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  • This film has quite polarized reviews from suspicious 10 star glowing reviews to 1 star reviews of 'Most Horrible Movie Ever' and other similar variations.

    Okay... I really had to think about how I would rate this one because MANY times I read horrible reviews of films that are made very well, but the 'reviewer' just didn't like it so obviously it's just crap. I honestly thought that technically and quality and acting wise that the film was made very well; the pacing and editing, etc. were indeed quite gripping and intense. The overall premise was mildly intriguing because as you went along you were genuinely curious as to WHY this guy was doing this. And of course as ALWAYS Cusack's performance was good (although, quite honestly he DID look like he was kinda sleepwalking through most of it)

    Now, as far as the 'Ending'... Well... Firstly it DID catch me totally by surprise; I was actually sitting here saying 'NO WAY!' out loud. But, that is a double edged sword because it was so incredible that many here found it almost ridiculous. I wouldn't put it that strongly but I personally think it could have been worked a little better than just kind of attached onto the end of an otherwise competent film; and then the continuing scenes after that also not really quite matching the quality of the rest of the movie.

    So, again, is it well made? Yes. Thus my somewhat generous rating of 6. If a film is put together well (except for perhaps the last 10 minutes) I think that that should be acknowledged so that others reading reviews and trying to decide whether they should bother to see it will know that. It is really great? Well, no... But, if you can take the ending with a teaspoon or two of salt and just enjoy the intensity, pacing, and entertainment value of the majority of the movie, then you might like it.
  • After watching this movie, I had to wonder if this genre isn't simply exhausted: basically, psychopath kidnaps daughter of someone he shouldn't have. We all buy into this for one reason. We know that we'll eventually get a pay off in the form of revenge. Make the psychopath as evil as possible so that later we will relish his destruction. We will even overlook inconsistencies and absurdities in the plot as long as we get paid off for it. Well, I'll leave it up to each viewer to determine whether this film paid off, for me, it didn't.

    This movie can only work if you accept the amazing coincidence that forms the basis of the story, but then you find that you have to accept a lot more coincidences. What I think happened was that the initial screenplay had logical inconsistencies which the writer(s) attempted to plug which led to more inconsistencies and so on. So you get a lot of contrived scenes and 'wow, look what I found, what a coincidence" scenes. I have a feeling that the whole ending was grafted on as an afterthought and then the screenplay was readjusted to it.

    I watched this movie primarily because John Cusack was in it and that gave it a certain credibility. He does okay. There's nothing much in the way of interacting with other characters. They could have been played by mannequins and the movie would have been about the same.

    Much of the movie seems like a series of scenes grafted on from other movies like "Taken", "Taxi Driver" and a few others. My advice for potential viewers is to watch those movies instead. The Factory needs too many renovations.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, so one of the greatest strengths of a thriller is normally a totally unexpected twist - but in this case the exact opposite is true.

    The film starts out as a dark, claustrophobic thriller - the kind we used to get in the days of SE7EN and Silence of the Lambs, etc. However, the twist the movie delivers, and it's final conclusion, ultimately end up completely derailing this film and turning it into a train wreck of absurdity.

    At the end you feel like you've watched two different movies, and in this case that's not a good thing.

    There's also some really annoying plot/character issues which start to appear prior to the moment of the movie-derailing twist (looking back now these were warning signs of what was about to unfold).

    For example, the daughter goes from being a frightened and confused teenage captive to being the solid rock/savior for the other victims within a matter of scenes, before finally ending the film in the role of avenging angel.

    Then there's the confusing motivation of the antagonist - why does he need so many babies? Did he always plan to make babies with his victims? Why was he making babies with his victims anyway? Why would he let one infertile victim live and become so central to his plans when one of the key plot points involves driving home the fact that infertile women are surplus to his requirements, and are killed because of this?

    At the end of the day this movie just didn't know what it wanted to be - a dark serial killer mystery with a touch of gritty realism, or an escapist thriller with a mega twist.

    If it had just chosen one or other of these two paths it would have probably worked a lot better, but because it tried to do too much, the plot twist and final ending, which would have been great in an escapist thriller, actually end up completely sabotaging the film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love John Cusack. Not romantically, but I really enjoy seeing him on the screen. For me, he makes even weak films watchable. That is the also case with "The Factory".

