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  • This film about falling in and out of love has an interesting premise: What brings men together and what tears them apart? Apart from the premise, however, it is pretty bad.

    Two young hot guys (an American and a Frenchie) meet cute in a bar, decide they love each other "pour toujours" very quickly, and then, after a few years together, when one of the partners renews ties with a sibling, all begins to swiftly and dramatically unravel. From one extreme of sickeningly sweet "I thought you two were going to last," the film drops quickly into obsession, selfishness and pathology.

    Most of what makes the film so annoying is that the writing is overwrought; and though I know some of the dialog is likely intentionally so, it does not ring true even in context. When the couple is falling in love, for example, the dialog seems to come straight out of Harlequin; and when they are fighting it goes towards bitchiness that goes beyond what one might expect from the characters.

    The result is that one does not know whether the protagonists are meant to be understood or scorned; and the central acting certainly does not help, with two main actors who do not seem to register beyond type, and are not strong enough to effectively portray an potential Jungian undertones.

    In short, I was never quite sure whether to hate or feel for these people, or which one I was to feel for if I was meant to take sides. Was it intended to be a gay "War of the Roses," or some kind of queer morality tale? Aside from one increasingly interesting performance (the lesbian roommate), and one HORRID performance (the sibling, perhaps a victim of one-note writing), there is just so little that stands out.
  • darksideofthemoon-37 September 2009
    I saw this movie today, and had to post my own review after reading the "awful" review that had been posted on it. I don't think that review was fair at all - I started wondering while reading it, whether or not I was looking at a review for the same movie I just saw. I couldn't understand why the person who wrote the review found it so bad. Having the movie fresh in memory, and since I watch a lot of gay movies, I wanted to give this movie a more positive review - this one was one of the better gay movies I've seen; it had some originality. In comparison to some of the other (too predictable)gay movies I've seen, it provides some previously unseen conflicts and themes. I also didn't think the dialog was cheesy. It seemed pretty real to me. On occasion, some of the things said are harsher than I've experienced, but that's all. The actors are great, they have charisma, and like I said, I believe the story they are performing. Maybe if they hadn't been good, some of the dialog would be bad, but I didn't at all think that it was as it is. Altogether, I think this movie is alright. And the soundtrack IS great. The lead singer doesn't have the most amazing voice, but it's all really edgy and original. Kind of like the movie. :) In addition, though, I'd like to say that the movie really touched me. That not being in a totally positive way. I might be a little too emotional - I get that a lot - but I do like having a nice feeling in my body after watching a movie. And this movie contains a lot of arguing, a lot of hurtful things are said - and that really got to me. Again - that wouldn't have happened if the dialogs and script were bad, would it. So watch it if you like gay movies :)
  • The writer/director based the story on a very old premise: boy meets boy, each fall heavily. Then, the 'troubled' transsexual sibling of one of them inserts her/himself into the guys' early courtship. To muddy this setup further, one half is a French national who enters into a 'Green Card' wedding with a not-too-cooperative lesbian friend.

    From incredible bliss one moment, to a 180-degree flip of one half, falling for every ploy by the transsexual sibling, without any questioning at all. The broken-hearted other half just pines tearfully, his entreaties to his other half completely ignored.

    The siblings represent the worst stereotypes: vain, flighty, young queer, with no moral center. Troubled transsexual who is a leech, a thief, and a vicious liar.

    This script could not have been saved by a good director. Whatever acting capabilities possessed by this crew, are completely absent in this production.

    Painful to watch, don't waste your time.
  • radikian5 May 2009
    I see that some people thought this was an awful movie, but I must disagree.

    For me, a movie is good when it doesn't let you drift into thoughts like "wait... that's a mistake in the movie" or "argh.. that was poorly acted"... or even better "that's an unrealistic situation...".

