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  • gocam2022 August 2008
    A very Bad remake of a Very good Mel Brooks comedy To Be Or Not To Be.

    The movie has tried to be very Intellectual but is a a pure Rubbish. Using Bombay serial blasts as a backdrop for the plot the movie tries to show a nexus between Politics, Police, Underworld and Bollywood thru comedy. They have also tried to emphasize that any cultural censorship is the bed rock of decent, quoting "Where one burns books, one will soon burn people." –Heinrich Heine

    In a fictitious town of St Louis ( how unimaginative ) of Goa a group of theater actors are recruited to intercept a consignment of RDX which is suppose to be used in Bombay serial Blasts. This is would be very insulting to the families of the blast victims. Imagine a comedy made about 9/11.

    The promoters of the film may point out that in the original Hitler was the nemesis but the context was entirely different. And in their lies the difference.

    What a waste of such talented bunch of actors.
  • Who this movie is *not* for: If you like movies that make some sense, you won't like this at all. There is absolutely no meaning in the story and way too many editing and concept flaws. The jokes are clichĂ© and the acting not as entertaining. The star cast is pretty poor. If you are a fan of Paresh Rawal and love his acting and movies, you will dislike this movie a lot because his character is meaningless. If you are looking for a comedy movie and like Priyadarshan style, you'll hate this.

    Who this movie *is* for: If you like Govinda movies i.e. slapstick style, you may find this OK. If you don't care about acting, direction or story; rather just some fun songs and something you can watch with family, then this is OK.
  • Writer-director Sanjay Chhel is no Stanley Kubrick, and yet I suspect he was somehow able to strike the same deal with his producers, as Kubrick did with the studio that financed his last film. It's popularly believed that Kubrick didn't allow Warner Brothers to see any rushes, any scenes of Eyes Wide Shut before he delivered his final cut, even though the studio had poured millions of dollars into the film. Watching this comedy written and directed by Chhel, I think I can safely say nobody but the film's creator could have had any clue what they were going to see. Of course, in the case of Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick delivered a haunting portrait of marital loneliness. With Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam, on the other hand, Chhel has created a wretched mess of a movie -- a jumble of footage in search of a plot. Paresh Rawal and Mallika Sherawat star as a married couple who're part of a theatre troupe in a small town in Goa who must yet again stage their version of the classic period romance Mughal-e-Azam, because the police fears their political satire might be a little too sensitive in such difficult times. The film after all is set in 1993, shortly after the communal riots that rocked the country. Rahul Bose plays what appears to be a seemingly jobless RAW officer who falls for Sherawat when he sees her on stage, and subsequently conducts an affair with her behind her husband's back. Kay Kay Menon stars as a ghazal singer with underworld connections who disguises himself as an undercover cop. When Bose learns that Kay Kay is working closely with a Dubai Don on a plan to blow up the country, he gets this theatre troupe involved in a mission to foil the Don's sinister operation. Liberally borrowing the premise of the Mel Brooks starrer To Be Or Not To Be, writer-director Sanjay Chhel turns in an asinine farce that one can't expect anyone with even the slightest intelligence to actually find funny. The dialogues are full of repetitive puns, characters respond to each other in rhyme, and far from following a cohesive screenplay, individual scenes end with punch-lines and clap-traps. I understand this film's meant to be a comedy and one's expected to make allowances for logic, but Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam isn't just illogical, it's seriously lacking in any common sense whatsoever. It's also a showcase of the worst performances you'll see by some very fine actors - Paresh Rawal, Kay Kay Menon, Pavan Malhotra and Zakir Hussain seem to have sent their acting skills on a holiday while they were shooting this film, and even the comically gifted Mallika Sherawat isn't in particularly good form. Rahul Bose has precisely three expressions in all, and he alternates between them through the entire duration of this film. I must go back to the point I made earlier - did really no producer, no actor, nobody associated with this film in any capacity have any idea what film they'd gone and made? Because I'm not sure you could find a worse movie than this if you went searching for one. There's no question of any rating for this film, they're lucky we don't have a negative rating scale. I suspect the members of the Censor Board fell asleep while watching this film, how else could they have allowed the use of so many expletives. Every other character uses the words maa ki and behen ki very freely, one character's name is Bashir Bastard, and one chap even uses the F-word. There's a very good chance you'll be swearing just as much when you're leaving the cinema.
  • sauravmitra10 February 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    That's the movie it is copied from. An extremely poor copy at that. It is copied scene by scene, word for word, action for action. Completely mindless transposition a complete waste of time.

