• WARNING: Spoilers

    At the end of the Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Ark is boxed up, given a number, and stored in an immense warehouse.

    That warehouse is the premise for Warehouse 13. In the middle of Nowhere, USA, is the entrance to Warehouse 13. Half-buried in the side of a hill, it's much larger inside than the outside. Administered by Artie Nielson (Saul Rubinek) (as advised by a secretive Board of Regents), and aided by his agents, Pete and Myka (Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly), Artie collects, defuses, and archives objects with occult and extra-scientific powers. The goal is to remove these objects from places where mere mortals might encounter them and be harmed by them.

    After several adventures retrieving strange objects, our agents start to discover more things about Artie, the owner of the boarding house where they're staying, and the mysterious Mrs. Irene Frederick (CCH Pounder), who represents the Board of Regents.

    Strange visitors from other warehouses (there must be at least 13, no?), outside interests who know too much about the warehouse network, and friends and hangers-on add to the complications.

    The series is a mix of science, occult, adventure, and surprising revelations.