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  • Crank: High Voltage is an action-thriller written by film-makers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, who also co-directed the film. It is a sequel to Crank (2006) (2006). Edit

  • Crank: High Voltage picks up immediately where the first one finishes, there is a three month gap, and then the film continues, Chev (Jason Statham) falls out of a helicopter. At the beginning of Crank: High Voltage, it shows Chev being removed from the scene by a snow shovel. He then wakes up in the hospital, after having his heart transplanted. Edit

  • During the first part of the credits, Doc Miles places Chev's heart back in (although we don't see what he does with Poon Dong) while Eve watches (due to the fire, Chev is covered in full-body bandages). At first, it looks like a failure, but after everyone leaves, Chev's eyes open, and his heart is heard beating. In addition, there are several bloopers shown after the credits begin. Edit



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  • Whatever it be, it's a MacGuffin, an object used to thrust forward a story but often never identified. The leaves the actual interpretation of the item in the film to the viewer. The way Chev Chelios describes the unknown object that's inside the box after he opens it suggests that it's something very disgusting, e.g., an illegal drug, somebody's body part or possibly something pornographic. Edit

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