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  • Let me start off by defending my rating of this title. Really it's hard for me to rate a movie like this, it is directed right at me and my type of people. I can't help it that I like a movie like this, it's just the way it is.

    Really this movie is a grind house movie in an era where grind house movies don't exist. It has everything that is unacceptable as entertainment in other movies...and yet you can't stop watching. It's for the most part, balls to the walls, insanity. It doesn't make sense. The reason I don't' that it's not trying to. It knows it's stupid and crazy. And it loves it. It's not trying to impress you. This is a movie that really took control of itself. Typically you'll have a movie with an a-b formula...this is a a-z formula with complete insanity and randomness filling in the interval. You know where the movie is going as soon as you start watching it, it's the ride that excites and keeps you watching.

    In short, this movie has violence, action, nudity, homosexuality, disabilities, public indecency and racism. And I have to admit, I liked it.

    The one problem I had with this movie is it started so crazy and hilarious that it kind of peaked in the middle. It was just so much that the rest didn't surprise you anymore. I still found it very enjoyable though, and would definitely add it to my collection.

    Also I know this review sucks, but this movie is hard to give a serious review to. If you like movies that play out like a GTA video game mixed with a violent Japanese film...then watch it. Just have fun with it.
  • This movie is not for the faint of heart.

    If you've watched the first Crank and enjoyed it, you will absolutely love this one. It pushes the boundaries the first one set to the absolute maximum. There are no lines this film does not cross, from outrageous public sex scenes to gore that almost rivals the Saw franchise. It will keep your heart pounding for the entire film's duration. It's one of the most hilarious, stylish and down-right insane films I have ever watched.

    If you haven't watched the first Crank, I recommend watching it before you even think of watching this film. It'll give you some good background story and also prepare you for what you are about to see.

    If you saw the first Crank and didn't like it... do not watch this movie. Multiply Crank by 1000 volts and you get this incredible sequel.

    The Crank franchise is an acquired taste, and this stretches it even for fans.
  • Crank 2: High Voltage practically begs to be passionately loathed by absolutely everyone, with the notable exception of antisocial teenage boys. Its rank, nihilistic tone is relentless and exhausting. The misogyny is benchmark horrendous. The acts of violence are brutal, frequent and often blatantly homoerotic. Its flippant. Its homophobic. Its vulgar. And it feels as much seething contempt for its own narrative coherence as it does for its few prominent female characters.

    But there is something bracingly brilliant about it. Films this fearlessly unhinged simply do not get made any more, and thirty years ago this would've played, late at night, to packed houses for years on end, perhaps aptly bundled with the likes of John Water's Pink Flamingoes.

    One fact that was suggested by the first Crank is set heroically in stone barely five minutes into its sequel - that directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor appear to be completely obsessed with pornography. There is a truly jaw-dropping amount of flesh on constant display, and the film's only female speaking parts belong to a prostitute and a stripper. This lends the film an air of uncomfortable, almost lavatorial sleaziness, until a bunch of actual porn stars turn up in the middle of a scene, starring as a bunch of disgruntled porn stars striking for better pay. Although it hardly passes as satire, it does seem like a sly dig in the direction of the producers that populate the Hollywood mainstream, who'd surely relish the opportunity to make films like this if only the bastard machine would let them. Balls-out exploitation it may be, but if any film lives up to cinema's ancient adage of providing its audience with relentless sex and violence, its this one.

    The second half of the film is where it really flies, and chooses to disregard not only its own plot, but any care for the patience or expectations of its audience. It goes, essentially, mad. And for something that was clearly deranged in the first place, it'd be foolish for me not to offer up the only advice that will enable you to see exactly what I mean.

    Go and see it.
  • After surviving a fall from a helicopter, Chev Chelios is kidnapped directly from the spot he landed in and is taken to a place where they remove his heart. He is given an artificial one that requires an electrical charge to keep running, every hour or so. Now Chelios is on the run trying to find his old heart and to keep charged.

    I had an appreciation for the first Crank, it was a live action Grand Theft Auto. Creating as much chaos as possible within the running time. It ended perfectly, with his death. Crank 2 comes around and ruins that. At least, for my own sanity, right from the beginning they have a telecaster look directly to the viewer and tell them how implausible all of this is. Could this be the writers and directors telling the audience that this was a studio decision?

    Crank 2 doesn't hold any punches, it goes all out and doesn't stop. It somehow finds a way to be even more chaotic than the original, but it sacrifices any kind of logical straight forward story. The first, even though it was far fetched, seemed like it might possibly happen. Crank 2 doesn't seem to be based in any kind of reality. I do still like the city and world these characters live in. It's just like a video game/comic book come to life.

