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  • Girls are must watch in theatres. Manju warrior's mind blowing performance. Good story line. Good direction. Manju warrior's acting, direction and climax are the plus point. Overall a good message for society
  • It's a brilliant movie with around 140 minutes run time with not even a single dull moment.. It's a globally relevant theme and everbody should watch this movie especially ladies.. The entire cast did a good job but it's a Manju Warrier movie.. She carried the movie on her shoulder and it's undoubtedly the best performance in recent times.. What a screen presence and how powerful is her dialogue delivery.. Should call her a Legend after watching this movie.. Roshan Andrews did a great job as a director and actor.. Music and cinematography were fine too.. And the climax is absolutely thrilling and amazing..
  • Watch this movie. It is thrilling. It is gripping. The over the top background score helps. Roshan Andrews does a decent job as the villain. He is also the film's director. Manju Warrier - well, is she ever bad? Unni R writes a riveting tale with some interesting twists. It is just around two hours long. Does not overstay its welcome. I had a good time.
  • Roshan andrews did it on the right way... Full of realistic scenes.. Second half reveals the suspense..Cast selection outstanding...,,...unni R writing is good
  • Prathi Poovankozhi is not a perfect movie. But it's a must watch for everyone and especially women. The movie tells women to be strong and fight against the sexual harrasments they suffer. Manju Warrier gave a strong performance and that climax scene proves that she's simply the best actress in South India. Roshan Andrews is acting in a supporting role and also is the director. Both was good and he did his best. Saiju Kurupp has also done a good job and this movie is another movie in which he really shines in a small screen space. Manju Warrier's character will be a role model for every scared women/girl out there. I remember this one really good scene where her colleagues tells her to forget about the incident and she may get hurt. She says she may get hurt and die but she will not live with forgetting it. There are so many good powerful scenes and diagolues like these. Overall, Prathi Poovankozhi is a movie everyone should watch and understand the message given for both men and women well.
    • This is a good movie which shows about a socially relevant theme.
    • Direction and casting is really good. Manju warrier's performance is excellent as always, Roshan Andrews proved he can be a good actor too.
    • This is a short movie around 1 hr 40 minutes.
    • The negatives are movie doesn't promise to be a full time engaging thriller as the trailer shows and there are some unneccessary comedy scenes.
    • Climax is great and unpredictable.
    • Overall a good socially relevant movie which needs to be watched and taken serious.
  • Centred around the relevant topic of molestation of women in public places, Prathi Poovankozhi offers a one-liner plot stretched into a 100-minute movie. That does not mean it struggles to engage. It's true that the writer (Unni R) and the director (Rosshan Andrrews, who also plays the molester-thug-antagonist) haven't explored the contemporary theme to the lengths we'd have wanted them to, but Prathi Poovankozhi holds good for a start. I'd want more (men and women) film-makers to come up with realistic, longterm solutions to issues such as these. It's something Malayalam cinema has been doing so well in recent times - the choice of topics, well-written women characters, and the rise of women performers in the industry.

    The film explores the slow and steady transition of Madhuri (a brilliant-as-always Manju Warrier) from a regular textile shop employee with regular-people-issues (such as a bank loan to pay off, a mother who wishes her daughter gets married soon, and the struggles of travelling daily in public transport) to a woman who encourages other women to stand up for themselves against sexual harassment. On the way, there are some interesting standpoints covered. The light-hearted entertainment comes in the form of Rosamma (a young colleague of Madhuri's who is dating five guys at the same time, played by Anusree). The warmth of parenthood is sprinkled by way of Gopi Chettan (Alencier). There's also the flirtatious cop played by Saiju Kurup (who by now can ace any supporting character).

    The changes that happen to Madhuri are also organically portrayed. After the 'incident', Madhuri's stance towards her immediate surroundings changes. A sign of newfound courage makes her confront her neighbour who screams at his wife, the cop who sends her sleazy messages at night, and even the antagonist's wife. All of these scenes have been conceived and written in a believable manner. Rosshan Andrrews surprisingly lends a nasty vibe to Antappan that really makes you want to back Madhuri's urge to slap him.

