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  • Though I generally dislike porn-parody (actually ripoff) and the gonzo approach of director Joanna Angel, this third collection of comical sex vignettes about the iconic goth girl memorably personified by Christina Ricci was a pleasant surprise.

    Angel previously issued a couple of DVDs worth of Wednesday Addams scenes via her Burning Angel label and with the backing of new porn outfit Adult Time upped the ante with a better cast.

    All four actresses do a fine job impersonating the deadpan goth girl, though most of them soon step out of character once the XXX action begins, lapsing into pornspeak and even breaking into an unlikely smile.

    My favorites were the ultra-busty tattooed ladies Lily Lane and Jessie Lee, with an older-looking Wednesday explained away by a story line involving a 10 year high school reunion.

    As usual with Angel, tattoos abound, including casting of Small Hands, who gets to sing and amateurishly play his guitar. Angel herself shows up in one segment as Wednesday's mom, but doesn't bother at all to look like the memorable Addams matriarch played by Carolyn Jones and Angelica Huston.