    Statham once again shows us why he is the new face of the action genre. The Rock has moved on to Disney family films and Statham continues to be in films that he knows his fans will love. Crank 2 is violent and obscene. Just like it wants to be, Chelios is a despicable character, just like he wants to be. Statham plays the role with a bit of charm that makes him likable. Amy smart is here again, but she seems even more useless now than before. Was her purpose in this one just to re-enact the famous sex in public scene from original?

    The Crank films are without a doubt a guys film. Crank 2 even more so. Sex, violence, harsh language and insane sequences like a shotgun shoved up a guy's ass or two characters transforming into Godzilla like creatures, it's something that requires a viewer to leave their brain not only at the door, but at the door of another house. The comedy is unique and in your face, it doesn't hold back with any subject matter. It's degrading to women and homosexuals and maybe even intellectuals. If you liked the first Crank, you'll like this one.

    For what it is worth, I dug the craziness of the film. The style it was shot in was fast and dirty, that reflects the story and the characters in it. I can see a third film coming out, just wondering what they plan on doing with it makes my head hurt though.
  • Chev Chelios was dead, but he got better.

    Jason Statham returns as the lead in "Crank: High Voltage", and in every way this sequel breaks the rules and pushes the bar to insane new levels, sometimes even a bit too far.

    Three months after his "helicopter incident", Chelios awakens to see that Chinese black-market surgeons are slicing his famed "Chelios Heart" out (made famous by the fact that it kept beating after the events of the first film), and replacing it with a surrogate artificial heart, so they can keep him alive while they farm more of his organs.

    Chelios escapes and discovers he has a whole new set of problems- his heart is connected to an external battery pack. When this battery pack runs out of juice, he only has one hour before his artificial heart stops and he dies. And of course one of the first things that happens is that his battery pack is smashed! Now Chelios has to keep his artificial heart beating with regular volts of electricity to recharge it, using anything he can- car power outlets, jumper cables, power stations, stun-guns- whatever he can get his hands on.

    His goal- track down psychotic criminal Johnny Vang, who is seemingly parading around Chelios's heart in a miniature cooler, and get it back, so old friend and medical expert Doc Miles (Dwight Yoakam in a returning role as the man who lets the audience know exactly what's going on) can put it back in.

    Chelios is also being tracked by sadistic criminals sent by "El Huron", a crime lord who has some devious connections to Chelios and his past actions.

    This film has a very convoluted plot, but like the first one, it works out rather well. One particular thing I enjoyed is that we spend a little more time with subsequent and secondary characters, like Chev's girlfriend Eve (the sexy Amy Smart), Venus (Efron Ramirez portraying the brother to his slain character Laylo from the first film), and other characters that come up. It just adds to the plot, and gives it more reality, in contrast to the literal circus of Mayhem that Mr. Chev Chelios is stirring up.

    Speaking of returning characters, this film certainly has a lot of cameos from characters from movie number one, which was a delight for me as a fan. Fans of the first "Crank", you'll definitely get a kick out of some of the cameos in this entry.

    Now, onto the psychotic weirdness of the film. If you've seen the first film, you'll know it used strange tactics, like subtitles, graphics, and nightmarish imagery to put you inside of the heads of the characters. This film expands on that, by using and abusing subtitles, insane graphics, medical films, and more on a fairly regular basis. We even get a hilarious pseudo-flashback of sorts, and it is one of the most abrupt and brilliant segues I've ever seen to bridge two scenes.

    And on that note, I should mention that this film does play for laughs a lot more than the first film. In fact, there are scenes specifically written to play for laughs more than for actions. As a fan, that may sound disheartening (sorry, had to make a heart pun), but trust me, it works. The film definitely teeters on self-satire at times (including a uproariously funny line of dialog where Eve swipes at fans who would call Chev surviving the first film "impossible"), but it keeps it's balance and lets us know that its not taking itself too seriously, so the comedy fits right in.

    Writers/Directors Neveldine / Taylor also step the visuals up a notch. While not as haggard visually as the first film, this follow-up does have some pretty visuals, and is better-directed in terms of camera placement and editing in my opinion, and it fits right in with the first one. Their script is also to be commended for being so bold, with bizarre characters (I didn't even mention David Carradine going all "Charlie Chan"!), insane story lines, and one of the most over-the-top and unexpected finales I've seen in a long time. This isn't just an action movie, it's Looney Toons for grown-ups! It's the action equivalent of what "Evil Dead II" was to horror! It's brilliant in it's execution and definitely a step in the right direction for a sequel to "Crank"- not too serious.

