Mouth (2007)

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When ambitious news reporter Kelly uncovers an unusual cult' rumored to be connected to strange food addictions and oral sex, she goes undercover to discover the truth. Her trusty field ... See full summary »


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6 November 2017 | lor_
Yuck (ugh!) Yuck
Mix the influences of Mel Brooks ("Blazing Saddles"' fart jokes), Don Knotts (in his uncharacteristic "The Love God") and Mike Myers (actually predating "The Love Guru"), put into a porno format and you get David Stanley's embarrassing "Mouth". In the BTS short subject on the DVD, Stanley professes more pride and satisfaction with this excuse for a comedy than his more serious drama & pathos efforts, clearly self-delusion.

What annoyed me the most is that auteur Dave, born after the '60s, lampoons hippie and cult culture of the period from a stance of ignorance, just as Matthew Weiner in his hit series "Mad Men" completely misunderstood and ridiculed the counter-culture (beatniks and hippies) of the '50s and '60s in his otherwise insightful TV series.

Eric Masterson hams it up as Melvin, former scientist working for the tofu industry who founded the "House of the Mouth", a California healing center based on oral sex. He's invented a potion/drug that makes even the least palatable of health foods taste delicious, with aphrodisiacal properties to boot. One side effect is that men taking it grow big breasts, a slapstick notion exploited by co-stars Evan Stone and Barrett Blade.

Blade is terrible and even more self-indulgent than usual, playing the low-life cameraman for TV news reporter Kirsten Price. This is a vehicle for Wicked Pictures contract girl Price, and she even got an AVN Best Actress nomination for the role, further evidence of the "rub my back, I'll rub yours" corrupt collusion between that industry organization and the leading porn labels like Wicked, and only justified by Price being a good sport in appearing in such a crummy project.

The low and slapstick humor is stupid and unfunny, throwing in plenty of mundane sex scenes featuring a lackluster femme cast to qualify as porn. Stanley's targets are obvious and low-hanging fruit, but his sincerity is suspect in that many of his other scripts (see specifically "Melt", made for Wicked in the same time frame) rely heavily on his belief in crazy New Age mystical concepts not far removed from what he is satirizing here.

Many continuity errors (e.g., the same extras reappearing in different locations to save a buck) are not fixed but rather self-deprecatingly called attention to. Several prominent femmes getting billing in the opening credits and BTS interviews are sloppily omitted entirely from the "thorough" end credits. Besides fart jokes, Stanley is not above quoting Brooks's famous "It's great to be the king" line a couple of times.

Emphasis on oral sex is not what I expected, as routine sex positions appear throughout. Future lesbian genre filmmaker and documentarian Madison Young has a three-way scene with another girl and Masterson, a sideways career move into boy/girl after 4 years of training in porn's minor leagues of bondage/fetish videos.

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