    This is a B-grade thriller with an uninspired script, cardboard-cutout characters and a twist.

    I don't usually have problems with movies in which you know everything about the plot before the main characters do, because a movie can be predictable and solid at the same time, but here it's all over the place. I felt no tension, no suspense whatsoever. The movie tried to force it on me at times but didn't succeed.

    Almost every character, every line of the dialogue and every scene felt very familiar. I have seen them all a hundred times before. Tired, clichéd and pretty much boring. Yes, one character was made bland on purpose probably to BETTER SUIT THE HORRIFYING TWIST SO YOU WOULDN'T SEE IT COMING, but you still a) see it coming and b) know it's lazy writing.

    I never was a fan of Jennifer Carpenter, and this film certainly doesn't help. I can't blame her acting as much as I'd probably like, because her lines are so badly written I wanted to punch my TV for more than a few times. I thought her character was simply bad.

    The bad guy's (Dallas Roberts) plan is...well, interesting at the very least. It would've been more exciting if I could've suspended my disbelief more. I just couldn't believe the whole arrangement and especially the transformation of his victims. Writer/director Morgan O'Neill probably wanted to create something shocking and surreal, but no. This is not how you do it. It felt silly and I didn't believe it for one second. Again, I can't blame the actors that much (even if I will blame them a little), the writing and directing's so mediocre that it shows in everything.

    That said, I did watch it to the end and I got to see some John Cusack. He's not going to win any awards for this one but he's decent enough for me not to feel too angry about this movie. Caught in on TV anyway, didn't have to pay for this. That's what I recommend for others too: see it on TV or borrow it from a friend/library if you really have to see this, but don't blindly pay any money for it.

    (edit: Oh! I liked some of the snowy winter scenery too. Does that help? No.)
  • Hollywood veteran John Cusack is detective Mike Fletcher, a maverick cop who has a hard time playing by the rules at the best of times, let alone when trying to find his missing daughter. Mistaken for a streetwalker by the creepy-for-the-sake-of-being-creepy Gary Gemeaux (Dallas Roberts), Abby Fletcher (Mae Whitman) is thrown into a makeshift dungeon with a couple of other inmates who are forced to produce children for a mysterious benefactor.

    Cusack and Roberts make an honourable effort despite an uninspired script, but that is the only highlight to draw from this film. Part-police procedural, part-torture porn exploitation, The Factory blends the two polarising genres with mixed results; the end product serving more to unsettle than stimulate or entertain.

    Many of the film's victims are inherently unlikeable, and as such do not demand audience sympathy for their dire situations to the extent that they should. The Factory is actually tolerable, albeit immediately forgettable, for much of its run time, until an overly ambitious climax shreds any filmic credibility that might have still lingered in the mind of the viewer. The 'twist' ending is both predictable and illogical, resulting in a disastrous conclusion leaving one feeling somewhere between 'unsatisfied' and 'downright cheated'.

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  • The Factory (2012)

    Well, this is a pretty well made movie with some terrible holes in the plot and the writing. So it ends up being just "stupid" in the way that you are pulled along and want to believe the plot and then it's just not believable. Those few large flaws blow out the whole movie.

    Too bad. The photography in particular is really good. And the ambiance in snowy Buffalo is terrific. In fact, the constant snow and all the dark scenes with flashlights seems inspired by "Seven" where it's all rain and flashlights. "The Factory" however isn't as well made as a Fincher movie, naturally enough (few movies these days are). And the basic story here is a little contrived from the get-go, even without the holes in the plot.

    The idea of a pair of cops pursuing a mysterious serial killer is a cliché of the movies, of course (including "Seven" which didn't invent the idea). And it could work here. A ridiculous coincidence halfway through throws the movie, and the characters, into a tizzy (one of the characters even bemoans his bad luck). But the basic whodunnit is intact and the great filming makes it pulse along pretty well.

    The main character is John Cusack who holds his end up well--he's probably a better goofy dad than a relentless cop but he's decent at both. The supporting cast around him is good, though the female cop sidekick isn't especially compelling, just going through the paces of a female cop sidekick (this is Jennifer Carpenter). The daughter is another story, a surprisingly complex character and a good young actress (Mae Whitman, famous for her role in "Parenthood" more than anything, I think). It's not a bad cast.