    This film literally left me in awe with its lunacy and action. If you loved the first film, then there's almost no way you won't love this entry.

    I give "Crank: High Voltage" an 8 out of 10, because like the first film, it's the ultimate rush, and now it's even the ultimate source for laughs! Give this one a shot, you'll love it!
  • bundyboy_418 April 2009
    This is without a doubt one of the most insane films I have ever seen. I loved the first film and have been looking forward to the sequel. This one blows the mad-o-meter off the chart. I read on here somewhere Jason Statham was quoted saying something like…. "You ain't ever gonna get an Academy Award for doing Crank" Well I beg to differ; I think an award category should be created for making a film like this. It has similarities to the first film of course but that's what makes this film so enjoyable. Jason is superb as Chev Chelios again and had me laughing my ass off with his cockney slang and his superb stunts. One thing I will say, I took my wife with me to see this and all the way through the film she had that "Could this get anymore ridiculous" look on her face. Meanwhile I couldn't stop laughing at the fact that the more outrageous this film got, the more I found myself loving it. You know when they say "A roller-coaster ride of a movie". Well on this roller-coaster ride you ain't strapped into your seat, it has dozens of loops and it's faster than anything you have ridden in your life. You need to see this film. In fact scrub that, I will say this…Crank 2 falls into the "Things to do before you die" category. Go and see this now.
  • Quite possibly the silliest movie ever made. I'm pretty sure these guys set out to make the ultimate mindless action flick and they succeeded brilliantly IMO. I've never seen anything like it before. IMDb claims the budget was $20M, although that seems like quite a stretch. But there is about $1B worth of craziness in it. The makers didn't hold anything back - no restraint whatsoever and it's amazing. Anyone looking to be offended will be. Guaranteed. I've heard of people walking out of movies but this is the first time I ever saw it happen. I wonder if they asked for their $$$ back. I'm pretty sure the theaters are covered from giving refunds; there's fine print on the tix or something.

    Anyway, the opening credits are in video game form, which I now realize was a signal. Viewers need to forget reality, not just suspend disbelief in that routine movie kind of way. These guys throw everything they can think of up on the screen and I kept wondering what drugs they were using during filming. Maybe all of them. Also, there's something to irritate everybody. I really mean that; I don't think any insult or stereotype or slur was left out. Nothing offensive was held back that I could notice, although I've led a sheltered life.

    Now here's the switch: it's hilarious and I mean laugh-out-loud funny from start to finish. I saw scenes I never saw before or ever expected to see. It starts out so unbelievably crazy that it's actually shocking (sorry) and then just keeps it up and keeps it going for the entire flick. Dark Chocolate's elaborate eye-roll sequence is one for the ages and is worth the price of admission all by itself.

    Here's how funny it is: SpikeTV showed it and of course had to make countless cuts: not just the copious female nudity but the language and graphic violence and so on. Anyway, with all that gone it was still incredibly funny and astounding and just totally insane. The ending was a set-up for a sequel, same way the first "Crank" was, but I honestly don't see how they can top this one. Maybe I'm wrong; I sure hope so but it seems to me that they deliberately made it as wild as possible and didn't hold anything back.

    One last word: it's not for everyone. I promise you'll either absolutely love it or thoroughly despise it. There will be no in-between for this one.
  • akumous18 April 2009
    If you watch the first one then you know what expect but if you haven't then my advice to you is ignore all logic and enjoy the ride because this movie is not be taken seriously.

    Crank High Voltage, is one of the best works from our beloved British actor, Jason Statham, with insane action, jokes, absurd scenes (nudity and other nonsense), and over the top craziness.

    I was really impressed how well paced this movie was and how insanely funny it was as well. There is never a dull moment and it has one of the best cinematography for a low budget film of its caliber. Take tips Hollywood, this is how movies should be made without the need of overdone CGI; charm and character always triumphs. This is a great movie to kick off Spring the break..GO SEE IT!!! TELL YOUR BUDDIES AND GRAB SOME BEER AND ENJOY THE INSANE ENTERTAINMENT...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It was funny, but essential a big pile of steaming pap compared to Crank. There's spoilers in this but really, this movie can't be spoiled.

    The first one managed to take an insane concept and turn it into an enjoyable, over-the-top action movie which would have had Quentin Tarrintino enjoying his QT pants! I love the first one, quirky, does not take itself seriously at all yet you got this sense of danger from Jason's character which kept the pace going nicely and had you on the edge of your seat. Yes it had fast in-your-face editing but it worked for the most part and wasn't done too much.

