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  • I watched this show and thought it was very good. The writing was so much better than the other kids shows that are on today. I honestly think that we have seen so much bad writing and acting in these kid shows that when a good show comes along we do not know the difference.

    It's the same in music we are so use to hearing electronic vocals that when we hear real singing we do not like the sound and choose the song with the weak phony vocals because it's what we are use to hearing. When Brittany Spears came out I loved her music, but I was 7 years old, now that I am older no way I choose Brittany over Paramore. I still love Brittany, but real singing beats that cheesy stuff any day.

    Keke Palmer is so graceful and such a strong actress that it's hard not to give this show a chance. There is no other kid actor/actress on kids TV that brings the resume and the natural talent that she has, True Jackson V.P. is a great show because of Keke, the other actors are not known, once people see them a bit more then judge, but to say the writing was bad just from the pilot, what studio would pay for a bad pilot?? They send these shows out to be tested, it obviously tested high with a lot of kids or they would not have picked this show up.

    Millions of people tuned in to see this show that's no accident, Keke Palmer it's her turn now. Why can't real talent have a chance for a change? I remember the days of Jett Jacksons, All That(Keenan and Kel) Even Stevens, all good actors, to me Keke's acting is as real as those actors and that is why people should watch True Jackson V.P., to see the star of the show shine, not take cheap shots at the supporting unknown cast, especially after just one episode.

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  • I'd first like to congratulate Keke Palmer on continued acting success. I have watched several episodes with my children and can rest assured that they are viewing quality television that isn't sexually suggestive or morally degrading. Our youth deserves quality television programming!!! Thanks to the other actors in this production for portraying clean teen images. And finally the comments that were previously submitted degrading the show are just plain false. This show is very interesting, the jokes are appropriate for the suggested audience and the show clearly has a future on Nick!!! Maybe those viewers are too mature to watch the show to enjoy it. Keep up the good work True Jackson cast!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    iCarly has been successful, and in my opinion, Nickelodeon has hit another home run. Actually, I find myself anticipating new episodes of True Jackson, VP as opposed to iCarly which has been my favorite show for a while now.

    This show does everything That's So Raven tried to do in its final season. Now, some may argue that this alone would make it unoriginal from the get go, but what out there is REALLY original? That's So Raven, in the fourth season, centered around Raven trying to live her dream working under her idol in the fashion world alongside a mean assistant. However, the greatness of this idea was never allowed to shine because the show still revolved around Raven being psychic.

    Now, with Keke Palmer at the helm, a more professional (and not so cheesy) looking set, more developed characters (Amanda as opposed to Tiffany), etc., the idea is allowed to blossom and Nickelodeon and Andy Gordon should be applauded for taking on this idea.

    While it may not be believable to some that a 15 year old would work in fashion, based on that, why should we also believe that a 7 year old can be plucked from a crowd and turned into an actor/actress when an agent happens to be nearby (as is the case with many children who break into the entertainment business)? The point is, I've seen too many reviews on this show saying it's unbelievable, and those same people won't even give the show another chance.

    Pilots are never the best a show has to offer...seriously! However, I think in this show's case, the Pilot was one of the better I've seen. And, although you can see the difference in the pilot's quality, what's good is the show didn't change in consistency, which happens a lot in other shows.

    Sure, some of the jokes on this show are cheesy. However, they don't insult one's intelligence either. It's genuinely funny because of the way the characters interact. If you were to watch a show like I Love Lucy, you could say the jokes on it were also cheesy (after all, isn't humor subjective to each individual's idea of what's funny and what isn't?), but the chemistry between the characters makes up for it and so, when put together in a situation, it just makes the humor resonate.

    There are several reasons I enjoy this show. True doesn't constantly act like a diva (as many leads in other shows do), the second-string characters are allowed to shine, punch lines are distributed evenly, the plot lines are consistent, etc. I also really enjoy the fact that adult characters like Amanda, Max, Oscar, and yes, even Kopelman, are not sidelined as opposed to most shows designed for this age group in which the adults are only there make the show seem realistic, e.g. parents, teachers, etc. In this case, they are their own characters and are given just as much air time as True and her friends. I'm in college and I have to say, this is one of the most enjoyable shows I've seen and the above factors are many of the reasons why.

