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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just finished the show, and wiping the tears, and I have got to say that this IS one of THE BEST shows of all-time. AND you don't have to be a sci-fi fan to appreciate it. I am not a Trekkie or a Star Wars fanatic, but I do appreciate a good story, and this definitely has that. This show has it all; Adventure, Horror, Drama, Action, Comedy, Mystery, Fantasy, and Romance. I'm sad that it's ended, as with the recently finished Breaking Bad, but I know that there is so much more to be discovered. Give this show a chance and stick it out and you will be rewarded.

    Originally I did not think that I would like it because of Joshua Jackson, being that he is from Dawson's Creek, but he won me over as did James Van Der Beek in The Rules Of Attraction, and he does a great job. The whole cast is great, but no one more than John Noble who plays the mad but brilliant scientist and experimenter of hallucinogenics, Walter Bishop. There are lots of episodes where he trips and the best one is in one of the last episodes where he has a Monty Python-esque hallucination.

    If you are a Trekkie, you'll want to see this show for the great Leonard Nimoy, who plays a very important role on the show. It's been nice to have been introduced to Anna Torv, Jasika Nicole and Georgina Haig all three are great and all i've since fallen in love with. Lance Reddick, Blair Brown, Michael Cerveris and Eugene Lipinski(one helluva frightening performance) are definitely worth mentioning being great in their respected roles as well. Other great actors worth mentioning that appear are Jared Harris(Happiness), Martha Plimpton(Parenthood), William Sadler, Peter Weller, Brad Dourif, Christopher Lloyd and Theresa Russell(in one helluva sexy performance).

    All in all it's just a great show so watch it damn it!
  • I had started watching Fringe when it aired in my country, and at first, I didn't really find it particularly interesting. However, I decided to persevere with it, and I'm very glad I did. This show is not perfect, but it's definitely not as bad as all these reviews tend to make out. With each episode (so far), I find myself more deeply immersed in the plot, more involved with the characters, and I can't wait until the next one airs. A lot of these other reviews say it's worse than 'Lost' - which isn't true. I tried watching Lost, for the entire first season, but I found myself completely bored, with no real plot line to follow. The opposite is true with Fringe. Each episode has two plots - One, the overall plot of the series, and two, the plot of the individual episode, such as the investigation. This is common practice, but Fringe makes it.. fresher.

    All in all, don't make any decisions on whether to watch this or not based off reviews on here. There's a lot of controversy - some hate it, some love it - just watch it for a while and judge it for yourself. I personally don't like the first 10 or so episodes, so I recommend you at least for a bit after that. They honestly do get better. 9/10
  • Been watching the reviews for the show for some time now and I have to say that most people are confused. Confused on how a series is reviewed. When we speak about a sitcom comedy, by just watching one or two episodes it is fairly easy to judge the quality. But when trying to analyze a series like X-Files, Lost, Fringe and so many other, one has to watch the whole bunch of arc episodes in order to have an objective opinion. yes the science portrayed every week may be a little too much but... X-Files (which I also loved) was about aliens.... So....we believe in aliens but cannot comprehend that there may be science beyond our imagination???? As for the characters, and especially for Anna Torv.......her acting (the way see looks in the first episodes - like cold and aloof) it's just the way things should be in the beginning......then she is a cold-hearted FBI agent and that is what she shows us.......everyone who cared enough to watch all the episodes till now will see how she has changed as a character (and how well acted that character is by Anna Torv - I had never seen her before). Most of the reviews here are based on the first 3 or 4's a whole story that has to be said.....go through the first season and see then what your reactions will be... Yet the series is not without problems, but it will get better and better. Most of the arc episodes are thrilling and most of the rest episodes are full of mad science (got to love it). The production values are sky-high...

    So always keep in mind what you're judging and give it the appropriate time...
  • I have only two words for you, John Noble, John Noble and yes you guessed it, John Noble.