    Now comes the sequel. You can tell at the beginning when they have Q from Star Trek reading the news like a public broadcaster who really doesn't give a hoot anymore this has gone from any semblance of fun to total and utter spoof with no respect for the original material or the audience.

    I suppose they had no other way to go after dropping the main character from a helicopter and replacing his heart (which was supposed to be full of a virus and only kept alive because of the vast quantities of adrenaline he pumped into it BTW) with a bionic one.

    This my friends is not a Jason Strathern action movie it's a Jason Voorhees one. He's indestructible now. Nothing so much as hurts him. He can drop out of the sky, crash a car and go through the windshield, have multiple cops beating him up, be tortured, sustain numerous massive electric shocks, catch fire. Apart from saying ouch and 'oh dear' he never gets more than cuts or bruises. Gone is the sense of danger, you never feel he's going to have trouble in any scene.

    Instead we have numerous chasing and fight scenes and lots of boobies, which I must admit I liked, but unlike the first movie I really don't feel compelled to ever watch this one again because that is essentially the plot. Jason get's a bionic heart, then goes after his old one even though the entire first movie was about him having about an hour to live as his heart was full of a which was never cured BTW and he got a second dose towards the end. I know I'm a stickler for this point but personally I hate Hollywood shoving a "You are too stupid for me to even be bothered" sign in my face, The editing is done by a Mexican on acid who's ticked off MTC doesn't do music videos any more as he tries his best to do every music video ever made in the movie. It's like he can't do a single straight shot! Ever single angle and frame has to be Com{let LY!!! BonKers!! loll look at me I'm creative and special eleventy1'11! There's even a point where they turn into Godzilla monsters! And once you get over that they have a head in water which is still alive!! Yeah of course spoilers...sorry. Please black out the words which will spoil the enjoyment of this movie.

    If this had been part of a trash spoof franchise like the endless Scary Movie/Epic movies etc then at least people could have hired this out at home and injected their heads with glue beforehand to prepare. I could even understand if the first one was as insane as this, if it was like Evil Dead 2 or something but unfortunately the original set a standard and as silly as the standard was the sequel washes all over it and drops a big plop on the audience expecting them to chew it all up and say, "Thank you sir, may I have another?" Total and utter rubbish. I give it two thumbs inverted in some cat's private bits.
  • warthogjump22 November 2009
    Crank 2 screams insanity from the word go. It yells "bullshit" left, right and centre. The things that happen in this film are extremely far-fetched and anybody chasing a 'realistic' movie will be disappointed.

    But then again, who am I to be telling you this. Anybody walking into this movie should already be aware of the pure crap thrown into it from every possible angle.

    This review comes from a fan of intense dialogue and drama. However, walking into this movie I expected entertainment. I put the Crank 2 DVD into my DVD player, switched off my brain and hoped for the best. And, that's exactly what I got!

    It is just INSANE. I cannot think of another word to describe it.

    Anybody who is going to be yelling out during the movie, "that's bullshit" or "that's impossible", will not enjoy this movie. In order for this movie to be enjoyed, your brain needs to be switched off!

    So, do yourself a favour: switch off your brain and watch this movie. I guarantee you that you will be entrained to the MAX!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I generally find loud, crude movies with pervasive filthy language very unentertaining. But this one is so funny, and so over-the-top, that it is hard to dislike it. I found myself marveling at the creativity of the writers and directors to find new and interesting ways to move the story forward.

    Jason Statham is back again as Chev Chelios. At the end of "Crank" we saw him fall from a helicopter, onto a car, and bounce onto the street. In a fall that would have killed most merely mortal men, but we see an eye open as the movie ends.

    Crank 2 starts exactly where the other one left off. We see a bunch of men scoop Chelios up and drive away with him before even the cops have a chance to figure out what is happening. Then Chelios finds himself in a makeshift operating room, they have just removed his heart and installed a mechanical heart with an external power supply. But why didn't they just let him die? Because someone (from the first movie) really wants to personally see him suffer and die.

    So most of the movie has Chelios hunting down the person he believes has his heart in a small ice chest. When the battery runs down, he has to find unique ways to get a "charge" back, and some of them are very "electrifying"! But since he doesn't have a heart, he can take it.

