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  • Uninteresting tale of a nutjob who escapes a psycho ward after 9 years, thanks perhaps in part to the leniency and thrall of the doctor there who thinks he's a "genius". However, not before he kills 5 other patients, arranging them in a semi-circle seated and tied to chairs. Seems that the crazo believes that if he arranges his victims in a half circle and that their numbers somehow correspond to 432 (something to do with Pythagoras and ancient Greek ideas, I dunno) the accumulated energy of their deaths will allow him to see their souls or some such sh!t.

    In the mean time some psychology students are sent out to the whackjob's former home for some kind of field study trip wherein they're supposed to get into the mind of the psycho by studying his habitat (I think you know where this is going). They don't know that the loony they're studying --or are supposed to be-- is out and about and headed home while they're goofing off and vacationing at his house.

    After the murders and escape, the cop who caught the fruitloop 9 years ago is back on the job but this time has to contend with a female FBI agent who has been authorized to head the case. So there's a little friction there but nothing serious; they eventually start getting along as they try desperately to find out where the basketcase went.

    I found the movie boring basically because nothing creative, surprising, or interesting happens. After the 5 murders at the outset (and we only see one since the other 4 were already dead where the movie begins), nothing else of note happens for almost an hour, less 3 or 4 minutes. Up until then the 3 male and female students never say or do anything interesting. Studying the nut site for clues to his personality, or an education in general, is the last thing that one guy and one girl have on their minds. They would rather make out --which I'm not against if it's erotically interesting-- but, alas! it was not. Just some stupid, dull, clumsy fumbling in a van where the girl maniacally implores the guy to say he loves her. At this point, I'm wondering if she too didn't escape some mental institution. While that's going on there is another couple who spend time talking about their relationship and the camera alternates between the 2 scenes. That leaves another guy and girl but they're not doing anything together, or anything interesting either. The guy here has a little camera which he occasionally uses to shoot scenes more boring than the movie he's in. Avoid. Love, Boloxxxi.
  • I am shocked that this wannabe horror/thriller movie, that is far from thrilling and just plain horrible rated a 5.6 out of 10 across 25 votes. Although it has elements that are very common to the genre, such as: large-breasted eye candy, a group of clueless and hare-brained young adults, it really struggles to put these elements together to form something worthwhile. While the acting is not terrible, it's far from good. The plot is mediocre at best and does little in terms of pulling the viewer into the experience. I found it hard to sympathize with the characters; partly due to their stupidity. I was also extremely disappointed with the ending as this whole movie built up to a very non-climactic resolution. Thumbs down all around.
  • Basically, this is about a glorified psychopath that has escaped. They keep talking about how smart he is, how his light eyes signify "power," and blah blah blah, but they fail to produce any evidence of his genius and power. He's basically just a guy who started killing small animals and graduated to killing people - your basic serial killer. To be honest, I was surfing the web the entire time I was watching this, which actually made it slightly more enjoyable. I think if I wasn't surfing the web, it would have been brutally slow, predictable, and painful to watch. You can pretty much see all of the twists and turns (if you can call them that) coming, and even the dialog is predictable.

    Supposedly, the killer is into some kind of Greek numerology, which if done correctly, it's supposed to give him that much more power. They go into it briefly, but it's something that a high school student's imagination can come up with and then they don't really go too far in depth on it. So, it's a half hearted effort to mystify the killer and provide some insight into why he does what he does. Overall, since it was slightly entertaining while surfing the web I'd put this between a 3 and a 4, but I decided to be generous and give it a 4.
  • -simply just can't show any special effects on screen - doesn't matter"

    "Circle": My god, avoid it like the plague: it's disappointing from start to finish. It wants to be a serial killer/slasher movie but it's just plain bad. The cast is not that terrible, but the story is. There's no tension, no excitement and certainly no surprises.

    A group of students spent the night in the house of an escaped murderer (Halloween: Resurrection anyone ?) and the killer returns that night. Meanwhile, the police is trying to figure out what his next move is.

    "Circle" has a couple of attractive girls who show their breasts (trust me, nothing to be too exciting about) but fails on every other level: it's boring, stupid and just doesn't deliver. The killer is best known for his role in the popular TV series "Prison Break" (as "Haywire" so kind of the same character)He's not interesting at all and is supposed to be scary because of the 'albino' looking eyes. (come on..)

    The worst problem is the total lack of any effects or gore. The killings happen mostly off-screen or are simply hardly seen at all. That's right: this is a horror-slasher without a special-effects team (How is that possible ?) and besides a couple of shots of blood you don't see anything at all !

    To conclude with the "surprising"-ending: what the hell ? They already discussed this in the movie: As a viewer you know what will happen at the end. And it's once again a major disappointment. But hey, it's finally over and you can totally forget about this garbage.

    No idea why they still make junk like this. It really gives the genre a bad name. Just watch something good for the second time instead of this turkey..
  • This film is not even worth a single star, despite the plot sounding slightly promising.

    To put it frankly, nothing happens. The film is made up of 95% utter garbage that is in no way linked to the plot, 1% action(God awful action at that) and 4% credits. It is hard to understand how the creators of this pathetic excuse for entertainment managed to even get any action out of the atrocious plot line at all.

