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  • I did not believe my eyes to see Ha in pigtail in a drama with a fancy name Chocolate. It is for years since I have been waiting for Ha to act in drama in par wirh Secret Garden and King2Hearts. Chocolate does not let me down.

    I have seen 3 episodes so far. Cannot keep myself waiting anxiously in front of the TV for the new episode.

    The writer is very aggressive to incorporate kitchen with a hospital. Both genre are my favourite. The writer tries his very best to make the story logical. I would say he has done a very good job.

    Choice of male leads is another amazing point. 3 handsome second leads, from Good Wife, Girl friend, Vagabond. They are to me, with great potential when I first saw them. The first male lead is not the type that that impresses you at first sight. But you will be in love with him as time goes by.

    Together with the great scenery in Greece, amazing shooting and beautiful soundtrack, this is simply a drama that could not be skipped.
  • I'm on the last episode. Please say there will be a season 2! I've looked on Google and can't find any reference to a season 2. As a 48 year old woman it's rare to find Korean dramas with characters in my age group that I can relate to. We middle aged audiences watch TV too! Thank you for representing our age group. I love the cast, many familiar faces.
  • This is the best romantic drama I have ever seen. The lead actor Yoon Kye-sang and lead actress Ha Ji-won deliver truly remarkable performances. My heart almost exploded out of my chest many times watching them together. Their scenes together wether happy or sad are extremely touching and deep. The production values and script are top class.
  • borgesrenatab4 January 2020
    Just perfect. This is my New mr. Sunshine. the actors are great. A terrific love story
  • I like the story, the actors and anxiously awaiting each episode. The child actors are very good! Lots of good KDramas coming out of South Korea recently. I have now finished the series and, like many, wish there would be a season 2. The cast behind the stars were great. I want to see more stories around the Hospice. It would make a good series. I felt the lead characters never got to seal their relationship in the final episode, I wanted so much more.
  • I'm really into this series. This drama is just on another level. I really enjoy all of the emotion in every single episode (I literally cried a lot watching this series). Like chocolate, this drama is full of bitter-sweet emotion. The plotline is so fresh and interesting, chemistry between the main cast is so amazing, and almost all the cast did a very good job at portraying their characters. The ost are also good. So perfect overall. It's hard to find an emotional yet so beautiful series like this. It's one the best melodrama I've watch so far. Definitely worth to watch. Highly recommended!
  • Have you ever taken a long road trip with endless stretches of highway and there's nothing to look at but the scenery? To me, this show feels just like that. The journey is the main story/romance (with a number of forced detours) and the scenery is all the side stories you encounter along the way. Whether you like this film will depend heavily on whether you enjoy that sort of pace.

    If you are looking for excitement and romantic thrills, be warned. Although romance is indeed central to this show, it mainly serves to tie together a patchwork of smaller "slice of life" type stories centered around food, and the joy/meaning that it can bring. The actual romance is very quiet and only occupies maybe 25% of the story.

    The bulk of the story is set in a hospice for terminal patients, and is much heavier than the average K-drama. You should expect to cry A LOT (in a good way). While this film does have a relatively unique plot, artistic cinematography and a nice (if repetitive) soundtrack, by far its strongest point is the acting/storytelling. You truly invest in all the characters and feel what they feel (except maybe for Michael's mother).

    A few caveats: This film is clearly aimed at an older audience (so younger viewers may have no interest in the older couples), and some may find the meandering pace tedious. The romantic plot also relies on the "lack of communication" trope for an unreasonably long time, so frustration may outweigh any entertainment value for some viewers. Also, I personally found the last 20-30 minutes really anticlimactic. The ending itself was ok (despite all the loose ends), but IMO the events leading to it seemed unnecessary/contrived.

    All in all, this show is certain to touch anyone who has experienced hospice life. As for other viewers, if you enjoy quiet, introspective stories full of deep emotion, and can value heart-aching as much as heart-pounding love, then this will probably be right up your alley. (Circumstantially) Recommended