    The actors were splendid. The story was sad, yet it convinced me. The situation was a possible situation, and the character's actions and reactions don't seem to me like a movie script, but rather like something that could happen to real people. So, I think this was a good movie... I gave it 9 stars because it made me feel sad... but I won't tell you why.... watch the movie and decide for yourselves whether you like it or not...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    no one in this film acts like anyone would EVER act in real life. it's completely stupid throughout. the American boy's evil brother/sister/brother/sister/brother is the cause of all problems, yet he/she/he/she pretty much gets by with it, is never really called out for his assholism, so there's no cathartic moment for the viewer. the french kid never did anything wrong; all he did was love the other boy. this story is unfair and totally unrealistic. i really, really hated this movie and wish i hadn't watched it. the only reason i stayed with it was to see that evil brother/sister get his comeuppance, but that didn't happen. this movie has left me feeling violated and insulted. avoid this movie.
  • I had just seen another Casper Andreas vehicle last night in NYC called The Big Gay Musical and found it to be a charming film. Then lo and behold I get Between Love and Goodbye in the mail as my Netflix DVD. Not realizing that Casper Andreas too wrote this and directed it. I also remember him as an actor in Slutty Summer. Here are three film entries by the same person and all different. A musical, drama and comedy starring the author himself. Quite a courageous attempt.

    Now the acting in this from Simon Miller and Justin Tensen as the two lovers was excellent and natural. They seemed to have a good rapport between them. Whether in the bedroom making love, or striking out at each other, it all seemed very natural. However, you didn't know who to route for when the split comes. Now enter the sibling of one of the boys, a woman, changed from a man, and changed back to a woman and then a man again. You dislike her/him for meddling and causing the entire breakup. Role is played well by Rob Harmon. Jane Elliott as the best lesbian friend turned in a great performance. Believable throughout. And Deirdre Brennan as the Interviewer was wonderful. Cold and indifferent with absolutely no sense of humor. I loved her.

    Now I will argue about the end without giving it away. I didn't like the choice of Mr. Andreas. I felt after two hours of the ups and downs in a gay marriage, there could have been hope given, especially with today's day and age and same sex marriage. It could have inspired others to believe it could happen. There can be a happy ending in a gay film. Shame on you Casper.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At the time that I'm writing this review there are five other reviews: two that are critical and three that seem overly enthusiastic. I tend to agree with the two reviewers who fault the dialogue. For the most part the dialogue is poorly written and poorly delivered. A lot of the time the lines seemed awkward and the words seemed forced.

    I've seen one other movie that this director/writer has done, 'Slutty Summer,' and one of the common threads is his use of relatively new talent. Although the actress who played the fake wife was pretty good, had the other actors been a bit more seasoned the story might have been better. Even so, the writing could use some improvement.

    A perceptible time-line would have helped to create a more realistic vibe too. The only way to tell how much time has passed between events is when a character states that it's been a week or two months or a year. It doesn't feel as though the viewer has gone along on the journey, just told about it. For example, after Marcel's jealousy, anger and resentment seemed to go from 0-60 in seconds we're clued into the fact that the time frame has just jumped two months which explains that the seemingly erratic behavior is actually the culmination of emotions that developed over an extended period of time. But, we wouldn't have to be told this if we saw a bit more of the natural progression along a discernible time-line.

    Moreover, like 'Slutty Summer,' this film lacks the vibrancy of color. There are a lot of gray tones and it makes for a pretty drab picture.

    All that being said the story is actually pretty good and the movie is entirely watchable. Even with the faults noted previously, the film shows that gay relationships are subject to many of the same forces as straight relationships (i.e. jealousy, interference) while also encountering hurdles (i.e. marriage recognition) that create additional obstacles for gay relationships. This director/writer can tell a good story --- it just needs to be more polished.
  • moviewatcherman2 February 2009
    First, the good news is that this movie has some interesting concert scenes, the soundtrack is pretty good, and it is quite entertaining. (In the same way a train wreck is entertaining. You want to look away, but you can't.) That said, I saw this at the NY screening on 1/30/09, and it is certainly among the worst ten films I have seen in my life. Probably top five. Perhaps the worst, period.