    Amy Smart is back as his girlfriend Eve Lydon. In the first movie they had to have sex on the street right in front of a crowd so that his adrenaline would keep flowing to ward off the Chinese poison that had been injected into him. In this movie he has to create some static electricity to keep his mechanical heart going, so they end up having sex on a track while a horse race is going on. While that sounds in very poor taste to think about it, in context of the movie it is a very funny scene.

    Dwight Yoakam is also back, as Doc Miles who will try to re-implant Chelios' heart, if he can find it. Over-the-top and very funny is Ling Bai as Ria, chasing after "her man" Chelios. And, a key character is now-deceased David Carradine as the old Chinese Poon Dong.

    I found the movie very entertaining, in a totally absurd way.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For those of us that saw the first movie Crank it seemed open and shut - a retooling of D.O.A. and Speed to combine a exploitation-action-comedy that had Jason Statham gunning after the dirty folks who slipped him a irreversible Chinese poison that would kill him immediately unless he kept his heart racing like a coke-driven locomotive. At the end it seemed especially the case since, well, Chev Chelios falls out of a helicopter and crashes on a car. Dead? Actually no, as case turns out to be.

    Let's face it - with Crank you already had to suspend disbelief, but with Crank: High Voltage you'll need to put your disbelief in a microwave and cook until it's about ready to jump out and kick the ever-loving s*** out of you. This movie not only doesn't follow logic or laws of physics or biology, it flips the finger and goes along on its way like the best video game your friend ever got that he wont let you play.

    But hell, why bother playing when watching it may be even more fun? Chev Chelios- who three months after we last saw him has been given a "fake" heart with a kind of electrical system (think of a ghetto version of that thing Tony Stark has as Iron Man) after some Chinese dudes took out his heart- goes on rampages, when properly given the quality electroshock of course, like he's the energizer bunny criss-crossed with... hmm, the most psychotic hell-bent killer one's ever seen outside of the dirtiest and most ultra-violent exploitation flicks ever? Even more to face it, at this point Chev Chelios would make Charles Bronson have second thoughts about that sock-o-quarters.

    To say that this is a "better" movie than the first one would not be correct. It's simply not. The first had a clearer story, and didn't try to add "depth" like flashing back to Chev's childhood memory of being on a talk-show as an already ultra-violent hoodlum kid with a talk-back mouth (still a very funny scene, but besides the point). What Crank: High Voltage has, and this is in barrels and barrels like an outhouse at a circus, is crazy, LOTS and LOTS of craziness. This had me, and at least a good lot of others at the midnight screening I went to, howling with laughter. What else can you do as they actually TOP the in-public rampage-of-sex scene between Statham and Amy Smart as they get it on (because, apparently, skin friction creates energy doncha know?) in front of a full crowd at a race track? Or what about the incredibly stream-of-consciousness cut-aways to the F-you-Chev-Chelios texts scrolling across the screen?

    Best of all, or just so bats*** mad of all that you will be hitting yourself across the head with a hammer to make sure you're not seeing things, are new casting choices. One, Clifton Collins Jr, is a nice little touch where he gets to basically go all out- and I do mean ALL out, handlebar mustache included- after playing low-key character parts for years. The other will keep genre fans talking for weeks: David Carradine, that's right, David "Bill" Carradine, is in the movie as the 100 year old gangster who is barely on life support and is given his last chance at life - thanks to Chev Chelios' Chinese-poison-resistant heart. Compared to Carradine's "how-the-hell-did-they-get-him" casting, Bai Ling is just a natural choice as a relentlessly obnoxious Ho' who keeps following Chelios as he's "her Kevin Costner." Did I mention the brother of the uh, Efren Ramirez's character from the first film, is back as a gay turret's-body sufferer?

