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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this only because of ASR, as I happened to be a big fan since the days of Terabithia, which I could relate very much. Personal reasons!

    But this series was really disappointing. Other than the acting of ASR, nothing much to see. Very predictable right from the beginning. Aliens trying to create alien human hybrid and take over the planet, after visiting us from some far away galaxy? Oh, come on. Aren't you bored of it, that concept is being used since the 70s or since the beginning of cinematography or even longer before from HG Well's War of the world.

    And why even make episodes of 8 minutes duration, and not make a movie or short film instead? Even YouTube miniseries are longer than this!

    So many controversies in the episodes too! Why did that Russian doctor insisted her to go when it was a normal baby to begin with! Why did she want to keep the baby so long when she knew something was wrong! And googling your symptoms of illness, what message are you sending to an already tech overwhelmed generation, denying to believe in science, whatsoever!

    Biggest question so far. Why do all aliens have to look the same, as if they changed sets from the 1980's Species! Lol

    Still i big fan, ASR. You go girl. :)
  • arpitasinha-1046911 November 2020
    It's a pretty good series. I'm just waiting to know about the baby and what possibly can be her father. Need it's 2nd season. But I don't understand why the duration of all episodes are 8mins. It's kinda annoying.
  • dar04172 December 2020
    Predicable but entertaining to watch. Take it as a film and not a series. A little to gory but the acting was solid just lacked originality and script.
  • amandam-4479711 December 2020
    This was a good show but why 10 mins max per episode? They could have done so much more. I don't ser the point in making shows with episodes lasting 8-10 mins?
  • SassySavage129 October 2020
    I hope it's not the last season. Want to know more its short
  • laura_baptista14 April 2021
    Unfortunately it is not good. AnnaSophia Robb is an excellent actress, but her talent should not be compared to this production.
  • Quibi's film (released as a short series), The Expecting, has Mira Sorvino playing Emma, a young artist, who wakes up naked in the woods, after a night of partying.

    She's been mangled, and doesn't remember what happened.

    But upon returning home, she discovers that she is pregnant.

    The only person she's had relations with is her co-worker, Ty, so she believes that he is the father.

    At least at first...

    Because she soon begins to have flashbacks of being assaulted by some sort of merman like alien...which would explain the state that she found herself in the woods.

    Having just lost her job, Ty sets her up with a pro-bono sexual health doctor, who reassures her that everything with the baby is fine, despite having peculiar symptoms.

    At first, she plans to abort it.

    But then she has second thoughts at the last minute, and changes her mind.

    Eventually, she discovers that her mother had went through a similar experience, prior to her own birth.

    And that this drove her towards schizophrenia, which eventually led to her suicide.

    After trying to kill Emma, when she was a baby, no less.

    Thus, she turns to the internet for answers.

    Which leads her to other girls, with similar symptoms, who have become pregnant under similar circumstances.

    So she starts to think it's all part of some sort of conspiracy.

    This drives her to seek out a late term back room abortion.

    But not even this guy will go through with it, asking her if "this is some sort of sick joke?"...before he returns her money and throws her out.

    Now she's sure that something nefarious is afoot...and growing inside her.

    But it's too late...the child is born...

    Now, the only question is...if this a case akin to Mysterious Skin...or more of a Rosemary's Baby type situation?

    Only time will tell what it is she has actually given birth to...

    In all honesty...this wasn't too bad.

    The production quality actually surprised me.

    And it has a number of recognizable names and faces.

    Though it is heavily reliant upon CGI effects...the acting and storyline sufficiently cover for it.

    But I am still having a hard time acclimating to the format of these Quibi series, with their 10+ 8-10 minute episodes (this one has 11 episodes).

    Why not just release it as a one off film ffs?

    Maybe it's an advertising thing...but I downloaded it.

    That aside, however, it's entertaining enough to be worth a watch.

    And it seems to be slated for a follow up series, as well.

    5.5 out of 10.