    In fact, the film has the bones of being excellent. It's the story, and the specific writing that went into the story, that kills it. No pun intended.
  • We all like John Cusack. He's a lovable presence, very watchable in anything he's in, and possesses a kind of wiry energy which translates brilliantly to the screen. But he's really squandering the good feeling with "The Factory" and looks throughout like he's embarrassed to be part of something so intensely pathetic and which insults the intelligence of its audience so catastrophically - but you still took the cheque, didn't you, John? Weak...

    "The Factory" is set in a world where there's only one type of pregnancy test kit on the market. It's a world in which imprisoned female victims of rape profess undying devotion to their rapist captor - and mean it. It's a world in which people are sliced open and drowned but are okay two minutes later.

    I hate myself for seeing this film through until the jaw-droppingly ludicrous final twist. So will you. Please, please, if you have an hour and a half to spare and are considering seeing this movie, you can achieve the same feelings of incredulity and self-loathing for free by standing in a corner and occasionally hitting yourself in the face with a big spoon.
  • The gamut of ratings doesn't surprise me, as everyone has different tastes. The acting was just fine, and the premise I thought was happening for the majority of the movie read much like Law & Order: SVU. I love that show. So this movie was kind of my niche, and I still watched it despite it being a straight-to-DVD film. Hey, Boondock Saints is a B movie by definition, and that movie is awesome, in my opinion. But back to this film. I was having some issues with Netflix, so I had to pause it frequently. I read some reviews during that time, and I knew there would be a major plot twist at the end. So I was pretty excited through the whole film. I think anyone who enjoys SAW movies will like this film. I love those "no way, it was right in front of me the whole time" moments. Also, the cast towards the 2nd quarter of the film were totally believable to me. I am not an expert on cinema, and I have liked some "bad" movies before, but this one doesn't fall into my bad movie category. Date Movie....that was a bad movie! But if you take away anything, stay tuned for the plot twist. Unless you are Sherlock Holmes, you will not guess it!
  • This film moves on at a good pace, the characters are played well and the story is pretty good too. And although I was watching this thinking I've seen this kind of story before I was interested in how it would turn out. You know, the story where a father is on a case which ends up involving him because the daughter becomes a victim, but just as you think you've worked out how it will go, BAM, a massive plot twist which you never see coming! If you say you did see it coming, then you're a genius! I'd heard about this movie over a year ago and then it went off the radar but when it turned up I had to see it, and I an so glad I got to. A truly great film and that plot twist just made the movie so much more enjoyable. I'd watch it again as it was that memorable. So I give this movie an 8.5 out of 10.
  • I watched this movie over the summer and thought it was really good. Very good story and a great twist at the end. Dallas Roberts, who is now on Walking Dead, is excellent. Jennifer Carpenter is pretty much playing her character from Dexter minus the cursing, but she still manages to do a great job. Cusack is good as usual, but the movie has a great ending and is a nice little thriller. The only weird thing is that you'll notice that a lot of the scenery seems outdated. That's because the movie was taped in 2007. Why it was sitting on the shelf for so long? Your guess is as good as mine!

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  • cmoyton1 January 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    No this is not Cusacks' worst movie by a long shot . Quickly glancing through his filmography i picked out 9 movies between 96 and this which are far less satisfying. He is not stretched here but puts in a solid performance. The plot is basically a variation on Kiss the Girls with a touch of 8mm at the end. These are two excellent movies to plagiarise.

    The twist, ridiculous as it is, is good and i didn't see it coming. It is incredulous, but not as much as the spot of off screen surgery performed by the daughter on one of her fellow kidnap victims.

    Carpenter is good but Roberts steals the show as the kidnapper/killer. Maybe i'm feeling generous because i have watched so many poor movies over the Christmas holiday period. I find more often than not though the rubbish review movies or straight to DVD fare are much better than the critics favourites. The Factory being a case in point.
  • nicats6912 October 2013
    This movie was the worst movie I have seen in a long time. It was all good up until the end. Sitting on the edge of your seat kind of thriller. Just when you think they have it figured out there is a twist at every turn. That last turn just dove off the cliff. A total crash and burn. Just don't watch it it will disappoint. A review needs 10 lines of text? Really how much can you say about a movie that just ends horrible! Pretty in Pink is a much better choice if you are looking for John Cusack movies. If you into the bottom of the pit movies and trying to top your last worst movie then take a dive into this but otherwise just pass it up.