    While the comedy is undoubtedly the lazily written part of the flick, it serves as a breather in an otherwise dead-serious storyline. For its pertinent subject matter, a raging Manju, and a short run-time, Prathi Poovankozhi is worth a watch.
  • There are a lot of things going on in Prathi Poovankozhi (Cock is the Culprit) where a woman (Manju Warrier) seeks revenge from a man (Rosshan Andrrews) who has wronged. He has misbehaved with her in a way that has upended her life, and the conviction with which she seeks vengeance is what makes this a loud, reality-shattering view on the issues of sexual harassment against women and virile sexism. Anything more than that on the plot will turn this review into a pool of spoilers, but what can instead be said about the thriller is the relentlessly active preying that the woman does on the man so as to turn the tables for one time in the history of mankind and attempt to show what's really at stake: not the house that she lives in, not her job, not her family, not her friends or colleagues. Writer Unni R hits the right spots with the primary theme but he has also included weaker elements (most scenes involving Anusree) and the comedy which tend to dilute the effect that Prathi Poovankozhi was supposed to have. The climax is cutthroat throwaway righteousness but it makes all sense when you think about the film hours after you have watched it. Warrier's performance will do that to you because she's more convincing than anything else here. A noteworthy film but way longer and loose (where the chase goes on and on) to be called anything more than that. Grace Antony's character gets the 'badass award' from me. TN.
  • ambikamano31 December 2019
    Excellent performance from all performers that worked on screen and behind screen.. And all the credits for Roshan andrews to executive the great film and picked the bests form best performers.
  • basilmp31 December 2019
    Was a good movie for the females Manju had done a fantastic job I like Roshan Andrews he was just amazing all young kids must watch this movie a good message you will get
  • shibuktmala31 December 2019
    A simple story and a good message at night. Justified acting by Manju varrier . roshan andrews also did well. The situation comedies can also be appreciated
  • Gopi Sundar's background music annoyed me at times. It could have been more softer and effective rather than just being noisy. Apart from that, I had a nice time watching this movie. Manju and Roshan are the stars. I'm going with a happy 3 and half stars.
  • " Prathi Poovan Kozhy" Malayalam movie.

    Rosshan Andrrews ( ya, that's how he, spells his name) and Manju Warrier combination, yet again, to confront the social menace of sexual harassment at public places. Manju come alive as Madhuri, a low socioeconomic status spinster, working hard at a textile shop, to make the family's ends meet. The story-event starts, as she gets groped in a bus. Her agitated mental mood to take revenge on him, takes us through the presentation.

    'Sankadam' - Unni R's story being picturized for our entertainment. Director Rosshan did a credible job in direction and as the antihero, his debut acting. Background music is commendable to keep the feel of the movie. Anusree as Manju's friend, is the cause for, all situational comedies, comical interludes.

    7.5 on 10 for this social satire.

    Manju as the bold Madhuri, the lone fighter against the male patriarch society, as the lead in the presentation, did an excellent job... was reminded of her work in the movie "Kanmadham".

    Screenplay is so flimsy, superficial and at times over dramatic. Sub-Inspector enacted by Saiju Kurup was portrayed as a petty jester and Alencier, the seasoned actor was brought in for a superficial role.

    Sexual harassment at work places or in public should be curtailed. Groping , unwanted comments, ogling stares all amounting to humiliation and mental discomfort of the victim, but a common scene, of this male chavnistic society.

    Rosshan-Manju combination, ' How old are you ? ' was able to create an social awareness about kitchen gardens. I hope this movie will be a wake up call, for all chavnistic pigs, who presume, the fairer sex are meant for their fondling.