    Many people will tell you "its X-files without out the X" but these same people will also say "Lost- why would I watch a show about people on an island".

    Fringe brings great story together along with an entertaining cast, John Noble really brings his A-Game and shines through the eccentric and senile Walter Bishop. I would go so far as to say to watch Fringe if only to witness his superb portrayal of the character.

    The characters will keep you entertained, the story will keep you on your toes and scientific experiments will blow you away.

    This is a show not to be missed!
  • When I first saw Fringe, I was immediately reminded of firstly The 4400 and secondly the X-files. Each show is similar in that supernatural incidents occur, and that only a specialized task force is capable of dealing with them. In the x-files we mostly followed the story of agents Skully and Mulder and their investigation in cases that revolved around aliens, religion and metaphysics. In 4400 it were agents Skouris and Baldwin who investigated incidents relating a group of "special" people. In Fringe, it's all about science. An investigation team researches cases where high tech inventions that border on the supernatural are being used to commit crimes, show off, or even unexplained purposes. While some cases seem to be uncomfortably similar to what we already experience in daily life, other cases are more fantastical.

    There are many things to like about Fringe. The show is very professionally put together. Every episode shows a consistent progress in the storyline as the mystery unfolds. You never get the full sense of really what's going on, just as the persons in the show don't. But at the same time, you get clues and hints to what is happening, and every episode reveales a new lead that evolves the story.

    The ambient music adds a thickness to scenes that would normally be tense already, and now become completely chilling.

    The cast is varied and interesting enough for each viewer to have their personal favorite. Some of us will relate to the meticulous and sensible detective, while others will develop a bond with the brilliant but troubled and sometimes mad scientist. I found the acting to be very strong on all accounts, except perhaps for a few awkward interrogation scenes.

    At times, so many scientific terms are being used back-to-back, that I felt like watching a Startrek Voyager episode. With Fringe though, everything is based on facts and in the rare events that things just don't make sense, the scientists in the show will assure us that they have no clue to what is going on.
  • I started watching the show just when the first season was heading towards its end, and frankly I was taken aback. It was the perfect show for me, a heavenly combination of drama, action, thrills, science, fiction and characters that you can so easily relate to. You don't even notice how fond you grow of them. I've stuck with the show until the very end, and yes, there are some twists here and there that could've been dealt differently but the show ha maintained it's quality. It's not easy to watch and it's definitely not that easy to keep track of all the cases or events that come to happening but the complex nature of the show is very unique. And in a way beautiful.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've noticed that most of the horrible reviews here are those that didn't get past the first four episodes. Granted, these were not the most exciting and well-written story lines presented to viewers, but afterwards, the ball really gets rolling.

    Anna Torv is AMAZING as Olivia Dunham. She's tough, but vulnerable. She's pretty, but not overly attractive. She has real responses and emotions to the stresses in her life. And (this is the big one for me, because TV always seems to speed up romance), it doesn't take her 5 episodes to fall in love. It takes a couple seasons.

    All the other characters add so much dimension to this show, but arguably, the most fun is Dr. Walter Bishop. He's zany, likable, high most of the time, and absolutely freakin' brilliant.

    I can't get into the storyline too much without ruining it, but I don't think I've ever watched a show with such amazingly crafted plot twists. Fringe is one show that I want to keep on watching, hour after hour.

    Heads up, it's on Netflix now, steaming four seasons! Go watch it! Like, NOW!
  • I first started following the series at launch, viewing the first 3 episodes. Then i completely forgot about it. I just recently started viewing this again and i have to say, there's more to it than the first couple of episodes let you see. The plot deepens as episodes go by, the role of the "mad scientist" becomes clearer and everything slowly ties in together like a perfect puzzle. The story is not one of the most original you'll find, but it is told in a most beautiful way, a way that will keep you hooked until the end. The characters are strong and so are the actors/actresses that bring them to life. The effects are top notch. An overall great TV show with that classical X Files feel to it but with a twist, a twist that i personally enjoy and one that made me anxiously await the second installment in the TV series. Highly recommended to all you X Files fans and also for anyone that enjoys a conspiracy plot that has some substance. An easy 9 out of 10.
  • This is a great show with talented actors and great storyline. You have to see every episode to know whats going on. Nothing for viewers who watches a episode every other week. The people who calls the storyline bad doesn't get it. It's very smart and like "Lost" you have to use your mind to find out the secrets revealed throughout the show. JJ Abrams is a brilliant writer and the cast is perfect. I strongly recommend you who haven't seen this show to have a look. -FROM THE BEGINNING- otherwise you will not understand a thing.

