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  • lor_4 November 2019
    After a couple of decades cranking out scores of reality-porn videos for Adam & Eve, Luc Wylder tries his hand at a feature for the label, and fails miserably. Even having his better half on the payroll as producer, the divine Alexandra Silk, can't save his bacon.

    It's a very poorly shot (the editing of 2-camera reverse shots is totally amateurish) junker about a private club for swingers, run by busy talent Whitney Wright and Isiah Maxwell.

    Prospective applicants to join create brief audition tapes of themselves, with the b.s. piled high. Even Dana DeArmond, in her new full-bodied MILF form, is utterly unconvincing in her monologs, all of it amounting to mere verbal filler between perfunctory sex scenes and a stupid orgy finale.