    Overall, this show has a lot to offer, and I hope that by the end of the 20 episode order, Nickelodeon will want to order up some more because this show is definitely one of a kind and one of the best.
  • escape5896212 November 2008
    I was excited about this show, as I previewed the pilot script before production. The jokes are just not delivered. The lead child actors are great, specially Keke. She has a bright future, on another show. The actors who play the adults, Amanda in particular, fail miserably. I wish they had cast some quality talent for those roles, but I suspect the low budget limited them. The writing is fair, but again, with the poor acting and direction, the comedy fails.

    I suggest that Nickelodeon scraps the series and gives Keke another chance in something else. She is a talented actress with talent to offer if she was given a chance.
  • Take a moment here to look at all the glowing ten star reviews for this show on this page. Now click on the reviewers to see their OTHER reviews. Notice anything? Yeah, I did too. All these people who love love love TRUE JACKSON VP haven't written any other reviews for any other TV shows or movies or ....anything. Hmmmm...I think I smell "plants"! I watched this show with my daughter because usually we enjoy those NICKELODEON and Disney CHANNEL shows. Lord knows I have sat through everything from SUITE LIFE, HANNAH MONTANA, LIFE WITH DEREK, UNFABULOUS, NED'S DECLASIFID SCHOOL SURVIVAL GUIDE, THATS SO RAVEN ...and I have sat through them with a smile on my face and a giggle in my throat. I actually find myself ENJOYING a lot of these shows. And then comes TRUE JACKSON.

    I have seen KeKe Palmer in movies like AKEELAH AND THE BEE and JUMP IN and I recognize talent and I genuinely LIKE her (I even sort of like her singing!) but THIS? THIS is the best show they could come up with for her???? Do you remember the latter day episodes of THATS SO RAVEN where Raven worked for the difficult fashion designer and had a nemesis at work who hated her? Yeah....well TRUE JACKSON works in a similar place. With similar people. And has a best girl friend and best guy friend who show up for hijinks...sort of like "Chelsea" and "Eddie" from RAVEN. In fact, all that's missing is for True to have a chubby rascally little brother named "Corey!" The few times I have watched this show I have felt like I was watching THATS SO RAVEN...CONTINUED. All thats different is True has no psychic abilities. Maybe next time I throw my remote at the TV screen it will hit her in the head and she'll start having visions. We can only hope! Terribe writing, weak gags, unlikable characters, stupid story lines.....need I go on? Better luck next time, KeKe!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was exited that Nick had a new live action show, but I was disappointed of how the pilot episode turned out. Drake & Josh and iCarly's Pilots were very awesome and they made me laugh but True Jackson VP's pilot failed. I wanted to give the show a chance so I saw more episodes. Only one made me get a good laugh for a little while.

    The show is about a girl who gets a job at a company that seems to be run by mentally challenged morons who act like kids.

    There's an episode of switcheroo where everyone switches job positions. That is so unrealistic, this show gives kids false examples of what working is all about. There is another episode where the whole company is a jungle, that is so immature. Also the adults in the show really thrash the show. The kids on the other hand are really good, except for the Ryan character.

    My advise is: cancel the show and give Keke Palmer and Ashley Argota another show with better writers such as: Dan Schneider or anybody else with a good imagination and taste for comedy. Keke Palmer and Ashley Argota are born actors with such an amazing talent but its a true shame that their talent gets wasted in this show.
  • I've been reading the user comments and threads on the message board even though I have seen the show. I just found the posts amusing.

    I saw the show last night and unfortunately for True Jackson and Nick...these posts have been more amusing than the show. It's just not funny. Not only because the jokes aren't any good but the jokes aren't delivered well either. The actor playing Jimmy tries the hardest to sell a joke but even then he oversells it. Not even because of his acting, mainly because the jokes are so bad that if you try to sell it you'll easily oversell it.

    Literally everything about this show is weak. The writing, the directing, the acting, the blocking, the camera work, the editing.

    Throughout the entire show I noticed how something was getting in the way of the storytelling and the jokes.