    Best regards joura-2

    More reviews are coming soon.....
  • cojala15 October 2009
    I watch this show every week. If I can't be home I make sure it is DVR'd. I love the character Walter Bishop (John Noble). He is my favorite part of the show. I mainly watch it for him. I too didn't like it much in the beginning but then I got to know the characters and now I am addicted. It's the type of show that can keep you interested because every week it is something new but still with the ongoing storyline. (make sense?)I like all the characters and I have to disagree with other reviewers who say that these people can't act. Joshua is a very good and talented actor, he was on another hit TV show for many years (Dawson's Creek), so he's got to be doing something right. As for Anna Torv I think she is a good actress, I think that her storyline and character is why people think she is a bad actor. I don't like all the reality stuff on TV these days. I like being taken somewhere else and leaving reality behind for an hour a week. I have enough reality with my job and life and they are just coming up with dumb and dumber shows all the time. This show is good entertainment, which is what TV is suppose to be.
  • rach-ll17 August 2013
    I first watched this show when it started airing on TV in the Netherlands. I instantly really liked it, watched it every week, until I lost track of it. A few years later, I came across some GIFs of the show and thought hey.. I know that show. That show is excellent. So I watched all of it, and then a third time with my boyfriend last year. Even after seeing it several times, it's still an excellent show. It's clever, the acting is great (gets better throughout the seasons), it has a very distinct science-theme, and after a while I found myself really becoming attached to the characters. I LOVE Anna Torv (who plays Olivia). She's a wonderful actress, and even when wearing a long, shapeless, black trench coat and hat she still somehow manages to be sexy. John Noble is of course brilliant as Walter, a character that provided me with a lot of chuckles and some very useful information (such as; eat eggs when you've been drinking, it sucks up some of the alcohol and makes you feel less drunk, and hungover the next day).

    There's plenty of other actors that deserve mention, but that would take forever. Suffice it to say; they're all excellent. This show is one of my favorites of all time. It's mentally stimulating in a way that I haven't experienced with any other show to date, and you're missing out if you haven't watched it. If you are, however, the type of person that wants dumb mindless action all the time and isn't up for some brain gymnastics (more so in the later seasons), this isn't for you. That doesn't make it a bad show, it just makes you a dumb-ass. Go watch some 24 or something.
  • dacrontoke_4204 November 2009
    OK first things first...... you people can't just watch the first two episodes and say that this show isn't good. the first few episodes of any show are bound to be a little slower than the latter. And how can you not dig the strange things that take place in this show. I think it is an excillent, fresh, new idea and has a lot of potential. It's kind of like CSI meets the x-files with some weird science in the mix. Overall i think this series has great potential if you saw the first two episodes and gave up on the show your an idiot. Myself being a huge fan of Lost was a little skeptical about Fringe and was even a little bit disappointed with the first few episodes. Keep watching and like me you will be pleasantly surprised!
  • I search for crack-addiction type of shows like "Lost". A few years ago, I saw one of the standalone episodes of "Fringe" and I just didn't understand how this mad scientist had these weird answers to everything. It just seemed far fetched and something a little "out there".

    Wow, was I just completely wrong. Big time. This show has replaced my "Lost" and "24" crack addiction to TV.

