• Te Quiero
    Written by Juan C. Medina and Martins S. Medina
    Performed by Medina Productions
  • Wareika Vibes
    Written by Richard Drury, Keith Finch and Enrico Rodriguez
    Performed by Rico Rodriguez
  • Sad Little Song
    Written by Brenton Wood (as Alfred Smith) and Jerry Winn
    Performed by Brenton Wood
  • Latina
    Written by Robert J. Walsh
    Courtesy of FirstCom
  • Gully Man
    Written by Mike Irwin
    Performed by Rough Sounds
  • Don't Front on Me
    Written by Owen D. Hunt and Lifford Shillingford
    Performed by Ten Days Till I'm Famous
  • El Perro
    Written by Alessandro Bertozi and Pedro Rudolfo Guerra Llerena
    Performed by Rudolfo Guerra
  • Being
    Written by Christy Knowings
    Performed by Christy Knowings (Cikae)
  • Rapp Star Remixed
    Written and Performed by Clint Sands
  • Little One
    Written and Performed by Lucy Schwartz