The third collaboration between GMA-7 and graphic novelist Carlo J. Caparas.

Cristine Reyes and Jennylyn Mercado were supposed to be part of the cast, until replaced by Iwa Moto and Ryza Cenon.

Iwa Moto was pulled out form the series to be the main antagonist in Magdusa ka (2008). Another character was created to replace Moto's character, this character is played by Maggie Wilson.

Iwa Moto was slated for a different role before replacing Cristine Reyes.

Jennylyn Mercado had to pull out of the series because of her sudden pregnancy. She is then replaced by Ryza Cenon

Lead star Robin Padilla had to endure 6 hours of body make-up every day for the character's tattoos.

Clothing merchandise for the series is provided by "No Fear".