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  • All the fans of Bollywood slapstick comedies (yes there are a lot of you out there) will be disappointed with this rubbish film. Apart from Celina Jaitley in a series of revealing clothes, the film also stars Govinda, Upen Patel and Aftab Shivdasani as three guys trying to get rich in hurry. Bollywood comedies usually turn out to be really funny or really annoying and Money Hai To Honey Hai is really completely annoying, daft, garbage, junk and crap right from start to end of this 2 hours 10 minutes torture device. There is a difference between comedies that require no brains and brainless comedies. The whole movie is dodgy and lacks a single decent joke. The cast couldn't act especially Celina Jaitley who does not even know the ABC of acting. Even the music is rubbish, I disliked every song there is and I usually like at least 1 song of most Bollywood films. Another stupid thing in the movie I noticed is that in the end of the song Jappi Pa the entire crowd disappeared just under 5 seconds before the next shot. Overall I hated everything in this so called comedy, Recommend this movie to someone you really hate.
  • There are numerous comedy films which have been served left & right to us in the past few months and most of them were just trash and disaster at the box office. MHTHH is a little different from them all because the director seems to be in dilemma while making it.

    Ganesh Acharya mixes the film and tries to capture two genres, one is Comedy and the other is a Social Drama. Like his earlier venture "Swami", the director seems to love Social Dramas and therefore tries to incorporate that element too in the movie which otherwise is promoted as a pure comedy. But sadly both the elements fall flat and the final product is not that amusing for the viewers.

    A bunch of 6 people are selected randomly to own a huge business empire which is itself under the burden of a big loan. These 6 persons from different backgrounds then try to rebuild the empire with their own efforts and succeed. That's the storyline which has a feel of Dejavu too. Not exactly but a similar kind of storyline was there in "Maalamal" featuring Naseeruddin Shah which was too an inspired movie itself. Interestingly it had a song "Maal Hai To Taal Hai" which is very close to the title "Money Hai To Honey Hai" The movie starts off as a comedy in first half and turns into a drama in the second half. That is the most unimpressive part of the script. Only Govinda & Archna Puran Singh manage to give some good scenes and rest all are just filling their parts. Reference to well known celebrity Vijay Mallya has been used very cruelly in few sequences.

    Musically the songs have some good beat and hip-hop pattern but not all are memorable enough. "Aithe Aa Jaffi Pa" is the best song in the movie with some good singing.

    Summing up, its neither a good comedy nor an entertaining social drama. The movie gets confused within the two plots and that's what makes it unimpressive. It is expected that Ganesh Acharya, with so much experience of Bollywood, must come up with a good product next time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Does a mad bald guy looking for heirs in random disgusting strangers make for a good comedy? No it doesn't, and for those who really liked this movie i don't think you've seen a comedy(or even a movie)for a long time.... For god sakes Govinda's dad looks younger than him? and whats up with this sex hungry Archana Puran Singh doesn't she have a boutique to maintain? overall this movie is a Complete waste of money and no i don't want those honeys(they're mindset has gone haywire).... In fact the movie ain't worth my anus. A complete flop and may god have mercy on those who go watch it. Rating:1/2 direction:1/2 production:1/2 acting:1/2 cinematography:1/2 COMEDY:1/2 songs:1/2 Overall:1/2 (Coudn't give 1/2 on the rollover rating. actually make all of those ratings a negative infinity)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I always thought that there are some fixed patterns in making films...This one typically is the underdogs turn winners category.

    Its a simple story of six good-for-nothing people coming into conditional riches at the hands of an eccentric millionaire. The conditional riches is a textile industry with enormous assets and even more liabilities. Its up to the six under-dogs to convert the losses to profits. Obviously, they manage to do it!!

    The very important element of this category of movies is the struggle from negativity and demotivation to optimism and perseverance. External romance ruins such movies. The only romance which could have withstood the film was the one between aftab and kim sharma...which is prematurely terminated. How Govinda and Aftab fall in love is a real suspense...I still don't know the answer.

    When there are six underdogs, their story of losses should be concise and their fight towards victory should be elaborate...even after interval, for a long time, u don't even know that they are underdogs.

