Only the third season since Rangers in Space to not have an official crossover episode with the previous Ranger Group. The first two were Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003) and Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006).

Master RJ, the Purple Wolf Ranger, is the only Power Ranger to have used the martial arts style of Muay Thai. He is also 1 of 2 Wolf Rangers in the entire franchise the first being Merrick Baliton from Power Rangers Wild Force.

Jason Smith became a fan of Super Sentai after playing Casey.

The season was mostly completed by scab writers during the writers' strike of 2007-08.

Holly Shanahan (Camille), previously played Leelee in Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006).

Although it is never stated at any point in the series, RJ's real name is in fact Robert James.

This is the final series that aired on Jetix and Toon Disney, due to Toon Disney and Jetix changing to Disney XD.

This season is the second in the franchise in which original American Rangers are created and brought to the screen. The 3 Spirit Rangers are those Rangers this season. The first time this happened was in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue with the Titanium Ranger.

This season is one of the rare instances where the Rangers still have their powers by the end of the story, including their zords, as nothing was done to take them away.

16th Power Rangers season adapted from Juken Sentai Gekiranger (2007) which is the 31st Super Sentai TV series.

This was the final series to be produced under Bruce Kalish. Though Disney considered pulling the plug on the franchise with his departure, Bandai successfully lobbied for another season due to contractual obligations.

The first season since Power Rangers Turbo (1997) to not give any ranger a battlizer. Instead, the budget went into creating three rangers who appeared in the toyline, but never Gekiranger: The Elephant, Bat, and Shark Spirit Rangers.

The Rinshi Warriors that became the Five Poison Fingers were inspired by the Shaw Brothers movie The Five Deadly Venoms. The characters consisted of the snake, scorpion, centipede, toad and lizard all part of The Poison Clan in the Shaw Brothers movie. A nice homage to the 70's Kung Fu flicks.

This is the second time, where the Power Rangers are animal like. The first was Power Rangers Wild Force.

The third Power Rangers series that started with only three rangers. The other two were Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder. All three series started with Red, Blue, and Yellow.

If you could the Spirit Rangers, is the third series to exceed the 6 Rangers max with 8 Rangers. The other 2 being S.P.D. and Mystic Force.

Anna Hutchison had worked with Power Rangers Ninja Storm's actress Sally Martin in The Disney Channel Original Movie, Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior.

Jason Smith, Anna Hutchison, Kelson Henderson and Nathaniel Lees all guest starred on Legend of the Seeker.

Lily's "Cheetah Technique" is based on Wing Chun, a style focusing on speed and control.

While she was turned bad in Bad to the Bone, she wore an biker outfit, something similar to Lily's future Yellow Ranger successor, Summer Landsdown.

Lily Chilman is referred to in action figures as Cheetah rangers in accordance to Zord motif.

This was the only series to feature Rangers who have no interaction with both their predecessors and their successors in any form, until the Power Rangers Super Megaforce episode Spirit of the Tiger featured Casey.

During production of Jungle Fury, the actors who played RJ, Casey, and Lily also appeared in the first season of the show "Legend of the Seeker". David De Lautour played recurring character Michael Cypher, while Jason Smith and Anna Hutchison made a guest appearance in the episode "Identity"

The Spirit Rangers were created as an alternative to selling more motorcycle toys.

The first Power Rangers series to have a Purple Ranger as a protagonist.

This is the second season after Dino Thunder (2004) where a mentor like RJ, eventually becomes a Ranger themselves. The first was Tommy who eventually became the Black Dino Thunder Ranger.