    It's a bad show. AND it was actually funny because the actors could act and the lead had star power.

    I didn't laugh at all because I didn't hear an actual joke.

    Keke Palmer is not even good in this show. She is not a bad actress but she sucks in this show.

    Another reason for this was poor writing. Punchlines weren't set up well enough. Silly gags were used to get a cheap laugh. They'd look for a joke in the wrong places.

    That's not the only way the writing got to me last night.

    Seriousness like that last point aside, the show is just plain bad. In every way.

    And there isn't a good enough reason for me to watch this terrible show again unless I want to see how a show can be this bad.
  • True Jackson VP is a show with an oddball plot and even odder characters. The show is funny at times, but isn't funny enough to satisfy most. Another Nickelodeon attempt at comedy, but mostly the show just ain't that funny!

    True Jackson is about a 15 year old girl with the same name who gets chosen to become a vice president of a major fashion label called Mad Styles. True Jackson is the protagonist and the best character on the show. She always does the right thing, and never gets (too) angry. Set in New York, True has to deal with her REALLY high maintenance co-worker Amanda Cantwell, a woman who isn't too thrilled about having to work with True, a 15 year old girl. Amanda is extremely sarcastic and talkative, and a total suck-up to the boss. She would probably jump off a building for him! Then there's True's bubble-headed friends, Lulu and Ryan. Lulu's an average girly girl, not the brightest girl, but she's sort of smart in her own way. Then there's Ryan, a total idiot who is a HORRIBLE character inside out! HE gives the show its poor image, people. Max Madigan is the boss of Mad Styles, and sort of an airhead who can still do his job. Then there's Oscar, the odd male secretary, and Jimmy, the mail carrier who is literally obsessed with his work.

    This show I wouldn't really recommend if you have high expectations. The characters are annoying (True isn't), and the plot is silly. A 15 year old girl becoming vice president of a New York fashion label? That doesn't happen in real life. Skip this show and see something better.
  • marebare1025 April 2010
    Unlike the typical Nickelodeoon shows True Jackson Vp by far has more variety and depth than those common icarly and the troop crap they call shows. The cast have great childish humor and moderate humor that can attract both audiences and portrays great acting skills from Keke Palmer. Though sometimes it seems over done the end result always impresses me and never leaves the viewer disappointed. So I commend the cast and a big applaud to Keke for keeping it real. For any of you fools out there who think it is a bad show because of the plot or humor check again and see how similar and foolish its plot is as to icarlys.It is also about time that they get a teen who hasn't been posted in the tabloids for underage drinking, breakups, nude images, or drugs of some sort.
  • This show, is so stupid, but at the same time I want it to get better. I can see a whole lot of potential in the show. I don't know what it is, maybe its just the acting or the actors. Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed in a hurry. Or make some dramatic changed by the next season if there is a next season. Keke palmer is a wonderful teenage actress, i see her doing many big time movies in the future, but television is not her thing.

    There are some many wrongs and a few rights with this show. The only reason i watch it is because i hope that the acting change or the characters. The plot seems very interesting, a 15 year old girl becomes VP, she have deal with the meanie's of the industry. the actors make the plot so bad its probably why a lot of kids don't watch it. But hopeful keke and the rest of the cast can step their game up, and show the show true colors =]
  • When i first saw this show i too thought, like so many others, it was going to be really lame. First of all i'm from Europe: i didn't know Keke Palmer. After watching a few episodes this show grew on me.

    Like many have already said the cast has great chemistry. The writing isn't always "outstanding":quite an overstatement there lol! But what keeps it together, for me, is this wonderful talented cast.

    When i look back at Kenan an Kell or a corny show like Saved by the bell (yes i'm from that time period and yes i loved it!) what was it really about? The stories at times (or most times) were not that good: It was meant to make you laugh, and laugh i did!!

    So I do agree the writing needs to improve when it comes to the jokes/storyline. But i don't think that this show is really THAT bad in comparison to other shows (i-carly,big time rush,sonny with a chance).

    Conclusion this show (for me) does what it's supposed to do: have children/families enjoy themselves for thirty minutes or so nothing more nothing less!