    Motivation!!! Audience should feel the motivation from within, in each member of the team. The only people who are motivated from the six leads are Govinda and Celina. Rest all just look like the yes-men. Manoj Bajpai!! Immense talent wasted in a role which for all practical purposes might be a guest appearance.

    They seem to have started with making of a Scary movie (spoof) and suddenly remembered that this was to be Guru(Story of real life).

    I started with negatives because I am feeling angry with the script-writer for wasting a good central idea, director for putting in useless songs, editor for mis-judging the importance of the scenes, Govinda, Aftab, Manoj and Celina...for wasting the talent....

    There are some positives...4 stars out of the six I have given go for the climax. In the movie, celina says that beauty is skin-deep, style is what makes a person stand straight...and they really put on ramp the people who are not exceptionally hot...and they DO look good...It honestly features short people, fat people, not-so-good-looking people and get away with it...Shruti really dresses them up and does a make-over which does not look impossible...and does look like a winner...

    Fifth star is for govinda. He is good. He gives life to the Movie.

    Last star is for manoj, aftab and celina. They look good.

    Hansika entertains, but u cannot watch this movie for her. Ditto Upen.

    What could have been better??? 1. The team had an advertising genius. They should have used him. 2. The team had a wonderful PR person. He should have participated in campaigning. The winning of fashion show bid, could be more dramatic. The winning of the bank employee...too thin. Both the scenes had great potential. It was wasted (due to time constraint, I suspect.) 3. The team had a guy with dreams. He should have built his dreams. They show him learn lessons from past. He should have used them. 4. A television star. She could have been a part of advertising campaign. 5. The audience is told in 15 seconds that the model and dress designer would make ordinary people a ramp material. (I have no clue why would a famous television personality play no part in it). The struggle should have been evident. It feels unrealistic that people with no extra-ordinary talent get on the ramp and have the attitude and élan in 5 minutes flat...

    Govinda fans say that watch govinda movies by leaving the brain outside the theater. I watched MHTHH like that. I had fun. But my takeaway could have been better...
  • I don't know about the other reviews of the users but I feel this movie is good. I like the comedy of all the actors especially of Govinda and Manoj Bajpai.Celina Jaitley was too good in the movie and of course hot too.. I guess it is another hit for govinda and in this movie he looks rocking..

    The dialogues in the movie are good and the concept is also cool.. I like the concept of the movie which is fashion for middle class people which many people think that its not going to work. I think the director wanted to tell everybody that even middle class people needs to get some name in the society and even they are people like others who like fashion and wants to look like page 3 people.
  • silvan-desouza22 March 2009
    There are some movies which are brainless but funny There are some which try to be funny but bore and put you to sleep

    This is one of them

    The film has so many plots that looks like you are watching 1000 films at once

    Imagine Govinda playing a 20 year old and talking in English with a hip style?????

    Manoj Bajpai making a fool of himself to get popular

    Aftab Shivdasani poor fellow

    Upen Patel as usual idiot

    Plus we have spoofs and spoofs on Vijay Mallya, Ekta Kapoor aren't they done to death on TV with shows like Comedy Circus

    The film in second half takes off but there is nothing worth watching

    The climax is again too predictable and filmy

    Ganesh Acharya makes a mockery of a film Music is okay

    Govinda looks too old for the role and is okay Aftab is alright, hardly he does anything Manoj Bajpai tries to show his funny side but his role sucks Upen Patel is as usual, useless Amongst heroines Celina is as usual, expressionless Hansika overacts, where is the talent she had as a child artist gone? while Archana Puran Singh is as usual rest involving a boring Ravi Kissan are nothing great
  • Money Hai Toh Honey Hai directed by Ganesh Acharya is a terrible waste of a terrific opportunity.

    Story:- Manikchand Khiralal (Upen Patel) is a struggling model who gets kicked out by his mentor, Dolly (Archan Puran Singh), when she finds another boyfriend; Lalabhai Bharodia (Manoj Bajpai) has no business acumen, and has lost millions; Shruti (Celina Jaitely) is a much abused and underpaid designer; Gaurav Negi (Aftab Shivdasani) gets fired from his job with Glamour Ad Agency; Ashima Kapoor (Hansika Motwani) is a blacklisted daytime soap actress; and Bobby Arora (Govinda) is a slacker who lives off his wealthy parents and wastes their time and money. Although they have nothing in common, they will soon find out that they have been chosen by an eccentric billionaire, Krishnakumar Jaiswal (Prem Chopra), to be future heirs of Jaiswal Textiles. Initially thrilled at finding employment and fulfilling their dreams, the six will soon realize that they are also heirs to a huge debt and must arrange to re-pay it at any and all costs, while facing opposition from Parag Batra, Jaiswal's embittered Manager (Ravi Kissen).

