Soundtracks (4)

  • Brothers
    Performed by Andy Lau and Eason Chan
    Composed by Eason Chan
    Lyrics by Andy Lau
    Arranged by Yuen-cheung Kong and Davy Chan
    Produced by Preston Lee and Kwok-Leung Chan
    OP: Easyjoint (admin by EMI Music Publishing Hong Kong)/Better Music Publishing Ltd./Cinepoly Records Co. Ltd.,
    a division of Universal Music Ltd.
  • Shang Hai Beach
    Performed by Frances Yip
    Composed by Joseph Koo
    Arranged by Joseph Koo
    Lyrics by James Wong
    OP: EMI Music Publishing Hong Kong
    Record Company: EMI Music Hong Kong
  • Younger Days
    Performed by Dicky Cheung
    Composed by Kwok-Leung Chan
    Lyrics by Lin Xi
    Arranged by Marco Wan
    Produced by Kwok-Leung Chan
    OP: Better Music Publishing Ltd.
    Record Company: Focus Music Ltd.
  • Tuppai
    Performed by Little Bankok
    Vocal: Sae Ngow Vasunt
    Guitars: KK Wong
    Bass Guitar: Jimmy Mak
    Drums: Kevin Li