    A few months ago, the Science Channel or the like put Fringe on one night, and I decided I'd give it a shot from the beginning. It changed everything to see it from the start, and potentially why people like myself couldn't really pick it up to start.

    I have spent 10 hours straight clearing my DVR of "Fringe" at times, I'm sad to admit. Then, there was a long hiatus on the Science Channel and just recently it came back on, where I quickly devoured all of season 3 in a few days from my DVR. I am frantically searching now how to find season 4. I thought the production would continue on the Science Channel, but it now seems like it was just going there for syndication.

    This show I never watched, and is by far one of the greatest shows of my life. I'd like to thank Fox for producing it, but also in the same breath get miffed at them for not packaging this better or putting it on during great time slots, which ultimately can lead to a show's ending...the Friday evening death slot.

    Incredible character development, great mystery, high production value, terrific writing...with today's consumer dynamic going towards cheaply produced reality TV, I'm scared that this may be the best, and last, crack addicting show of my lifetime. Great job everyone who put this together, you have a TV junkie here who is grateful for having this art as part of his life.
  • lensman-413 August 2009
    Yes the show has to grow, but they have done a terrific job on it. If anyone wants more insight into the show please go to youtube and look for the ComicCon footage. I am one of the lucky few who go to go to the Q&A for Fringe. They were an awesome group. As to the people who are saying it is a Rip off of X-Files get a life. X-Files was not even original, hello Kolchek, the Night Stalker. Even though it wasn't the FBI it was very much an early X-Files.

    One person at the Con asked where the writers got their ideas and they said things like Scientific America and other scientific magazines and publications. Also, they have a neuro-scientist consultant on the show as well as consulting with JPL, CERN, MIT and other science organizations. They are really trying to be smart about the show. For the person who complained about John Nobles accent, well he has a really thick New Zealand accent and he was trying to go for that Professor type accent from when he was in college. Also, JJ Abrams has not had anything to do with Lost since season 1. He is only on the credits as creator. Anyway, go see the footage from the Comic-Con and you may get a better understanding of the actors and the show in general.
  • I gotta say I didn't had too much hopes for this show on it's first two episodes, but while watching it every since until now, i can honestly say how mistaken i was. The second season particularly is very amusing and it caught me after every episode. You could say this is somehow the "X Files" young sister. Not to mention the special effects are really great and convincing (something sometimes really hard to find in a TV show). On what comes to the performances, Anna Torv could do a little better as the FBI Agent Oliva Dunham, but i believe her performance has even become more convincing during this second season as well. Joshua Jackson really surprised me with his smart yet stubborn Peter Bishop, when i realized "hey, this guy can truly act" i mean i was afraid it was gonna be some sort of older Pacey Witter (the role his always known for, from his previous TV show hit "Dawson's Creek") and i must say he proved me wrong, cause this role is nothing like it and, as an actress myself, i was really shocked by the way he putted the Pacey alter-ego aside to play this other role. On what comes to Walter Bishop and Agent Astrid Farsworth, i must say just how much i love them. They're this magnificent endearing duet, which is hard to find on Sci-Fi/drama TV series. John Noble is already known as a very versatile actor and i love the way he imagined this character was supposed to be and then again, they way he plays it. Jasika Nicole is, or at least her character, somebody i could be friends with that is, at the same time smart, and fits great on the Fringe Division team. I still have my doubts about characters like Nina Sharp and Agent Broyles, but still are part of an amazing cast.
  • To be honest my feelings about this show were very meh after watching the pilot episode. Technically well done with good production values, but the story seemed drawn out and derivative and the characters didn't really grab me, especially the female lead (played by Anna Torv). But there was enough there that was intriguing to make me watch another episode, then another, then another. It took a while to get going, but a little over halfway through Season 1 I realized I was becoming eager to view each successive episode. Yes, at first there were many similarities to other genre shows (after all, they all draw water from the same well) but by the end of Season 1, Fringe was successfully carving out its place among the greats. It really hit its stride in Season 2 which picked up the pace with some very skillful and effective writing. There were still some momentum shifts while toggling between episodic and serialized storytelling, but the characters had come into their own and the intensity increased significantly. And Season 3? Absolutely Blew. My. Mind. So much so that I'm really stoked to see how they're going to top it.