    My main complaint is with the writer (and director) Casper Andreas. His script is absolute garbage. He has enormous potential as a director, but he needs to learn that he shouldn't poison his own movies with his own words.

    The dialogue is totally awful - the experience is akin to being force-fed heaping spoonfuls of sugar until your body falls into a coma. The lines is so forced, so overwrought, so charged with false drama, that I didn't believe the story I was being told.

    I would be able to forgive Andrea if he had written it in a single, late-night, drug-induced rage the day before shooting.

    But no. Speaking at the Q&A following the screening, he mentioned that he had written it around ten years ago.

    Ten. Years.

    Ten years, and this is the result? I felt embarrassed for Andreas. What a waste of the talent of his cast. What a waste of twelve bucks.
  • I decided to write this review because i see allot of negativity on this film here, of which i believe isn't deserved. "Between love & goodbye" is a small and solid film. Sure it isn't perfect, but which movie is? As the title gives away, it's about falling in love and also out of it. It features overly sweet moments between the two boys that seem too much, but if you have been in love yourself, you will recognize these little moments and know them to be true. I've read complaints about the film being too over dramatic and "unreal", which might be the case for some people, but once again, if you have lived through bad breakups as well, you'll know things can go that way and in real life. The acting is not awful. I felt it to be genuine. It's not the greatest you'll ever see but it is not bad. The bitchy sister seems over the top, but i know people who act like that, so i had no trouble accepting that performance at all. They do exist! ha ha. The film features some nice music. Personally i think there's a bit too much of it, but since the lyrics are about the relationship between the boys, it's cool. Overall, a movie worth watching. It kept coming back to me in the days after, which to me is always a good sign. 8/10.
  • don't believe it, this is one really very good and watchable film. it is sensitively done and tells an interesting story between two guys Kyle and Marcel. lots of men kissing each other and having sex together, lots of lesbian contact also but its not a porno movie. Kyle's sister April plays a key role in the movie as a prostitute and moves in with kyle and marcel. the film is realistic in dealing with emotions and situations. I am straight, so cant comment on the gay side of things but this film arouses a lot of curiosity. the green card element of the story and which reaches a suspense-full ending is well thought through, the film is budget but it works. wont win any major awards and the acting is average at best (except for the guy playing marcel. the script is good but you do need to concentrate, no toilet breaks if you don't press the pause button!
  • First of all I will start by saying that I have seen hundreds of gay themed films. There are the good, the bad, and the ugly. I will admit that I do tend to gravitate towards these films and generally enjoying the effort they make in one way or another. This one has all the elements it needs to be an excellent movie in the gay cinema genre. Basically the movie is boy meets boy, both boys fell instantly in love, one boy is willing to try to make it work when things go wrong while the other boy just wants to give up. Will the hopeless romantic be able to convince the other to keep trying? I urge you to watch this and find out. The performances, the music, and despite what other people say the dialogue are all stellar. This movie definitely falls in the top 10% of gay cinema hence that is why I gave it 10 stars. It may not be a 10 star movie compared to big budget films with top stars however in the gay cinema genre it deserves that rating.
  • I am so glad I am watching these films in the film festival. So many new concepts and ideas and the fact that they are actually executed well makes me feel so good and happy. I sometimes feel that I should somehow be a part of all this. The film is a modern day gay drama about falling in and out of love. Sometimes you can think that everything is going in favor of you until some unseen forces come to destroy your life.