    ROMANCE RATING: 7/10 I'm a little conflicted on this point. I thought the ABSTRACT romance was good, and Ha Ji-Won and Yoon Kye-Sang had believable chemistry in their growing feelings for each other. I could really feel the longing. However, when it came to the CONCRETE romance and they finally kissed (3+ scenes), it just left me...underwhelmed. I can appreciate subtle and understated romance, but to me this felt more like something was missing. That might just be my personal preference though!
  • This K-Drama is very touching to the soul. Although it says based on non-real events, I feel that this show depicts what seems like true events. I love how after every episode finishes there is a life-teaching moral; this show makes me appreciate life even more. I would 💯 percent recommend this show. If you are a sentimental person like myself, have a box of tissues ready and be ready to be on Netflix for the next couple of days. I finished episodes 1-9 in less than 2 days. Now I'm waiting for the remaining episodes to come on.
  • Tejasvita2619 January 2020
    This has been of the best Korean dramas. This show has done perfect justice to portraying human lives. The journey of life and death has been depicted with delicate beauty. Each episode leaves you feeling emotional and so in tune with life that you become even more grateful. The lead pair's chemistry is just beautiful. The slow burning romance of moon cha young and lee kang with beautiful cinematography and lovely OST is just like 🍫. This drama lives up to its name in every essence. A must watch of you tend to like intensely emotional drama.
  • droche-499665 February 2020
    It is a love story that spans decades and at times during the series, it does feel a little like the story is going to take decades to tell too. It's a bit of a wonder that the two find each other given how dumb they act at times. But the acting is decent and the story is decent so overall, it is a good watch. Just not the best example of a well done Korean drama.
  • Story amazing, drama execution present, character development achieved and most importantly, not boring.
  • You might think that sounds morbid, but I cried tears of joy at the wonderful stories that unfolded.
  • Just loved each episode. Congratulations to everyone involved.
  • This was truly an emotionally compelling love story: extremely touching, endearing narrative! Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Ji Won were exceptional in their performance together. Their characters Lee Kang and Moon Cha Young coupled with their acting made for many a heartrending, tear-jerking moment (have plenty of tissue handy). Similarly, the production would not have been as powerful if it were not for the backstories, OST list, cinematography, supporting cast, and fabulous storytelling--all were amazing! Bravo! Loved it! Netflix does it again with their collaborations with JTBC Network for another outstanding Netflix Original K-Drama! Cheers to an absolutely fabulous viewing selection!
  • First off, it's frustrating that the connection between the two main characters isn't established sooner. Secondly, it's just a giant ad campaign for Quiznos, Godiva, and Maserati. The product placement is so outrageous that it makes me want to never buy any of those products because they run the series
  • Why it takes over 10 full episodes for someone to say, "Hey, remember me?" is ridiculous. I know they had to drag it out to justify all of those episodes, but still it's too painfully slow and unbelievable. Looks like all of the main characters need lots of therapy to understand their own feelings and stop sabotaging themselves. Am also not a fan of a script that has the type of female lead character that doesn't tend to communicate well with her partner. Sometimes she doesn't answer at all and seems to think that's ok. It's so pathological, I swear she communicates best with a dog and some sick children. You will see this if you watch Chocolate, which I don't advise wasting time on.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So I came here to vent my frustration with these series.


    Let's start with the main characters. They do not know who they are, what do they want in their lives, and what do they aspire to become. The girl is such a pushover. She feels the need to always protect and cover up for her brother, even against her better judgment. It cost her a lot but she refuses to process her traumatic childhood and to cut this toxic person out of her life. In the same time, she sticks around the hospice to apparently get her love interest to notice and fall in love with her, however when they both have finally (it took 100+ episodes for this to happen right??!!) gotten together, she suddenly feels lukewarm, distant and doesn't even bother to kiss him back. Grrr.

    The guy is also in dire need of a shrink. He also has emotions that he needs to process but ignores them completely. Although he is a talented neurosurgeon and is apparently a favorite of his influential grandmother, it is never clear if he wants to stay in his rich (although toxic and manipulative) family and get all the benefits of it or if he wants to break free. Also, when he is courting the girl, he changes his personality completely, suddenly he is all laugh and cheer, even though before he couldn't even force a smile on his face.

    The insertion of Greece as a getaway for the girl felt like the director wanted a cool paid-for long holiday in a picturesque place because whatever happened there was not quite significant and honestly the location I never understood. Also, it is implied that Cha-young had world-class chef training in Italy. How would a girl who was abandoned by her mother at the age of 9 manage to get so high up? What is her background? If she managed to get into such a demanding school, then her character really does not match whatever we are led to believe! How can such a pushover girl who doesn't know what she wants to get something so challenging and important under her belt?

    The characters' background is just absent!!! Where do they live? Is there any sex in their lives? I'm asking because the timeline of the series spans across a few years and we never see them lusting for someone or even wanting to have sex with anyone. It's as if they are children cartoon characters who are like fairies, who do not have basic human needs or dark emotions and sides to them.

