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  • Warning: Spoilers
    A young French lady and her parents are on holiday somewhere in Indonesia, she is used by another Frenchman out there for a drug plant and then captured by the police for drug possession and imprisoned for life. The parents need to use every trick up their sleeve to obtain the release from prison of their daughter and the arrest of the real criminal. Pretty standard entertainment with the usual events in this type of story. Conditions in the prison are shown as being very harsh and quite frankly, the film is a bit of a turn-off for anyone planning to visit Indonesia, be they a drug-peddlar or not. The authorities are corrupt and unreliable and use everyone for their own ends. Dismal prisons, seedy night clubs, snakes, crocodiles, corrupt prison officers and police, all go to make an unsavoury mix which is best avoided. And I haven't mentioned all the bullying which the young lady has to put up with in prison ! You are warned !