    Wish I had read the reviews before sitting thru that.
  • Loving films like "Silence of the Lambs" and "Se7ven", I was nervous walking into the cinema to watch the first screening of "The Factory"... but I needn't have been. The film is a taut, edge-of-your-seat thriller in the best tradition of these films. I can't remember when John Cusack has been better, and both Jennifer Carpenter (as Cusack's plucky partner) and Dallas Roberts (as the killer) are revelations. There's a real humanity lurking beneath the surface of the film - a sense of compassion for the faceless girls that have started to missing from mid-winter Buffalo. I didn't expect that. It's not gory (thankfully), but it's psychologically pretty confronting, which I found even better. The performances, the cinematography and the music are all stand-outs, as is the sting in the tail. I left wondering why there are so few of these films being made today - so much more engaging than the schlock we get dished out time and again.
  • While the pace in "The Factory" is not head over heels fast, then it doesn't really slow down the movie. This movie is built up in a very nice way that slowly builds up suspense and feeds the audience bits and pieces along the way.

    What appealed to me about this movie was the storyline, and the way that director Morgan O'Neill managed to entice the audience with the way that the story was presented and still managed to put in some really genius plot twists along the way.

    The storyline in "The Factory" was alpha and omega in the movie, but the good cast also helped the movie along quite nicely. It was essentially John Cusack who made me sit down and watch this movie, but it turned out to be Dallas Roberts who ended up carrying the movie with his phenomenal performance as Carl.

    I can't claim to be familiar with the true story upon which this movie is based, but the events that took place in the movie were portrayed nicely and realistic. And the fact that some of this actually happened to a certain degree is just disturbing.

    "The Factory" might be slow paced, but it is an outstanding movie that really should be watched if you enjoy crime thrillers. Quite a unique movie experience.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Okay, so this is my first ever summary of a movie. I've seen it recently on Amazon Prime and it wasn't that bad.

    The film is very well made in terms of acting and cinematography. Certainly not an Acedmy Award Winner, but very solid. The villain is portrayed by Dallas Roberts and i believe him every second of this movie. John Cusack is awesome as always, although his last big hit was a few years ago.

    The story is intriguing and kept me at the edge of my seat.

    What bothered me most was the ending - i really liked it, since John Cusack died and was betrayed by his partner Kelsey. But i just knew that Carl had an accomplice besides the big black guy the minute they drove to his home. So for me, Kelsey being Carls girlfriend or wife or whatsoever was no surprise at all.

    Abby finding out about Kelsey being a bad guy was also unnecessary in my opinion. The end would have even been better, if she hadn't find out.

    So in the end, the movie "The Factory" is a very solid 6/10.
  • I had quite a hassle with trying to watch "The Factory". I rented the Blu-ray of the movie, but when I took it home I accidentally dropped the Blu-ray box down my building's elevator shaft. I had to wait overnight for the elevator man to come and retrieve it, and only after he retrieved the movie could I watch it.

    It wasn't worth the hassle.

    Now, this is not one of the worst movies ever made. For one thing, the movie does has some atmosphere - the Canadian locations covered in snow add a somewhat moody feeling. Also, near the end there is a twist that I admit I didn't see coming... though when I thought about it after the movie was over, it seemed to be silly and not making much sense.

    But that silly twist doesn't sink the movie. There are two things that ultimately don't make the movie work. The first is that there is no sense of tension or desperation at any moment in the movie, despite the fact that the story is about a cop's daughter who is kidnapped by a deranged lunatic. The cop - and everyone else for that matter - takes the situation much too calmly. The second problem is with John Cusack's performance. John Cusack has given good performances in past movies, but he's really miscast here. He simply isn't believable as a tough cop, and sticks out like a sore thumb.

