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  • From the creator of the critically praised and audience-adored Bakekang, Carlo J. Caparas, comes Joaquin Bordado. The premise of the series is simple: a happy family man with a secret job gets betrayed by the people he works for, he is resurrected by an old man who transferred the man's power to Joaquin; now he must find his wife and child after they are taken away, and must carry the duty to destroy evil.

    The series marks the third TV series of "Action Superstar" Robin Padilla, his second with GMA Network after last year's flawed Asian Treasures, and in my opinion: it is the best so far. Unlike other Philippine dramas, the story follows Joaquin Bordado in his adventures - similar to Heroes when all the characters are "all-over" the place but heading towards the same goal.

    Mac Alejandre directs this series with first-time prime-time director Argel Joseph, and I must say: Alejandre has truly got "groove" back after working with Joyce Bernal in the big-hit MariMar; he's able to show his "groove" through the excellent Sine Novela: Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap last year.

    Iza Calzado proves that she is one of the best actresses in the Philippines with her stunning portrayal of the protagonist's wife. Eddie Garcia, plays the main antagonist, marks a Sylar-cross-with-Magneto character - Mr. Garcia's acting skills is not to be doubted, he is a legend after all.

    The series is beautifully written by Suzette Doctolero from the Caparas medium - the series appeared to have a very "comic-book" feeling to it, especially compared to more well-known "comic-book"-turned-series like the awful Lastikman and the below-mediocre-Captain Barbell. Doctolero has added colourful characters such as Dianne and Jason, played by Iwa Moto and Mark Herras - the two suffered criticisms from their previous works, but with their character beautifully written, they were able to performed at their best.

    Although the series is beautifully written, some episodes are very uneasy to watch.