    Rahul Bose is completely out of his depth in this slapstick piece, he's more at home in more mature comedy. Mallika Sherawat doesn't have much to do as usual, she's hired only to show her skin, beyond that she can do little.

    Paresh Rawal tries his best, after all he's the main role in this photocopy. Kay Kay tries out a bizarre gazhal singer's role, who is actually a spy. without any significant success.

    Actually the dialogues are very weak and the screenplay is weaker still. Kay Kay tries necking with Mallika Sherawat, but the who sequence looks so artificial, one can hardly bear to sit through it.

    Try it with Saridon.
  • I'd heard so many bad things about this film, that my expectations were very low, and thus I was rather pleasantly surprised. Rahul Bose and Kay Kay Menon really didn't have interesting roles, and I don't know, what they are doing in this film. The chemistry between Rahul Bose and Mallika Sherawat wasn't working here, as it did in "Pyaar Ke Side effects". But unlike another user here I think, that Paresh Rawal was brilliant in a very meaty role. And I also was reminded of "To be or not to be", which is clearly the inspiration for this movie: but let me point out here, that the Mel Brooks film itself is a remake of the absolutely brilliant masterpiece of the same name by Ernst Lubitsch. This film is clearly not a masterpiece, but it is worth watching it for Paresh Rawal.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a mindless slapstick comedy. I cannot believe that Paresh Rawal and Rahul Bose chose to act in the movie. Plot: Decent, but very sketchy for the most part. moments: The entire stage act in the first part is great, though not brilliant. It seems there is an obvious attempt to play up the wonderful scenes in 'Jaane Bhi do Yaaron'. Decent in the whole context of things. The 'Jab Jab...' dialogue sequence is pretty funny. Actors: The only two people who seem to have been cast right are the person playing Dawood Ibrahim {seems like the original} and Mallika Sherawat. I say Mallika because all she does in the movie is act dumb and demonstrate her cleavage. Nothing else really from her. Its shocking to see Rawal and Bose in the movie. Rawal is nevertheless the only saving grace. He has some funny moments. His volte-face in the last act where he exhorts the others is uncharacteristic of mujumdar. The screenplay doesn't explain what happens after he is shot in the end.

    Interesting inspired by a lot of real life incidents and other movies.

    Lots of factual errors. Shot in Pondicherry, not in Goa. Goa doesn't have an airport in Panjim. Bose cannot be shot from close range as he runs away.

    In short, worth a watch if you have nothing else to do.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A comedy on the lines of the classic Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, starring the hit Rahul Bose-Mallika Sherawat couple from Pyaar ke Side Effects.