    The direction,screenplay,music,performances,dialogs everything are bad.

    All in all,do not watch watch Money Hai Toh Honey Hai.I am going give it a zero on ten.Even watching two hours forty-six minutes,Salman Khan's Yuvvraaj is much better than watching this 2 hours 22 minutes silly movie!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Heir less industrialist Jaiswal (Prem Chopra) wants to leave his 100 crore-business empire to six beneficiaries chosen from random mobile numbers before he dies. The six of them initially dismissing the 'crank calls' announcing how lucky they were considering it meaningless until circumstance forces them to go and accept their luck. What follows is a senseless, boringly unfunny and pointless drama. What we receive is a muddled and paltry script and boring unwanted below the standard dialogues.

    All the actors including the all so reliable Govinda are below par as per their acting is concerned although Hansika Motwani shows some promise in her animated turn as Ashima Kapoor the wannabe film star and soap superstar. Govinda need to shed of some kilos to get into the groove. He is expressionless throughout and the whole lot of other actors including Aftab Shivdasni, Manoj Bajpai, Celina Jaitely and Upen Patel do their part as if forced upon.

    The absence of humor in this so-called comedy film makes it quite unbearable to watch. There is hardly any moment, which will even make you give a weary smile. The lone message given through a fashion show is lost between the atrocious story and screenplay.

    Director Ganesh Acharya fails once again and goes down further after his debut "Swami". The look alike of Ekta Kapoor and Vijay Mallya couldn't salvage the film though. As if the sultry dance sequences are not enough from the six actors Ganesh puts himself in one of those and the result is awful. It would be a sound advice to Ganesh to forget about the directing part and concentrate on his choreographic stints. He his torn between giving a comedy and a dose of social awakening part and succeeds in none. Honey, we should waste our money on this spice less and tasteless film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie was actually fun and good and deserved better promotion and success. Seems biased unfair media reviews ruined it. In terms of content, message and the positivity it conveys, I would say it's right up there with Munnabhai. Had Raju Hirani made the same film in his style this would have maybe been a top grosser. maybe a better competent director could have lifted it to a masterpiece. Ganesh Acharya has not done a bad job. The film needed to be more tight with some more humor injected than try to be 50% sitcom and 50% Social serious films ending a strong hopeful message. That balancing perhaps could have made most difference.

    Bobby Arora (Govinda) is a quick thinker, with strong business mind, smooth talking marketing abilities and genius of management. BUT he is a spoiled brat of a rich family who wants to live today in fast easy life without commitment, responsibility and work. Since no one has seen the future he does not care for it. He has walked out of his rich parents home after an argument with his worried father Prakash (Javed Sheikh). His Mom Aarti (Ketaki Dave) is cut off from daily life addicted to TV Soap Operas. She is a huge fan of soap opera reigning TV Diva Ashima Kapoor (Hansika Motwani), the reigning queen called Meera in a popular soap, playing ideal daughter in law in a top Saas-bahu show. Ashima Kapoor ironically is unhappy with her TV career stuck in a family soap playing the chief protagonist daughter in law made popular by shows like Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki and Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki. Being a top actress in Bollywood, winning Filmfare awards are her dreams. She refuses to renew her serial contract and is thrown out of TV Industry at diktats of her vindictive soap opera maker Mukti Tapoor (Rakhi Tandon spoofing Ekta Kapoor). Shruti (Celina Jaitley) is a talented fashion designer working for a manipulative, heartless top branded designer Dolly (Archana Puran Singh), who sells Shruti's creativity and work exploiting her by putting her own brand label on her designs. Shruti dreams of starting a label of her own that caters to middle class and lower income people who dream of designer clothes but can't afford them cheap. Mankichand Khiralal (Upen Patel) wants to be a super model but is stuck modeling for low tier local mass products like Shilajit, local undergarments, hair oil etc. Dolly takes him in as her toyboy fooling him with big AD modeling contracts then kicks him out when she finds a new toy boy. She fools many young aspiring models sexually exploiting them in fake promises of modeling. Lalchand (Manoj Vajpayee) has lost Rs 1 crore he won as lottery, conned for being naive, but has an infectious positive outlook to life. He feels he lost a crore but earned a crore rupees worth business experience on how not to do business. Last but not least is Gaurav Negi creative ad agency copywriter, who refuses to write lies for campaigns and believes in being honest in selling products, a misfit in high stakes ad marketing agencies. He seeks to own his own agency where he can write honestly creatively. Thus not surprising he gets sacked. His girlfriend of 2 years Sara (Kim Sharma) dumps him also for marrying a rich family chosen groom tired of waiting for him to get big giving him the movie title as advice while showing him the way out. - "Money hai Toh Honey Hai".

