Laurence Olivier - Narrator: On November the eighth, Hitler made an after-dinner speech in Munich.

Adolf Hitler: [Hitler in German] I wanted to get to the Volga at a particular point where stands a certain town that bears the name of Stalin himself. I wanted to take the place and, you know, we've done it. We've got it really, except for a few enemy positions still holding out. Now people say 'why don't they finish the job more quickly?' well I prefer to do the job with quite small assault troops. Time is of no consequence at all.

Laurence Olivier - Narrator: But time was creeping up on the Germans. Even before Hitler's speech, the Russian winter had begun.

Laurence Olivier - Narrator: Hitler wasn't worried. He thought - and the high command's own intelligence confirmed this - that the Russians had no strategic reserves left.

Laurence Olivier - Narrator: The soldiers are calling Stalingrad the mass grave of the Wehrmacht.

Laurence Olivier - Narrator: On Christmas day, Radio Moscow broadcast to the Germans in Stalingrad "every seven seconds, a German soldier dies in Russia. Stalingrad is a mass grave". The ticking and the message went on all day.

Adolf Hitler: what is life? Life is the nation. The individual must die anyway. Beyond the life of the individual is the nation

Laurence Olivier - Narrator: Another German wondered - are we really going to have to fight through another of those dreadful Russian winters?

Laurence Olivier - Narrator: It was not an ordinary defeat. It was a catastrophe.

Laurence Olivier - Narrator: This was the same Sixth Army which, 2 years before, could not imagine defeat.

Laurence Olivier - Narrator: One delivery contained some ground pepper and twelve cases of contraceptive.

Adolf Hitler: we now need national socialist ardor rather than professional ability to settle matters in the east.

Laurence Olivier - Narrator: Only a trickle went to Stalingrad. The rest went to assembly areas north and south of the city.