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20 March 2018 | lor_
Nina's authoritative, but the educational tips exceed the porn stimulation
I have never been a fan of screen orgies, dating all the way back to their use as a staple (mainly filler) in the days of theatrical softcore and hardcore porn in the '60s/'70s. Nina Hartley is the perfect spokesperson for the phenomenon in this video that proves better aurally then visually.

That's because she can lecture on a subject, generally sexual, like nobody else - making the complex simple and never becoming pompous or know-it-all. Here she's abetted by lovely co-host Kylie Ireland, and the viewer is treated to a thoroughgoing description of the do's & don't of throwing or attending at party devoted to group-sex.

Less thrilling or useful is the primary content: two actual orgies involving six persons each, that occupy 80 minutes of running time combined. Although voyeurism is often a key aspect of a real-life orgy, it's not the same watching six seasoned sex workers do their thing on screen. "You had to be there" sums it all up.

At least condoms are generally dispensed with here (with the exception of Chris Cannon who wears one for unspecified reasons), and director Ernest Greene (aka Mr. Nina Hartley) emphasizes anal sex including d.p.'s, as specialists like Annette Schwarz and Kylie are participants. But the explicit sex is tedious - listen to Nina instead and become enlightened.

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