    Many supporting characters are introduced criss crossing the 6 who are then justified in end. A taxi driver (Param Veer Singh) and prostitute (Monalisa) Bobby helped, a traffic constable (Sumit Arora) he made a fool of, his hottie maidservant from home, a waiter (Krishna Bhatt) known to Bobby, a restaurant manager who benefited from Gaurav's compliment driving her business up, A store delivery boy Gaurav knew from Sara's locality, Chaman Patel (Paresh Ganatra) friend of Lalji, an aspiring model who was insulted by Dolly for her looks when she sacked Shruti, an employee of Jaiswal resort (Kurush Deboo) etc all ordinary looking people struggling with making ends meet life.

    Enter Kishen Jaiswal (Prem Chopra) a 1000 crore business empire single baron, eccentric senile billionaire, whose lucky number is 6 and adding up phone numbers of people totaling 6, he chooses these 6 people to inherit his empire much to disappointment of his nephew Parag Batra (Ravi Kissen), who has been managing for his uncle for a long time and rightfully considers self as the sole family heir. His uncle left him just Rs 60 crores personal share for his loyal services. The 6 land up to claim the inheritance excited at finally having a settled life and assured of money that can fund their dream lifestyle. Parag tries to use the clauses that can debar the 6 from being stakeholders to get rid of them through criminal conspiracies but fails largely due to Bobby's by luck wrong interference at right time. Finally he seeks to buy the 6 out from the 60 crore he was given, offering each Rs 10 crores. But Bobby refuses to sell out his share ruining plans of others who want to exit with the money offered. Its all for one or none deal.

    Bobby who was conspiring to fool the rest so he can get elected MD finally finds emotional attachment he always escaped fro and starts holding well being of rest at heart even after losing their trust due to Parag's machinations. As things progress he holds the team of different people together and becomes the glue that binds them. When Jaiswal's will is read out it becomes clear his company has a debt of Rs 1200 crores against his 1000 crore wealth which the 6 must now repay on accepting the company. Parag realizes his uncle was actually clever who saved his nephew from this debt by not making him a sole inheritor. He realizes he was saved a decent with a life Rs 60 crores can settle. Bobby infuses hope to the other 5 who feel they should have taken the Rs 10 crore and gotten out of the mess when they had the chance. His sharp business instinct, gift of gab and wit come to play. They realize that Jaiswal's bankruptcy was engineered by his biggest client a Korean company who placed a huge order, made him take massive loans then refused to honor the contract, so the Koreans could repay the debts and buyout the company. The 6 new friends decide they won't allow this to happen. With nothing left to lose but gain from life, they decide to fight it out and turn things around. Bobby and Gaurav smooth talk the bank in giving them time of 3 months to revive the company and postpone a distress sale on condition they can bring in 100 crores business as proof. All the textile lying unsold to Koreans is used to fuel Shruti's idea. They do a production of designer wear for lower income middle class and enter a fashion show to create their own space. They use the above mentioned ordinary supporting characters as models, groomed by Manikchand, challenging the industry set standards of models and beauty to prove everyone is born beautiful and have a right to wear high and own style. Will they succeed?