    It is also notable that the whole premise is based on the fact that she recognizes her first love but fails to convey this information to him. It's such a frustrating basis for such a long story! *facepalm* This was my first ever Korean drama, and I am not sure if everything else is of this same level of emotional immaturity. But in any case, this has spoiled all my impression of Korean dramas overall and I am not gonna watch any in the future again. I felt like I was being sucked into a quicksand and never managed to get out unless I watched until the end. Luckily I developed a huge crush on the actor who played Lee Kang and it made my experience slightly better.
  • lmerana4 February 2020
    I listed this to my heavy kdramas. I think working in a hospice would be now last on my workplace list. It is full of death and goodbyes. Even the dog died. It is heartbreaking. I just felt that this drama was also intended to be a romance genre but the love story developed so slow and some of the supporting actors are annoying.
  • Two episodes and its good, if your looking for a silly KD this might not be for you only two episodes so you never know how the writer will take this I've made the mistake of praising series to early and later the show gets foolish, dont think so with this one, good high quality actors in this

    episode 3,4 not so good its turning into a pity party, appears the writers are lost and don't know where to go too many scenes that are nothing but killing time, this had a lot of promise but looks like a dud. anyone thats giddy over this need their head examined
  • Normally if you meet someone you think you know from your past you just say - yeah, I think I know you. But the script here has the acyors acting dumb. Then the wierd looklng all over the country for an ex; just incredulous. If you know someone who is dying and they have a wish that they want you to make them a meal you would just do it, making double sure they know their wish has been granted. Yet we see bizarre behaviour, again and again. Thought I would be seeing something great sadly this just got on my nerves with its soppy and ludicrous story line. Timewaster.
  • The trailer might trap you but this drama isnt well written or well edit.

    -The drama of this show, consists of one formula: Female or male main character will have to choose between 2 "complicated" situations that are happening at the same time in different places.

    -The female character, in order to stop the drama and her apparent "anxiety" attacks, is to confess her love, that's it... that's literally it, but she cant because then there would be no show.

    -The male main character, in order to be happy or have a normal life, is to quit his job, but he cant because then, there would be no drama to built into, ergo no show.

    -The main source of drama in this show, is the male main character's family. I dont know why but seems like the author is incredibly lazy to make actual human characters. They are out of this world, seriously, I havent seen characters that 'pure' of how dumb and evil they are, that they feel so unrealistic.

    In short, this show is a pain to watch, most of the time, you would ask yourself what happened in certain scene, since they will cut into an important that the spectator actually needs to watch, to understand the personality of a character. Is also worth notice that they will move back and forward in the timeline in order to give more "punch" to the climax of the drama of an episode. Dont bother to watch this, seriously.

    -Bad characters -Bad editing -Awfully writing
  • I watch and enjoy a lot of k-dramas, but this one was nothing more than a series of manipulative, tear-jerking, contrived melodramas, one after another with nothing else to offer. Main female character had the emotional maturity of a child. She never smiled or expressed a single moment of affection, just incessant deer-in-the-headlight looks. Spent the entire series running away from everything. Korean shows are always centered around characters never communicating in a mature fashion, lying to "save" the other person and making self-sacrifices that turn out to be huge errors of judgment. They usually have other elements that make it worthwhile, but not this one. Very juvenile relationships, nothing but dysfunction. I fast forwarded through hoping it would have a payoff, but it never amounted to anything other than feeling sorry for all the characters over and over. This is for people who really enjoy suffering.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you want to see a good kdrama, this is not it. It is the most annoying and depressing miniseries I can remember. It takes 13 hours before the main characters have any kind of relationship. The behavior of most characters is beyond frustrating. This show is like the most depressing 16 hour commercial for Godiva and Quiznos ever conceived.
  • pennyelenabooks22 January 2020
    " Chocolate " was a good combination of food, travel and melodrama.

    The story had a nice amount of romance, drama and family dynamics. The tragedy was all over it, not only in the background stories of the two leads, but with the actual side stories of the hospice as well. Some of the characters were annoying though. However, overall, the family drama was good, the bromance was nice, the love story intense enough and with enough chemistry, and the performances were very professional on top of that. The story, however, was lacking a bit of intensity and that made it boring at times, as it was easily predictable.

    So, overall, seven out of ten.
  • ianvmd24 January 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I truly enjoyed this series. I love the cinematography and the development of the series thru character building and story lines.

    However, I started to feel anxious by the start of Episode 15 (2nd to the last Episode). So many questions are left unanswered by the unsatisfying Finale.


    1. Kang lied to Cha Young about the identity of her mother, what happened there? 2. What happened to Cha Young's loss of sense of smell and taste? 3. Cha Young's lack of emotion and affection to Kang bothers me, is it bad acting? what's in Cha Young's mind?

    I have watched a lot of movies and series with open endings, but this one just doesn't make sense, that there's an urge inside of me to have a season 2 - so that i won't feel that I just wasted my time.