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  • agof25 June 2020
    They've lost the rights for the name before the second season of 1952-1960, so now it has this awkward title.

    The previous series looks fine for the most part. But here the incompetent terrible amateur editor ruins everything. I don't know how or why they did it, but the production company managed to make it nearly unwatchable. Such simple concept as showing archive footage, pointing finger at it and saying "memember chewbacca again" doesn't require much thought. The scenes with Parfenov and his "dynamic reporting" style are fine. But the rest is so bad it shouldn't be legal. Not only they often stretch aspect ratio to widescreen (both ways), but also about half of the quoted videos are windowboxed in miniscule square in the centre of the frame on depressing void of a black background. The already low resolution old digital amateur videos made worse with fake VHS effects, which are unfamiliar to anyone younger than a thousand years.

    The texts are still okay, because they are written and read by a talented writer and performer. But this is not a book this is a video product and as a video product it's terrible. It can be made tolerable only by "watching" it in a background. Basically by treating it like an audiobook or a podcast.