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  • Veteran writer-director James Avalon fashions one of the best Penthouse Video features in this XXX counterpart to the dark comedy genre best known in Danny DeVito's classic "The War of the Roses".

    It's no parody, but original in the treatment of a failing marriage where both wife Ann Marie Rios and husband Eric Masterson decide to hire a hitman to kill their spouse.

    Without spoiling the inventive twists of narrative, suffice it to say that neither one realizes the ramification of their decision, and that other characters, seemingly innocent, are also up to no good.

    The sex scenes are hot, particularly by the legend Roxanne Hall who uses a guy dressed in a Bunny costume for target practice (using paint balls), he being played in sex mode by Niko and for stunts in costume by Seth Gamble.

    Definitely a winner, so much better than Penthouse's hundreds of assembly-line vignette porn releases.