    Add on to this Jason Statham's go for broke attitude with the whole shebang, and the fact that the filmmakers behind this film (as well as the first one) will go to the most extreme lengths to make the most hardened action film and Grindhouse geeks drooling and jaws agape many times over, and you've got yourself a completely, joyously Gonzo piece of HARD-R-rated American cinema. Don't go to see it because it might give a "message". See it because it's Jason Statham rampaging- at one point he turns into Godzilla at a power plant fighting a goon- all the way to the last moment... and yes, there will be a sequel! Maybe...
  • I watched the first movie three times and said that it is a new kind of action-movie because of its nice and new effects like in-speech-subtitles and all the small and tiny effects (can't describe, think you know what I mean). I think there would be more films like that, but it didn't happen...Until now. While Crank 1 has a real plot and some "side-effects" on the way to the end, Crank 2 has no real plot and overthrows with effects. I tried to watch the movie without expectations, but scenes from the first movie during the film didn't make it easier watching the film without disappointment. Can't believe that it got a better rating than the first movie, what was the reason? More tits?Disappointing.Really disappointing.
  • I'm a young guy, 25 years old. Just a bunch of skin and action. I hate extremely "over the top" movies like this. I hated it even more than XXX with Vin Diesel. Mindless. Nothing like the first. Annoying and sickening to watch. Just another movie showing how cinema is dying... running out of ideas. I'm not exaggerating when I say it is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I just got my $19 refunded for my two tickets. It was so awful that the first thing I did when I got home was sit down here to write this review. My wife and I should have just stayed at the club and danced tonight. I gave up $1.50 well drinks for this?
  • I really enjoyed Crank 1. Despite being a bit over the top, the story was pretty solid and the pace was excellent. Crank 2 is one of the worst films I've seen in a long time. The story is terrible, the acting is awful, and even the action is lame. There's one scene where they don't even fight and replace it with some kind of dodgy animation. Very poor indeed. It looks as if it were written by a chimp and a porn star - no brain power required There are some funny moments, but not enough to redeem this film. What's next, Crank 3 where he's dressed as a mummy (you'll understand). Only a idiot would like this film. Seems to be plenty of them out there. There are thousands of good scripts out there, so why did they make this in to a film. Shame on Hollywood!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I almost walked out. (I watched others walk out.)

    Now, you gotta understand that I am not one to walk out of a movie. Ever. Although, I was extremely compelled to get out of my seat many times throughout the Crank: High Voltage and felt somewhat gross for staying, I persevered. I figure I really can't complain about a movie unless I give it a full chance and watch it from beginning to end.

    I was really looking forward to a fun-filled action ride, going to this movie. I love the Tarantino films, the Guy Ritchie movies, the gratuitous special effects shows and extreme camera angles and stylings. Agreed, there are some pretty impressive visuals and high speed action. That's where the fun ends. It's what's going on within all these visuals and action that's quite disturbing.

    The rant: I don't know if the theatre I was in had their volume turned up and extra notch or if this movie has it's levels higher than it should, but I was glad I had my headphones with me, so I could stick them in my ears while I watched. Otherwise, my ears would be ringing and in pain today. It makes sense that Crank would have it's levels higher because this is in keeping with the commercials on television (a little louder than everything else and definitely louder than necessary), especially since the movie seemed like one big commercial for sexism, violence, poor taste, and sensationalism.

    From cutting own's own nipples off to cutting another's elbows off and calling it "sushi", from shoving rifles covered in tar up asses to obliterating someone's face with a 6-pack cooler, I've seen some hard-core films with insane violence in it, but Crank doesn't care. It jumps from one sensational image to the next, a big fricken festival and no one seems to give a second glance or asks "why". The violence really doesn't matter, it just keeps happening, almost without reason or result. You want a little overstimulation with your violence? How bout extreme close-ups, fast-paced rhythm editing, and gratuitous "which indie film camera trick have we not used, cuz I wanna make sure and use them all?"

    Okay, okay, the number of close-up crotch, tits, and ass shots is quite impressive as well. I've never seen so many shots of impressively focused angles on butt flesh in all it's forms. You can see every dimple and peach fuzz hair on the hundreds of girls' featured butts (and man ass too). And it's not enough to just focus in, they somehow managed to get all of their actresses to spread their legs or bend over to get that nice "up in between the legs" shot. Not once, not twice, over and over, the whole film seemed a montage of sluts parading behind gunfire and commercialism. Even the sex scene on the horse track; it was like "I get it, I get it, funny, ha ha" and then it just kept going and going, going from bad to just stupid.

    Which brings me to the real trouble with this flick, it is everything wrong with the media today, yelling and screaming at you with disregard to taste or creativity or narrative (speaking of which, it is quite clear they really don't care whether or not you know what's going on or if there is a story to all the madness) in a big shiny box with sparkles, ribbons, bows, glitter, and and... They took EVERYTHING cool in action movies and indie films and whatnot and smashed it together and got a clown in a car salesman suit to hit you over the head with it while screaming death metal songs in your ear. (I LOVE Jason Statham, I don't think of him as the clown in the least. Loved watching him, just disappointed with the packaging.) Removed the class, cut the taste. They stole the appearance of creativity and "cool" the way an ad agency steals a great photo on Flickr and sells millions of dollars worth of shampoo with it after a nice Photoshop job. It did have the pacing of a commercial or MTV video and I kinda felt like I was watching one long, loud, bad, commercial for sexism and violence and "don't give a f*ck".