    Give due respect to the fairer sex, Otherwise they react back, taking cue from this presentation. The devilish, gratifying smile on Madhuri's face, during the climax scene is clear warning for the harassment specialists.
  • The movie is enthralling for every women audience who have been in the public. It showcases the day to day situation which as usual people ask you to ignore in a woman's life. Such movies are a necessity for the society which rounds around the power(mainly seen in animal kingdom) and male dominated society which makes them less of a human. As visual media reaches better this movie is a perfect start for an equalitarian society which women and men ignore. It portrays well how the way she reacted helped another girl to take up her choice and not ignore the miNUTE. Kudos to the team. Still there were many mysteries in the script which showed the lack of perfect scripting. But the best part was that it revolved around a woman who holds no power and a classic example to show that all we need is mental strength and every woman have the right over their body and react to the miNUTE(From society's lens). 😊
  • sathya22019026 March 2020
    Viewers create more expectation towards this average movie
  • Its like the writer/director started with a decent premise for the movie but had no clue on how to take it forward and what is worse still is that midway through they decided to stop making the movie completely.

    I am aware of Manju Warrier as an actor but it is highly likely that I have only ever watched two movies of hers. One of them in Ennum Eppozhum and there is a strong likelihood that the other movie I kind of recall is also Ennum Eppozhum. Ennum Eppozhum is just that forgettable. Manju Warrier is fantastic in this movie as well. She is equally supported by the brilliant Anusree who for me is a natural like Srinda Arhaan. It surprises me that someone as talented as Anusree doesnt get as many roles as she deserves. The villain who is also the director is only required to look mean but he does a fairly good job of just that.

    Since the advent of cinema the viewers have always had this fascination with watching comedians in villainous roles. Any run of the mill actor can play a villain but it is doubly difficult for someone who has been typecast as a comedian. Its like comedians have to cross a certain villainous streak threshold before viewers start taking them seriously. Malayalam cinema has been experimenting a lot recently with casting funny actors as villains.

    Sharafudeen has been fairly decent, if not exceptional, in both Varathan & Anjaam Pathiraa. To be honest Aju Varghese was fantastic in the negative role he portrayed in Helen. Saiju Kurup however fails miserably as a negative character in Prathi Poovankozhi. He is a really competent actor but does not have the acting range to play a negative role.

    I was expecting a lot after reading all the positive reviews for the movie but to be honest it was really disappointing.
  • I enjoyed every second of this movie as manju warrior was amazing as always in potrayal of main character and very realistic characterisation of daily life of a female who is faced with such an ordeal. Great malayalam movie
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Prathi Poovan Kozhi is not a UN usual subject that is talking to us in this crucial period of India that means violence against woman's are in peak point. After I watch this movie I feel so many questions in my mind. One is I feel incomplete this movie & didn't satisfied. not executed well. Second one is how can a normal sales girl can beat up such a great villain that he can beat 3 to 4 people in a one fight sequence, and that she witnessed it. And the climax its look like totally crazy, director try to make it realistic but it's totally unworthy fight looks out of hands. But Roshan Andrews such a great acting, protagonist always same she try to imitate some of Mohanlal's acting style. But any way she done it very well except climax fights. Apart from that cinematography, songs is good

  • Movie is a one time watch. it is not so boring. performance of all actors are good. I liked the movie. manju warrior has again proved her skill in acting. exceptional performance from manju, Roshan Andrews and anusree. movie ending with a good mesaage.
  • bijupk31 December 2019
    It's a good movie. one of the best movie which I have seen. seeing a good movie in Malayalam after a long time . it's a moral story and the direction is marvellous with a wonderful reality
  • anumonk31 December 2019
    The direction of the movie is at the most average though. Running time being not that long helps in sitting through the movie. Manju varrier is growing
  • amalsureshklm31 December 2019
    Excellent movie. Plenty of episodes to laugh. Manju varrier was extremely good. Heroine, other casting , Direction , Music , BGM , everything was perfect. Happy watch.
  • sonamkj31 December 2019
    Excellent movie,nice message,Manju varrier career best movie, no words to tell her acting, superb, Roshan andrews also superb acting,nice song,nice camera work,all are done good job
  • Good movie with a good message for all, not for women only as some said it is a women movie.manju is superb as usual,but it is Rossan who scored with his Brilliant performance.