    Next wee see Vanessa in action with 2 guys. Well she basically only "fucks" one of them. But the other is there to get his dick sucked in the beginning and to blow his load in the end. This scene was also a major letdown. It was especially disappointing because I know how great scenes are were Vanessa gets DP:ed. The last scene was Cameron Cruz and Allison Moore taking on 3 guys together. This was probably the most disappointing scene in the movie. Cameron gets DP:ed but it's only briefly and a close up of just her ass. Especially Allison should have been able to give more. All in all a enjoyable movie, but it could have been so much more.

    The best thing was the extra scene from "Private" that was on the DVD. This was a scene with the lovely Yvette Marco taking on 2 guys at once. Yvette has a beautiful face and a even better natural body. In this scene she also has a really sexy tan that makes her even better looking. The scene starts off at the breakfast table with Yvette blowing one of the guys. The other guy pulls out his dick and joins in. This wasn't a hard and rough scene but it was still great. The reason for that was Yvette Marco's beauty and performance. Yvette sucked the dicks slowly and thoroughly in an almost loving kind of way. Even if the guys didn't bang the "shit" out of Yvette, her moaning was still great and her facial expressions were even greater. After the blowjobs one of the guys bangs Yvette from behind while she sucks the other guys dick. After that Yvette moves on to the cowgirl position while sucking on the other guys balls. I really enjoyed the double penetration in this scene. First we see Yvette get double stuffed in the cowgirl position and after a short brake with Yvette in the reverse cowgirl, we see her double stuffed in the reverse cowgirl as well. I really enjoyed the camera angle from the front during the cowgirl DP. It gives a great shot of both Yvette's body and face. I hate it when DP scenes show too much close ups of the DP, instead of giving us angles like this one. Even if you don't see the penetration from the front angle, It's way hotter than a close up shot and there is no doubt about what is taking place either. I loved Yvette's facial expressions during the double penetration. Pleasure like that can't be faked and it gets my dick hard every time. I would say that the hottest thing for me about DP scenes is to see how a woman reacts to having a cock up her ass and a cock up her pussy at the same time. And that reaction comes forth best in the form of her facial expression. I must add that Yvette's asshole looks extremely tight and her pussy looks pretty tight too. I imagine it would be a real joy to stick my dick in either hole. The scene ends with one of the guys going at it in Yvette's ass until he blows his load around her asshole. The other guy jerks a load off in Yvette's mouth. I really enjoyed this scene and I must say it's watching stuff like this that makes me want to try double stuffing a girl for real. Don't know if I would be up for it, but with the right girl it's something that could be absolutely fantastic.