Ray: Do you always tell the truth?

Lucy: The truth is easier to remember.

Paul: Is it an affair if neither party is married?

Elizabeth: An affair is any sexual or romantic relationship of an informal or temporary nature.

[last lines]

Karen: [voice over] I never saw you. With a new haircut, with new shoes... When was your first period? Was someone there to help? Did anyone explain? Did you hear the rain one night when I heard it? What gave you comfort? I've missed it all, and I've accepted it. But today I met Ella. Her little face is like a bird that flies high over thirty-eight years that have gone on and on and on, like a horrible parade. But now it's passed. Only Ella remains, God bless her. Ella is peace.

Nora: I don't want to die here.

Karen: You're not going to die. You'll be fine.

Nora: You expect me to live forever?

Karen: Don't start that again.

Nora: Even if I could, I wouldn't want to. It's just one disappointment after another.

Violet: Are you married. You must be, or you wouldn't be hiding out here so often.

Elizabeth: You don't seem like a man who's scared by scary things.

Paul: It's a precaution. Sometimes when you fall, it's hard to get up.

Leticia: To take something that comes from you, made of you, and part with it forever and ever.

Ray: I don't want it.

Leticia: I didn't want you either.

Ray: I'm not you.

Leticia: And yet here you are, 20 and pregnant and single, just like I was. You see, I didn't want you, and now, I can't take a breath without thinking of you, and wanting the best of the best for you.

Violet: A person inside another person - science fiction. She doesn't know a thing.

Elizabeth: Who?

Violet: Your baby. Only her mother's heartbeat.

Elizabeth: [about her mother] She was like you.

Violet: But not a virgin.

[first lines]

Karen: Her birthday's coming up. She'll be 37.

Paul: They seem like nice enough people.

Elizabeth: Oh, come on. It's impossible to know what they are. They're too busy reinventing themselves to everyone's liking.