    The show has consistently delivered incredible production values, but it is the depth of the storytelling and the characters that are the meat and potatoes. There is real emotional resonance here with themes on trust, intimacy, sacrifice, and family. Something I find lacking in a lot television programs these days. And, yes, there is also plenty of mystery and suspense. The cast (and *guest* casting, good god!) is indescribably fantastic. And I've done a complete 180 on Anna Torv and the character she plays. The actress is phenomenal and there are reasons why her character is the way she is. I've grown to really love her.

    This is long-view storytelling at its best and attentive viewing can be very rewarding. You get lots of breadcrumbs pertaining to the overarching "mythology" spread throughout the series, starting with the very first episode and the payoffs are huge. If you are a fan of intricate well told science fiction (with an emphasis on FICTION; some of the actual science can require fanwankery at times) or just a fan of really great character based drama and suspense, then you should definitely give this series a try. Be forewarned however that the series can get pretty bloody gruesome at times (if you care about that sort of thing).

    All and all, I'm really glad I stuck with this one or I would definitely be missing out. It has turned into must-see TV for me. I just hope the suits don't kill it before its time.
  • casla229 March 2010
    If we look at the news every day, we see that this world has less and less sense. And if our world has no logic, we can't pretend that have logic a television series that can do with it a worthy entertainment. Fringe takes subjects that have always been present among us: conspiracy theories, weird scientific experiments, parallel universes; and takes us on a walk in surprising situations. Fringe discovered something? No. We can find in the show, elements of many other new and old series, but is that because there is almost nothing to invent, then the important thing is how to combine those things, how to give new twists and new viewpoints. Fringe does so with good pace and interesting characters. Dr. Bishop, brilliantly played by John Noble, who gives the show the mystery, wisdom and a touch of humor fabulous. His son Peter, played by Joshua Jackson, one of those young actors that deserve more and better attention. Finally, the FBI agent Olivia Dunham, played by Anna Torv. And here I pause a moment. After reading a few reviews, I wonder why these comments so upset about her accent? Almost no one notices the Australian accent and if so, what is the problem? There are many ways to talk like people in the world. Her work is impeccable. Nor can I understand those who say it's a bad actress, based on her hard gestures and that almost she no laughs in the series. Hello! Had not realized that she plays a character? We know that Anna Torv is adorable off-screen, but in Fringe, she "must" play a very different woman. In real life many people are expressive and cheerful, and there are also people who are not. Why all the characters have to be happy? Olivia Dunham is hard and very dedicated to her work. That's the character. I can't understand how some people still can't separate the artist from a character. And it bothers me more, people who claim that all the actresses should look like dolls in the series. Thanks to that we have to see and bear all the time, to women without talent, posing for the photo and talking nonsense to get attention. And they say they are actresses. I saw Anna Torv in British series "Mistresses", before convening for Fringe. Also seen in some previous work (Young Lions, McLeod's Daughters, The Book of Revelation); even heard her sing. So I have no problem in saying ¡Wake up America! This Australian girl is SERIOUSLY TALENTED. Has a remarkable presence and her acting range is striking. Anna Torv also has experience in theater, something many fashionable actresses on TV, can't say. Definitely, regardless of what happens with Fringe, I will follow her in its future work.

