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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Antoni Królikowski ("Pawel") and Maciej Stuhr ("Piotr") are remarkably convincing in this story of two boys who grow up in a violent household until one day when their football-hooligan father is kicking their mother on the floor of their apartment "Pawel" takes the breadknife to him. His younger sibling initially doesn't co-operate with the police but eventually leads them to his brother and this seems to set the tone for the elder boy who sort of follows in the footsteps of the father he murdered and "Piotr" who becomes a policeman. Spool forwards a decade or so and the violence of rival gangs of thugs, manaically devoted to local soccer sides attracts police and judicial attention and a story develops that truly tests the strength of their fraternal loyalties. This tension is not helped at all when a women adds to their enmity, too. Patryk Vega has created an angry film; pretty constant violence and bad language sterilise any subtlety or potency in the plot to the point where you don't really care who is doing what to whom, or why. It reminded me a little of "Green Street" (2005) though much more visceral. It does demonstrate rather brutally the blind - almost tribal - devotion - to a football club; and how that fidelity can be ruthlessly exploited.
  • Vega is controversial...can be described as a good director with great ideas and plot, but his movies are violent and bloody, full of cursing and often screenplay goes to blind street...However he suprises with some classic moments (like Machiavelli's ,,The Prince'') and good choice of cast, often polish top movie stars like Korzuchowska, Stuhr, Zamachowski and Grabowski.
  • This movie had potential if the younger brother's character had a meatier role. After about halfway through the film his character is just used to fill up the set with a handful of irrelevant dialogues. The conflict and chemistry between the two siblings was just beginning to build up, when the makers decided to give more importance to uninteresting characters and situations, thus completely changing the course of the film, making it dull and unengaging.