    Govinda outshines everyone as usual with his effortless performance holding the movie together that otherwise could have been a boring watch with an assembly of B Line actors. His pairing with a half aged young Hansika should have looked odd but thankfully can be overlooked. Manoj Bajpayee provides the ideal foil to his schemes and infects viewers with his gullible positive thinking character. He is the lesser Munnabhai here. Rest have done adequate justice to their roles. Bobby plays cupid for Aftab and Celina. For once the two do not look wooden faced clueless actors they usually looked in other films. They fit their parts in the scope offered. Archana Puran Singh fits the arrogant, snobbish, elite, exploitative aged designer part well and is also funny at places. The film sends a strong message lightly to youngsters to dream big, work hard on it, not lose hope in bad situations, and be positive. The movie rightfully questions hypocrisies of fashion and advertising industry stereotyping monopolizing beauty. The film even breaks away from having heroes dance to white skinned women in bikini in foreign beaches and instead uses very dark skinned African girls as background sexy dancers. Call it a statement or irony.
  • This movie was absolutely terrible in all aspects, but it has helped me cure my insomnia and I won't need sleeping pills for the rest of my life as I will only need to remember this movie.

    One word can bring back the terrible memories of this movie: GOVINDA He was never good, and I cannot understand anyone who would think he is a good actor. His action sequences are his typical from 90's movies.

    He is a fat crappy actor and should not be in the industry at all.

    I would rather watch a blank screen for 2 hours than watch this movie.

    This is most likely the worst movie I have EVER seen.

    I would not recommend this movie to my worst enemy!
  • A perfect comedy: wild, colourful, stuffed with original catchy tunes and songs, and spiced up with a few moral lessons "Let me ha... let me ha... This is my rap song... Money hai... No honey... Turn the beat up!" Now and then there goes "Scandal!" in the audio background making it all look even madder. You can't stand overacting? Keep far away from this one then. Because it's got plenty of that and I love it here. It's one of those movies, which made me sad by its final credits because I did not want this screwed-up show to end.

    To make a goofy allusion, I would compare this flick's excellence to the best of "Benny Hill Show" features, while it's got plenty of music and songs, tons of jokes, crazy innuendoes and gags, crowds of pretty gals and women, and a few punch lines, which underline human nature and present-day globalization. But, honestly speaking, this is one glossy music video that goes on as long as 2+ hours. Every 15 minutes this film made me laugh like crazy (starting with the insane opening music video and finishing with the extravagant depiction of the characters' dreams coming true). The image of the plumber was something to see ("No leakage... Call me any time. We are working 24 hours a day". - If only our plumbers were that hard-working and that willing and ready to fix anything!). Every song was funnier that the previous one. But don't let it mislead you: the film is clever. Yeah, you see it right: CLEVER. It gives a clear insight into our fears and misdeeds, which are a "scandal" in our own eyes, if you think about them. What is more, the film has a very detailed character development. If you watch closely, you start to understand these young men and women chosen, you start to care. Perhaps it is achieved by their childish emotions, the characters are overflowed with throughout the movie: they dream, cry, laugh, go mad, get mean, get sad, etc.

    After watching "Paisa Vasool" I did not know what to expect from India, but this one has got me back on a very enjoyable track. I hope it's not the only modern product from India with such unbeatable "all-crazy-things-in-one" quality. The stylish camera-work alone deserves an Oscar. To listen to it all via proper audio equipment is a pleasure to the ear too (the sound of "cock-a-doodle-doo!" that goes during the screen presence of the mad billionaire is a killer). I don't know any American comedy of these days that can be a rival to this one (let alone being able to beat this title).

    If you want to be entertained to no limits in a modern stylish and exotic way - turn your brain off and give it a try. If you want to learn moral lessons about family, friendship, loyalty, etc. - keep tuned and enjoy. If you are longing to have both (entertainment + food for thought) - it will match your purpose all right.

    By the way, I'm 100% serious in my review, don't be fooled by the poor IMDb rating. And if you are looking for a retarded comedy, which truly deserves the rating of this one - get something like "Horse Feathers".

    Dear India, thank you for this marvellous comedy! Last time I enjoyed cinema this much was Hong Kong John Woo's "A Better Tomorrow" (and as to comedies - "Monkey Business" with Cary Grant). This is what I call an "A-product".

    A perfect 10 out of 10 - turn the beat up! Thank you for attention.