    Thanks to the "logic of the illogical", Fringe has a huge range of possibilities to create stories and interesting twists. If that happens or not is not the responsibility of the actors, but the genius of JJ Abrams and screenwriters (hard to believe they are the same as Transformers). Fringe is fresh, with good pace, intrigue, hooks and interesting secondary characters. It is by far one of the most entertaining television program which is offered recently. I wonder how long it will last the series (considering how bad some television networks are watching their products), but until now, is the only series that after seeing a chapter, makes me want to see the following immediately. Strangely, the ratings do not accompany the show in USA. They seem to prefer TV series boring and linear. Or just settle for such series as Beverly Hills 90210 (again), Gossip Girl and the unbearable teenage vampires. That is a Fringe moment.
  • Let's say i don't have a particular genre. I started my show obsession with Girls, Breaking Bad, moved on to Game of thrones, then Orphan Black, and the rest was history. I was never fan of sci- fi/adventure/fantasy but that genre slowly grew on me with GoT and OB. I am always searching IMDb and trying to find new shows to watch, and i somehow always overlooked Fringe for some reason. Read the synopsis many times and didn't even try to watch the pilot because the trailer didn't do it for me. And then one day, out of a boredom, after i watched everything i thought was good i decided i should give this show a chance. I instantly fell in love with it. Mostly in the characters and their connection. I LOVED the unconventional family they all made. Their dedication as characters was flawless, and the acting ability of the cast was always top- notch. Why haven't i given this show a chance earlier? Now i think of re-watching it because i am invested and that rarely happens. If there is a show that is worth watching feel free to contact me!! :)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had trouble working out what this show was all about at first. The first four or five episodes seemed to be disconnected and confusing, and I wasn't really sure if I was interested enough to keep watching. However I really loved the character of Walter Bishop, so I thought I would hang in there for the first season at least, and see if it went anywhere. Boy am I glad I did =) The show is essentially about an FBI agent, Olivia Dunham, who with the help of Walter Bishop, a scientist, deals with crimes and events that have paranormal overtones, predominately dealing with a branch of scientific research known as fringe science.

    I later discovered that the reason it is so disjointed in the beginning is that Fox requires all its new shows to have at least 4 stand alone episodes at the start of a new series so that they can pull the plug without having irate viewers who were sucked into the storyline send them 20 tonnes of nuts when they pull the plug on their favourite show in the middle of a cliffhanger - a la Jericho (which was CBS but I think all the studios learned a very valuable lesson).

    This is a REALLY great show, and is well worth enduring the first few episodes for. I found that at the end of each episode, I was hanging out for the next one, and I was constantly playing the scenes over in my head trying to work things out and make connections. Sure, the characters are not absolutely brilliant, but I believe that the characters will get better in the seasons to come, and the little glimpses into their lives that has been provided so far certainly make them more interesting (watch the last few episodes and you'll see what I mean).

    Walter is definitely the most endearing character, and he provides welcome hilarity in the most tense scenes.
  • rbstoker10 September 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    This had to be the most hyped show in recent memory. What a dud!!! The plot was slow and plodded along in the beginning. I tuned in with an open mind, but this show was so disappointing that I kept looking at the time remaining and hoped it would get better. To be fair there were a couple of scenes that I liked such as the LSD line and the Cow in the hall. However, the plot had some continuity holes and the writing just was not tight. If they expect this to keep and build a loyal following the writing and plot better start improving on the future episodes they have in the can or they will not make it to next season (imho). I did think John Noble's character was the best acted in the pilot he was the only one that was really believable. I guess playing crazies is his calling.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This has to be the worst science fiction show of all time, JJ abrams has tried to use a concept which has already been applied and tested The X-files, Twillight zones, Twin Peaks this show is a lame attempt of Old Classics !! I am an admirer of jj abrams work since he created a classic show like LOST which i would recommend all users to watch it The acting totally sucks especially the leading lady ANNA Torv much better actress could have been casted in her place because she simply doesn't know how to Act !! Fringe falls flat in all departments including Writing , directing and acting , i wasted 45 minutes of my life watching this Awful show hopefully this show will Fade into Oblivion more sooner than we think because it simply lacks potential , it is a lame attempt to recapture the X-files phenomenon i would recommend people to Watch X-files
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've watched all the episodes aired so far, the idea of the show sounded like it could be fun but it's delivery is just poor. I guess I been watching it in the hope it'd get better but frankly, it just gets worse.