    As I said earlier, this isn't one of the worst movies ever made. But those problems I mentioned ultimately sink the movie, and it's understandable why the distributor (Warner Brothers) let this movie sit on the shelf for quite some time (the movie has a 2010 copyright date) before ultimately giving it a direct-to-DVD release.
  • I wasn't expecting much when I watched the Factory because of the erratic reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    Mike Fletcher played perfectly by John Cusack, is a workaholic cop obsessed with a case about missing prostitutes, assumed dead but no bodies were ever found. Mike is also a loving father to his feisty daughter Abby, played by Mae Whitmanand, who also does a fantastic job of portraying a love sick, rebellious young girl who feels her mother is a tyrant because she wants her to follow the rules. Father and daughter have a special bond and though Mike works too hard, he's there for Abby and seems to be the only one who can reach her. Mike is a dedicated family man, but his obsession with the case causes him to work late hours and frustrates his wife, played by Sonya Walger, who does a good job of playing the devoted but frustrated wife and mother. I would have like to have seen a bit more of her in this film, since the true message of this movie is ultimately about family. Mike's partner played by the brilliant Jennifer Carpenter, is not only mikes partner but also a family friend. She is always there for Mike, checking on his progress with the case and backing him up with the boss. The other bright star of this film is Dallas Roberts who's acting really brings life to his character. His portrayal was not at all what you would expect and that just delighted me.

    This movie was very well done, from some really good acting to excellent production and cinematography. I gave this movie an 8 star rating and it's well worth a watch. There are ratings for this movie all across the spectrum from 1 star to 10 stars. My advice is ignore the crappy reviews, some folks just like to hate. Some of the crap that has come out in recent years, especially in this genre, I think is to blame for some folks burnout on the genre. But this one is great, I would have liked to have see a touch more character development in a few spots and bit more juxtaposition of the good vs. evil concepts this movie offers. The important thing is this movie does offer some really layered concepts. Any movie that can deliver a surprise and this one has a couple, is a treat in my book. The factory kept me on the edge of my seat in suspense, It's rare that I find myself rooting for characters and I was SO glad they didn't Disney it up with a typical Hollywood ending.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is a very poorly written copy of many similar, better films in the police drama genre. The script heavily borrows from other movies, and the sole purpose of about ninety minutes of the film seems to be a by the numbers hollow shell just there to prop up the "twist" everyone has mentioned. This twist becomes apparent about ten to fifteen minutes before it's implementation and drastically reduces the enjoyment of the movie overall. Cusack is Cusack, which is a good thing for long time fans. But if anything, 'The Factory' stands as proof that a well known A list actor cannot carry a sub par B grade movie, even with acting that has carried him through more than a dozen high budget flicks. I absolutely do not recommend 'The Factory'. If your a fan of sedate John's, I'd advise you to rent one of his earlier films--something other than 'The Raven'.
  • First off I have to say 'The Factory' has one of the best unexpected plot twists I've seen in a long time. When the twist came, I almost loss my mind. I totally did not expect it or see the twist coming, it was definitely an OMG moment. I know I'm dwelling on the plot twist, but I had to address first because after viewing the film I was still lingering on that OMG moment. The film itself is excellent and John Cusack was amazing as always. Jennifer Carpenter who happens to be a favorite actress of mine, was great as Detective Kelsey Walker. There's so much I want to give away in this film but it's so damn good that I want people to view it for themselves, so whatever you do, don't read any reviews of this film that contains spoilers. Experience 'The Factory' as a fresh pair of eyes and I guarantee you will not be disappointed, it's a top shelve thriller.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Screen writes are bad here. All good in life is killed and the evil women win. What's the damned point of this movie? Good men die, bad woman go on to happy lives. Hateful movie, this a very sad message. Worst ending ever this makes little sense useless written by a woman for women but don't waste your time. It just made me mad that I wasted this much time on it. Love Cusack but most every scene was predictable and the true villain's were obvious but they didn't all die in the end. The suspense hinges on a completely unbelievable coincidence (writers!) That is partly justified in the twist ending but the twist ending is so nutty itself that the movie cannot be salvaged.
  • hijack32331 March 2013
    According to the previous reviewer - I must be a genius because I DID figure out the twists in the plot....... Having written that, I still enjoyed the movie very much. Even though there have been other stories similar to this one, as the previous reviewer wrote, I didn't feel as though I had seen it before as I have in other movies. I like anything with John Cusack and he did not let me down in this movie. Dallas Roberts turned in a believable and very creepy performance and I couldn't get over how much he looks like John Ritter - or maybe it is just me but I think he looks more like John Ritter than Jason Ritter. Mae Whitman was also very good and although she is in her 20s, she was believable as a 17 year old. I enjoyed the movie and have and will continue to recommend it.
  • movieman_kev24 March 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    John Cusack is joined by Jennifer Carpenter as Fletcher and Walker, two detectives who are after a serial killer who murders prostitutes. In not the first nor last of the films great many clichés, things hit closer to home after Fletcher's daughter, Egg, gets abducted.