    The sexy, naughty actress bored from her married life with Paresh Rawal wants to have fun, and Bose is on a secret mission to save the world from a disaster. The entire drama company joins hands to save the country from a bomb blast. Performing multiple roles in disguise, they make you go crazy. Paresh Rawal is as usual the best, even Kay Kay Menon acted well in comedy. The movie would be a good watch to kill time with friends, if you want to enjoy some rubbish jokes that somehow make you laugh.
  • i saw the preview show..i freaked out..this a superb movie of 2008. A New but Classy attempt to try to create humor as well as give a patriotic message, in which the director has succeeded completely.its a mad mad..laugh work of parseh rawal..mallika is hot..i loved kk and Rahul bose too..bollywood film can be wacky..tile song is funny and has witty lyrics. everyone should see it and wait to see the superb outcome.... this film has everything.......sensuality of Mallika sherawat....terrific performance of Rahul Bose...charisma of paresh rawal.....and above all foot tapping music and there is not even one dull moment in the picture.....this is certainly a SMALL MOVIE WITH BIG IDEAS go have fun and its a TOTAL PAISA VASOOL!!!!!!!!!!
  • 'Maan Gaye Mughall-E-Azam' is a poor rip-off of the classic 'To Be Or Not To Be'. Perhaps they thought nobody would notice since the original movie came out about half a century ago. As a film itself, it does not have much to offer except for the comedic scenes which are quite funny especially the sequences with the play and those between Kay Kay Menon and Mallika Sherawat. The non-comedic bits are boring. Sanjay Chhel is quite a bad director because he just does not succeed with telling a convincing story. It lacks focus and fails to engage. All the Muslim characters are portrayed as terrorists. The songs appear randomly and are shot like MTV clips. Paresh Rawal is pretty much in his usual comedic mode. There's nothing new about his acting here. Rahul Bose hams it up. Pawan Malhotra is passable. Mallika Sherawat is okay. It is Kay Kay Menon who steals the show proving yet again that he can do comedy. 'Maan Gaye Mughall-E-Azam' is overall a poor show. One cannot expect more than a very few laughs.
  • Its more difficult to make a good comedy than a action thriller or an emotional drama. The reason being that there is a very thin & minute line between a good comedy and some cheap sequences trying to make you laugh. The present movie should be considered in the second category where you keep waiting for the expected hilarious moments but nothing comes and the film ends just like that.

    The story idea of a "Theater Team" getting involved with "Gangsters" was good but its lacks the required punchy execution for a comedy. The script fails to entertain and also could not make use of the talented star cast it had. Both the plots get confused with each other, which results in a movie going in an unknown direction. Cheap imitations of real life characters is not tastefully done. Naseeruddin Shah's part of a Ghazal Singer involved with terrorists in "Sarfarosh" is also used in a comic way but this too falls flat.

    Paresh Rawal is completely wasted and in my opinion apart from his other roles, the comedy movies are the one which he should choose with utmost care. After his past successes in comic roles, people now go for a movie only for him. But the writer neither gave him good scenes nor good dialogues to deliver. I suppose he was more concerned with showing Mallika Sherawat and her silly affairs with everyone in the story.

    While watching you wonder what K.K. & Rahul Bose are doing in the movie. They are just playing their role because they have signed the movie. Rahul Bose doesn't seem interested anywhere in the 2 hours and K.K. looks like just enjoying doing a light comedy for a change. Mallika Sherawat is over possessive about her "sex-siren" image. But now after the failure of her 2 recent movies one after another, its time she comes with something more original & creative in order to sustain. Musically there is nothing to comment upon as its just another musical score for a movie with nothing exceptional.

    In the end, I can only say that the movie is not entertaining enough with even Paresh Rawal being there as the lead. I was expecting at least some good moments but sadly couldn't find enough to recommend the movie to others.
  • Wow .... I have been a big fan of the classic comedy "To be or not to be" and was amazed to see that director Sanjay Chhel has done a great job in making this powerful Indian version. Based on the reviews given in most of the sites people might think it is a lame attempt to reinvent the Indian classic "Janne bhi do Yaaron" (except "Mirza ki laash" part which might look similar to the whole drama related to dead body in "JBDY"). But I personally think in order to fully understand and appreciate the 'laffs' one must totally forget about "JBDY" before watching this movie. And I must add I have never seen a more apt star casting for an Indian movie than this. Mallika Sherawat, Rahul Bose, Paresh Rawal have given their best performances. This has become one my favorite comedy movie and wish every director who wishes to copy a classical take a tip or two from Sanjay Chhel.