The character of "Jake" (played by Nick Purcell) is named after Max Burnett's (one of the creators of the Troop) son.

Max Burnett was inspired by multiple classic horror and suspense films to create the series.

Both The Troop and iCarly shared the same transmission block in the United States and Latin America, when The Troop premiered, the third season of iCarly was released.

Victoria justice and Daniella Monet play two monsters sisters named Hada Leris, they had already played two sisters in the series Victorius.

The Brain Gorb are inspired by the Martians of the movie Mars Attack.

In the Christmas special reference is made to the movie Gremlins, when the steam monster owns the ugly dolls and begins to make a fuss in the city.

John Marshall Jones got the role of Mr. Stockley thanks to his career as an actor in multiple horror and mystery films, so the creators of the program decided to give him the position of supervisor of The Troop.

It is considered the live action series of Nickelodeon with more special holidays, with two specials of Valentine's Day, a special Halloween, a special of the day of the earth and a special Christmas.

Jessica Parker Kennedy who played Laurel, The girl Maple Monster initially auditioned for the role of Haley but did not get it however the production gave him the role of Laurel weeks later.

The Doulos was initially thinking as a parasite that infects Gus, this idea was discarded to make it dependent on a master.