    Cusack, whom hasn't been in a good film (excluding arguably Hot Tub Time Machine) since High Fidelity, doesn't see that sad trend ending anytime soon with this release of a movie that has justifiably been sitting in a vault for a good half-decade before being given a unceremonious straight to DVD release. Put it back in, it's still half baked..

    PS: Summary is not a spoiler but rather an Arrested Development quip
  • Are you people retarded?!??!? How?!?!? How...on Earth...did anyone...give this movie a bad review?!?!? This is one of the greatest movies ever produced by Hollywood!!!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole entire time!!! The writers of this script need to be awarded an Oscar, John Cusack is awesome as always, and Jennifer day, Jennifer Carpenter will have her very own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame...right next to Nicholson, Brando, Pacino, De Niro, Hopkins...hands-down one of the most talented actresses of our time. Yeah...she's that caliber of an actress, right up there with the big boys I just mentioned, and this movie is sure to catapult her career to even greater heights than where it already is. My summary header was going to be "I swear on the Bible you will love this movie," but after seeing all of the bad reviews on here, ruh-tards can't be accounted for. The only negativity I felt throughout the movie was towards the movie's villain, played by Dallas Roberts. Yeah...he's the kind of David Koresh narcissistic villain I would literally love to beat into a coma with my fists once I got my hands on him. That's the kind of emotion he brings out in you! Dallas Roberts, too, may one day have his own star, as his performance was top-notch as well, easily bringing out those emotions in me. A perfect ten out of ten stars!!! Watch this movie!!! You will love it!!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    first of all its a one of my favorite film so many people gave negative reviews as Cusack tries but unfortunately flop, this movie is so bad

    , this movie is a very poorly written

    like this so many negative and unrealistic review people r telling but thanks god i not focus all those reviews so finally i bought this movie and watched it oh god its incredible and now became one of my favourite,s movie to a great thriller story is about Detective Mike Fletcher , a rugged and obsessive police officer,and his partner Kelsey Walker , r on the trail of a serial killer who prowls the streets targeting young streetwalkers .when his teenager daughter disappears Fletcher discovers that the killer has kidnapped her after mistaking her for a prostitute . Fletcher obsession overdrive when he drop all professional restraint to get the killer and save his daughter just enjoy the intensity ,pacing ,thrillness and entertainment value of majority of the movie ,then u might love it a great entertainment believe me if u did not pay attention on negative reviews then must like it its movie only for sens able movie lovers
  • Imagine an episode of criminal minds or law and order svu that lasts for an hour and forty minutes. Imagine "plot twists" unfolding so predictably that any borderline sophisticated young adult or adult will see them coming. I'm not even good at figuring out 'who's the killer?' that's why i really enjoyed the Scream movies and a few films in the 'Giallo' Italian genre. However, this movies plot is so boring and unimpressive that you will truly feel dumber for having sat through it.

    To make a movie with even this kind of budget and have the audacity to try and beef the thing up enough for an extended runtime in what is clearly an effort to lull you to boredom before trampling over every other crime/thriller cliché you've seen in the past 60 years. Less than 2 (on screen) deaths. Very mild violence, mild language, zero nudity, and a completely unbelievable John Cusack starring as the 'tough guy cop trying to find his daughter.' The bottom line is that this could easily have been a Lifetime movie and even though i'm guilty for having sat through a few of those in the past two decades, they're not what mystery/thriller/horror fans are looking for. And they certainly aren't looking for this!

    The actress playing John's daughter is very dumpy and not very attractive looking, she looks nothing like the other girls that she's supposedly 'similar' too, i'm assuming her casting had something to do with her being "so & so's" daughter in real life. Her boyfriend looks like a swimsuit model and she looks like a frumpy emo 14 year old troll. I just gotta call em like I see em'
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