    Just ugly.

    It makes me really disappointed with the direction of the media today. I was disappointed when I came to IMDb and saw what high ratings it got. I know people love this film and I can see why. I guess that's the sad part.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i just went to see that movie,and thought it would really be a very good action movie,maybe a better one than the first one! From the first minutes i noticed that there was something going wrong! The direction of the movie is one of the most disturbing and tiring i have ever seen in my life!The camera goes up and down and they have put trembling side effects just to give you a more realistic action and you re ending up with a very strong headache instead! Actually there is no plot, no acting, furthermore everything that is happening in that movie is everything else than normal so during the movie you keep asking yourself : "What am i watching here?" i thought i had seen everything till now in a movie, but after Crank 2, i don't think so! Where to begin from, the open heart operation where the Chinese guy throws ashes inside Tselios open body,the scene where Tselios put a shotgun into a black guy's ass,the sex scene at the horse racing stadium,that could be easily be a part of an xxx movie.... The Gozzila fighting scene?The whole electricity thing where ends up with Tselios burned to death?The freaky Chinese girl which follows him in his every step?The cut head of the guy Tselios killed in the first part that talks into the water tank?

    Oh my god, if i could find a title for that movie it would be "Crack 2"!!!!
  • If you have seen the first Crank, imagine that but injected with crystal meth. this movie was so over the top and utterly hilarious i couldn't believe that there were only 3 other people at my theater. this movie takes the video game mentality of the first Crank and amps it up a whole lot. it adds a much more comedic yet still similar experience. i don't think anyone could keep a straight face while watching certain scenes. the visuals were amazing and the action had a faster-than-fast-paced speed that felt ultra kinetic and fun. i loved this movie, but its NOT for everyone. this is one of the most obscene and violent movies I've ever seen BUT if you can look past that and go into it knowing what it is and what it isn't, then you will have a heck of a fun time.
  • chrisrich777718 April 2009
    I expected this movie to be much better. The first was interesting. It was typical action but with some progressive techniques that made it unique and compelling. This sequel just seemed like the product of ADHD and some actual crank. There are so many nonsensical, idiotic parts that any value this movie had is overwritten with statements of "Wow, this is stupid."

    I would say wait for it to come out on DVD or fins it by some other means but do not support this waste of space in theaters already filled with bad movies. And adding to this film's sales will only cause another sequel which does not seem like a good idea at all.
  • As I walked out of the movie theater yesterday, all I wanted was my money back. Let me just say, I loved Crank and it's exciting fast pace, but Crank 2: High Voltage disappointed the h*ll out of me! This movie is one of those sequels that seem to be made purely for commercial success. It's like the producers thought "Well, Crank went great with the audience, lets extract everything that made it big and give 'em some more of that, because they're supposed to love it and we're supposed to get cash out of it".

    I'm going to list some of those things that really put me off...

    1) The music didn't seem to fit the "Crank"-cinematography at all(!), the first movie really stood out here (at least in my opinion).

    2) The cinematography itself is an over-the-top mockery of what made Crank 1 seem so fast paced. It's nothing but shaky and hectic.

    3) The idea of Chev needing to recharge all the time seems like the writers desperately tried to find something similar to the first movie. Unfortunately, every one of those scenes lacks wit and is pretty much predictable.

    4) Amy Smarts involvement seems to be reduced to illogical sex scenes and her being topless half of the movie.

    5) Some minor characters seem to have no reason whatsoever in the movie but to annoy the viewer (especially the Asian girl and a certain person suffering from a certain disorder, I don't want to spoiler).

    6) The movie just lacked an interesting and somewhat logical story, it's just a vehicle to deliver the "Crankness" that's supposed to bring in the money.

    7) The ending, including the preceding "climax" (I'd like to call it: what-just-happened?), is just so bad! You'll have to experience it to know what I mean ;-).

    In conclusion, there is almost nothing new in this movie, nearly every scene can be traced back to a Crank 1 scene. In fact, this movie bears such a strong resemblance to the first Crank that it could have really been the first movie, if they'd have had the "heart" idea instead of the "poison" idea. Only that it wouldn't have been successful...
  • Ric-722 April 2009
    If you have not seen the first "Crank," you may enjoy this as simply an extremely gross action film. I saw the first film, and gave it 9/10. This film is barely a 2.

    The worst element in the film is the dialogue. It attempts so desperately to be witty, but junior high school students could write funnier material. The subtitles (which were a major source of humor in the original) are worse than simply not funny--they are embarrassing.

