Gemma Arterton's first nude scene.

The film, whose filming was carried out in close co-operation with London Underground, has been the cause of controversy due to the plot of the film involving a character seeking someone to commit suicide by diving under his train. Before the film was released, the train drivers' union, ASLEF, called the plot "insulting and foolish" despite not having seen the film and have pointed out that train drivers who experience such incidents find them "life-changing traumas". The union organized a protest at premiere of the film, handing out leaflets to the public, from whom it claims to have received strong support. The filmmakers' spokesperson stated that "difficult issues portrayed in the film have been handled sensitively."

The poem Tommy recites as the train is approaching is "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" by W.B. Yeats

The car that Tommy Cassidy rents has the number plate: 430 TUO, a reference to the title of the film. (TUO = OUT)

Frankie has sex with Paul whom she hardly knows.