Koike: Give it to me.

Yôko: Jesus, I approve of you as the only cool man besides Kurt Cobain

: Who cares about the standards of normal people?

: I'm a pervert but not a phony! I am a pervert with dignity.

: Listen! All perverts were created equal.

Yôko: Let go, pervert!

: That again?

Yôko: Pervert!

: What's wrong with being a pervert?

Yôko: You understand nothing!

: Come back to this side!

Yôko: What side?

: To the real world!

Yôko: You mean your world! Your world is not...

: So I'm a pervert!

Yôko: Huh?

: You might think I'm one, but...

Yôko: Don't call me 'you'!

: A person like you...

Yôko: You're a pervert by anybody's standards!

: Who cares about the standards of normal people? Listen to me! You're definitely a misfit, and I can live with that.

: Life is what you make it, being a pervert is just one way of life.

Yôko: Jesus, forgive these morons.

: I kept forcing sins out of myself like this. It felt like squeezing out the last bit of toothpaste.

Yôko: Promise me one thing. Be my friend, not my mother.

Kaori: Why's that?

Yôko: I don't want any more family. I've had enough! You're free to do anything with men. But don't make him my father.

Yûji: See, this one says 50% off. It'll reduce your sorrow by 50%. 50% less sadness!

Tetsu: Have you sinned?

: [internally] I have to remember! The blue sky... Grass by the river... An insect on a leaf... Flowers in the wind... I can't think of any sins!

: Today...

: [internally] I've got one!

: I went in a café with a wet umbrella and... I splashed water all over the place.

Tetsu: and then?

: And... maybe I sprayed water on the customers and made a bit of a disturbance.

Tetsu: It was indeed quite obnoxious. Anything else?