    The plots are paper thin at best, the series continues to string you along with the ongoing investigation into "The Pattern" (a bunch of weird scientific events that happen all over the world). The lead character Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) is horribly delivered, she must have gone to the Steven Segal school of acting because she nearly always looks annoyed or angry. Her character she spends, what feels like, most of the time moping over her boyfriend/partner. The end result is a fairly grating experience to watch.

    The only two good characters are Peter and Walter Bishop (Joshua Jackson & John Noble) but they struggle to make any real presence with the awful scripts handed to them. Walter Bishop's quirky character elevates some of the pain but then his mental health issue tends to get over used in each script. (they're the only reason for the extra star in the rating) The bad guys are ridiculously one dimensional, when caught or cornered they'll purposely get themselves killed - like they're fanatics. It's more a cheap get-out-of-supply-answers mechanic used by lazy writers. They're made out to be extremely cunning, going to any selfless lengths to reach their goal. It just doesn't wash, especially given the nature of the show.

    If you watch the episode "The Arrival" you'll get a good scope on just how weak and stupid the show is able to get. The rest aren't much better.

    I'd be very surprised if this makes it to a second series, it sure doesn't deserve it, far better programmes have sunk for less. If you enjoy thin-stupid plots, no tangible answers, awful lead character and a lot of melodrama then you'll like this.

    "Someone is experimenting and the whole world is their lab" - yes, someone is experimenting with rubbish television.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've bent over backwards and given the show 3 weeks to suck me in. I can do bad TV as long as it's not too stupid, or the characters intrigue me. I've stuck with "Prison Break," because of the characters, although I'm hanging on by a thread. I've stuck with "24" because it moves so fast and furiously and throws in so many curves I don't have time to suspend disbelief.

    Now I've had it with the "Fringe." There's only one character I like and that's the main guy, and he has no business in the show. His only reason for being there is to act as a balance for his crazy father, and yet they have him acting like Torv's FBI partner. He has no discernible professional reason for being part of the group. His humor is the best thing in the show.

    Then there's the cute FBI agent in the lab, who has no science skills, and who seems to be there to look cute. Then there's the crazy scientist whose crazy as a loon, until he's focused on doing some sci-fi magic, thanks to a bunch of machinery that's been rusting away in a lab for 3 decades, but now seems to be just right for every wacky project that comes their way.

    The sci fi is ludicrous! It doesn't have to be accurate, obviously - it's fiction - but it has to be believable.

    It has to be semi rational. In the last show a guy gets on a bus, puts on a gas mask, gases the entire bus, then waits for the bus driver to crash so he can get off with something he's stolen. Excuse me? You're going to risk your life on a careening bus? They love to show people with bulging veins, a la "scanners," who then survive what would certainly result in a brain hemmorhage.

    Worst show ever
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is Rip-off of many shows together which includes LOST, X-files, Twin peaks , Twilight zones and the OMEGA factor First of all to be HONEST i respect JJ Abrams he created many classic shows like " LOST " (And i think he should stick with that) and " Alias " another good show , the reason this two shows rocked was creativity and originality of the Concept on the other hand Fringe was build upon FAKE science , no creativity , BAD acting and Writing

    ANNA Torv who is suppose to be the leading actress of the show has given the terrible performance one could ever imagine, She is always acts WOODEN and her Weird expressions as if she is Constipating all the time adds upto the misery of the show , The only saving Grace of the show that i consider is the Mad scientist and his son played by JOSHUA JACKSON (which always reminds me of Mighty ducks) their acting is upto the mark and their characters are well written

    The main problem of this show is in the Writing department the stories are very weak and seems to be Far fetched

    i would recommend Viewers to watch the Best and Classic show ever to deal with Paranormal stuff " The X-files " from the scratch or if your looking for new Material.... i would recommend " Supernatural ' another great show
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