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  • AndTheRoo9 November 2007
    At first glance, i thought sola was going to be another typical magic-fantasy/drama series. Well, that's not true! I was lucky enough to get a hold of one of the earliest DVD copy of sola here; I wasn't expecting much from Sola, as i am not impressed with the introduction plot. However, i am glad that i was wrong. Sola started off as though it is going to be an anime that exceeds a hundred episode - it was slow. There wasn't many characters in the series, but somehow, the director took his time introducing each one of them, and slowly showing us more character developments. Many people gave up on sola because it was going nowhere at that point, but as soon as sola entered the second half (13 episodes btw), it changed drastically, my perception differed!

    Personally, i was surprised that this anime didn't get as much attention it deserves. I looked around and nobody knew or cared for this anime! Sure, there was some point that it became really clichéd. But somehow, it managed to bring out the emotions in sora, which i feel, was a strong part of the series. Also, the background music which accompany sola throughout the whole series, was amazing. I don't often see anime soundtracks being put into real work, aside from a few exceptions.

    Well, all in all, you shouldn't let sola pass you by. This is one of the fewer animes which doesn't rely on giant mechas, epic sword fights or any sort of clichéd plot to be good. A solid 7/10 from me!
  • threepines19 January 2014
    AndTheRoo basically said what needed to be said back in their 2007 post. I'm just adding my voice to his/hers because Sola deserves way more than a single review, however positive.

    This was a beautiful and unexpectedly imaginative little series. Thirteen episodes was just right. It begins slowly enough as a kind of domestic, slightly supernatural teen drama, but even then I was captivated. Towards the end it gets weirder, but in a real good way.

    The art is solid, not outrageous, but the plot and characterisation are at a very high level. It's genuinely moving. And, yeah, the music's great. In Japan, Sola went on to win Best Anime Series of 2007. Deservedly so.

    If you're wondering whether to bother watching it or not: watch it. Totally recommended.