    Unfortunately, this film can't even classify itself as a "so bad it's good horror film". Anyone who manages to actually endure this film for an hour and a half would most definitely hold up under extreme torture techniques.

    Avoid at all costs.
  • I saw the cover with a completely misleading point of the movie, it really lacked creativity, it was not to well done with the kind of budget they were working with... I saw it had America Olivo in it and was also on the front cover, usually I like her movies but, they had her do a thick accent and she had probably the least air time of the entire cast, it really did not make a whole lot of sense, why some of the characters were even there, the story line was really bad, just not done well, as it being a horror movie, there was little to any gore or violent part shown on screen... It's like they could not even afford the fake blood... Of course there is a bit of some nice T&A, but not much... No captions, so good luck understanding all of what is said... Trust me, don't waste your time on this one unless you just have to see America Olivo's bare chest for a minute...
  • I never write reviews but after having to sit through this I just can't fathom how a movie this bad can be funded and released. The worse acting, the worse plot, an old style typical chase scene that fizzles and the most unfulfilled, stupid ending of all time. Is just so bad I hope the creative team never get a chance to be hired ever again in the film business. Thats how bad this is - a total failure and a rip off all round. Some bad movies can be funny - this one just leaves you shaking your head in disbelief when its over. The film has no redeeming features but I must point out how bad the acting is. The plot has been done a thousand times and is so predictable it leaves you yawning. At least I didn't pay for it, it was on my premium pay network but I do resent them carrying this and will let them know. I pay for them to sort out the good films from the bad not just put on anything that gets released. Don't waste your time on this one.
  • tmccull5223 April 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Circle Jerk", if you'll pardon the crudity, would have been a better title for this bomb. The eye candy is all there... America Olivo, gorgeous, Kinsey Packard, beautiful, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Unfortunately, that's all that this film has to offer.

    I had been avoiding watching it because of the poor reviews, but then I realized that Silas Weir Mitchell was in it. I am a fan of the "Grimm" television series, and Mitchell plays the character of Monroe in it. He does a fine job of it with that character, and so I held out some small hope for "Circle" simply because he's in it. I've also seen America Olivo in a few other films, particularly in "Neighbor" from 2009. She played an over-the-top whackjob and serial killer in that movie, and while it wasn't much better than "Circle" is, she at least seemed to have fun playing the role.

    I know that we're supposed to suspend our disbelief, and perhaps pretend that we haven't already seen the premise of this movie in a gazillion other films in the genre, but you'd need something with the tensile strength of bridge cables to suspend your disbelief for this one.

    Nerdy bookworm type. Check.

    Nubile babes ripe for slaughter. Check.

    Obnoxioux alpha male beef cake stud that no one would find remotely attractive in real life but gets laid like crazy in this movie anyway. Check.

    Contentious, antagonistic posturing and behavior between different law enforcement agencies. Check.

    Nearly unstoppable, superhuman killing machine whom no one has a hope of stopping. Check.

    There isn't anything in this movie that hasn't been done better... much better... elsewhere. If you're reading these reviews and have not yet seen the movie, spare yourself. It really is that bad.
  • When a serial killer escapes from prison and returns to his childhood home, an FBI team races to stop him from continuing his rampage on the grad students who have moved into the home to conduct research on the very psychopath.

    A surprisingly decent and far more watchable slasher effort than expected, as this one manages to contain some pretty interesting and intriguing stuff than expected. This is mostly due to the rather fun times contained within the opening set-up, which not only manages to get them there in a pretty timely manner but also sets up their purpose nicely as to their investigation and discoveries around the house with typical slasher film expectations thrown in before it gets to the stalking and abducting, which are pretty creepy at times and definitely worthwhile. The only flaw to this, which really has a lot of good stuff about it as well, is that this stuff is running congruently with the team investigating the escape and his criminal past, which includes them butting heads with each other, trying to use their area of expertise to get ahead over the other and the eventual discovery that working together allows them to solve the case. It's all pretty cliché and definitely quite dull, but is odd since the slow unraveling of the clues and the puzzle of it all is pretty interesting and keeps the film going along nicely, but had this dropped the tons of clichés and put the crime-scene-investigation antics to a minimum this could've been much more enjoyable.

    Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity, an obscured sex scene and drug use.
  • The plot: A crazy serial killer believes that he can harness the power of his victim's souls through ritual murder.

    Circle had a premise that, in capable hands, could rise to become an above-average genre movie, perhaps memorable for its outlandish ideas or graphic violence. In the hands of this inept crew, however, it turns into a horrible, boring, tedious, and stupid movie. I can not stress how boring and uneventful this movie is. Insipid dialogue, delivered without conviction or interest, takes up roughly half the runtime, while ridiculous filler takes up the remaining half. It's mind-numbingly boring. In the last few minutes, there's finally some action, but it happens so late in the movie, you'll probably be asleep. And then the movie abruptly ends. Now, I'm not saying that I wanted the movie to go on any longer, but the ending seems to serve as nothing but an open-ended cop-out, leaving open the possibility of a sequel. I can only hope that nobody is stupid enough to finance a sequel to this crap.

    There's a bit of sex, violence, and nudity, but it's so inept that you'd be better off looking for fan-made films on YouTube. I can't see any reason at all to watch this.