    The second worst element is the direction. Everyone is allowed to go way way over the top, such that this becomes a cartoon. Jason Statham was so understated (and so good) in the original--here is the opposite.

    Loud, gross, not funny. A major disappointment.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For me, this movie was little more than a satirical portrayal of the action film audiences of late. As such I will review it from this perspective only. Before we begin with the actual review, let's delve a bit into how this film can possibly make fun of its viewers? Is that even possible without us knowing? I must be full of ****! This movie takes all the things that the action film viewer base has been craving and asking Hollywood to mass-produce more and more of for the last 10 years, evolving films like Day of the Jackal into The Jackal (puke.) They specifically targeted cheap-shot humor by overusing it (such as a floating head getting kicked into a pool) or wow-aha scenarios where people relate to the wit and adaptability of the main character, (such as someone using jumper cables to recharge a heart, or a protagonist standing in front of a trapped villain with a syringe filled with a disabling fluid), or "oh, I remember that.." flashbacks that remind the viewer of things that happened earlier in the film so they can understand how they relate to the upcoming or recently passed scene. I thought it was amusing in the ricocheting bullet psychiatrist scene how they used one of these transitional flashbacks just 20-25 seconds after its occurrence in the film.

    The entire film, there aren't really be any cuts lasting much more than 3-5 seconds, or scenes lasting more than 12 seconds. to me, was an insidious ploy to debase the entire (let's call them new-age) action film fans desire to pay attention to any one scene (let's remember, that it may be the audience OR filmmakers at fault for this) for more than the amount of time given to the audience to absorb the scene (before it was cut off or lazily transitioned into a new one) The only scenes breaking this length rule were the horse-track scene with its use of gratuitous sexuality as well as the psychiatrist ricocheting bullet scene with its overacted sexual tension. Somehow the filmmakers thought these scenes could hold the audience's attention spans for more than the typical 8-15 seconds per scene.

    This satire described in the previous paragraph may have been created inadvertently based on other intentions for satire, but for me, the film held significance in these respects, and is duly rewarded 2/10 stars, as I had long before my viewing of this film attempted to destroy every brain cell I had capable of entertaining myself with this movie, it has no other value to me than my analysis. However its satire did bring up some interesting points, they were nothing anyone paying half attention wouldn't be able to observe simply by following action films descent over the past 10 to 15 years into what they are today.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Frantic and explosive. High octane action as the manic hit-man Chev Chelios(Jason Stratham)basically picks up where he left off the first time, but this time out he is chasing a Chinese gangster, who has hijacked his nearly indestructible heart and replaced it with a battery-powered artificial one. The deeper Chelios gets into the challenge of finding his heart, he discovers it is in the chest of a 100 yr old gang patriarch Poon Dong(David Carradine). Chev's girlfriend Eve(Amy Smart)is part of the action...and I do mean action; sex in motion. For moral support, his physician Doc Miles(Dwight Yoakam)is always a phone call away with advice on how to keep the plastic heart pumping to keep the mean caffeinated fighting machine running. Getting in on the real rough stuff are Mexican mobsters, boycotting porn stars, strippers with automatic weapons and even the LAPD.

    Again not meant for the younger viewers due to very strong language, explicit sexual content and heavy violence. Some scenes are nauseating and others down right hilarious. Also starring: Clifton Collins Jr., Reno Wilson, Joseph Julian Soria and Art Hsu.
  • this is probable a brilliant Jason Staham movie with all the laugh ts and action.also Amy smart returns 2 as eve. Chev returns from the dead when a Chinese's mobster who replaced his hart for a electricity battery.He must keep collecting electricity to keep him alive. its got a lot of sexuality but funny one of the most funny movies I've seen and its violent and action packed which was great. Don't let young kids watch this parent warning. its funny in many ways. also they should make a crank 3. its got a lot of laugh ts and action a great action crime comedy and thriller i give crank 2 a 10/10 a huge must see hope all of yous enjoy it its better than the first which was quite good
  • I presume Jason and some of the other 'high ranking' actors had some fun. But the movie is simply stupid from the beginning to the end. Seems to be a support movie for a 'different industry'. Beside that, as usual with Mr Statham a movie filled with action and this time a lot of flesh. If you have 90+ minutes to waste, go for it. Otherwise I cannot recommend watching this one. The movie as the usual Statham speed, but it seems the technical adviser was not so clear about how electricity works ... e.g. charge your thumb from a 12 volt car battery and create sparks ...mmh. Strong sexual content seem to be the center of the movie.
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