    Kyle and Marcel fall in love the instant they see each other. They are so perfect for each other. Since they cannot marry and live together legally, the french Marcel gets married to his lesbian friend Sara so that he can live with Kyle. Everything seems to be just so perfect and then enters April, Kyle's sister ( a transsexual and a prostitute). She has instant disliking for Marcel and soon we realize that her aim is to break this wonderful love that Kyle and Marcel share. She starts poisoning their life slowly and methodically. Marcel can clearly see what an why April is ding but all Kyle sees his April , his sister, his family. He does not want to choose between Marcel and April. But Marcel wants Kyle to ask his April to move out so that they can spend more time together. After a series of misunderstandings, finally April succeeds. She now id Cole because her breasts are not adjusting with her body. Kyle and Marcel decide to breakup and then starts the fight about the NY apartment. Clearly Cole does what he can best to fill in Kyle's mind with everything negative about Marcel just so that he can win. This leas even to the extent that Cole reports about the fake wedding that Marcel and Sara took. Immigration one day is finally taking Marcel away when Kyle suddenly realizes what a big mistake he did. He runs after him but its to late and tragedy strikes. The end is left for the viewers imagination.

    I actually really liked the film. There were so many bits and pieces that seemed so real and slice of life. The constant fights, saying sorry to each other, making up soon, having fun and sex, hanging out with friends etc. It was good. Guy who played April/Cole was good. He was very convincing. You cant help but hate him. He was that god. Other characters acted well too. It showed how the couple gets trapped between the emotions of love and goodbye.

    I can definitely see this movie again.
  • I was told about this film by many and how good it was. There are many awful reviews here and I too will go out on a limb to defend this picture, because it is really that good - period. Don't know what other DVD disk might have been replaced in the DVD cases of those who said it was awful, but it certainly wasn't the Casper Andreas film I saw called "Love and Goodbye". This film has heart. It also has a pulsating beat and pace that's hard to dismiss. First, I will start with the music, catchy, lovely and fascinating! The groove of the tunes are so catchy I found myself repeating the beginning and watching the videos in the DVD extras over and over. And not only is the music emblematic of the core drama here, but it definitely moves the story along for the mood our protagonists singer is tied into his lyrics, As his life changes so does his music to showcase the love and pitfalls of his feelings throughout. I found that connecting element to be very interesting and integral to the development of the story. Star Simon Miller does an outstanding job carrying the film all the way to its very conflicting end. This is a couple you will want to root for and hope they stay together "forever", but at times life kicks in and it leaves you wondering how fleeting the good times can be. My advice after reading all of these reviews, go rent it. Sit down by yourself, turn on your DVD, and immerse yourself in this Casper Andreas narrative, for you will find this film to be mighty and unforgettable.
  • I give it 8/10 I wont deny that there are some acting issues in some parts of the film. Despite some acting errors and issues the film and its plot are as one other reviewer stated to summarize are event that can and probably has happened to a few ( you must watch the film to discover for yourself what happened). In short the drama the two main character put themselves through is nothing short of what is consider a destructive relationship, and for some including my self have experience such type of relationship. After all how does one learn through experience, and if you were lucky enough to avoid such destructive events, then here is your chance to experience what one might had experience. a Plus is a non-traditional ending, that moved my heart to great sadness.
  • Casper Andreas makes brave, thoughtful, and realistic movies that reflect truths that exist in this world. His characters are three dimensional, and, while they don't always do what you want them to do, they are always dramatic, fun, sexy, interesting, and evocative: You need to see them! The ensemble cast blends together as best friends do. It's easy to accept their relationships as real. You'll find yourself loving the "good" guys and hating the "villain," although sometimes the line between them blurs...just enough to be true to life. The characters are written with human flaws and the actors embrace them and make them genuine human beings. (Yea Simon, Justin, Jane and Rob!) Andreas takes subjects that are considered "Taboo" in other arenas and shows how "Natural" they are to many. Embrem continues to make the gay lifestyle a part of the mainstream of our culture and not just an is a voice which must be heard. See this film!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't understand how people cannot like this movie. I guess I identified with the characters and the situation, having gone through a similar breakup minus the transsexual brother/sister, the fake marriage and the immigration problems. I think the film accurately depicted how small things can bring about the fallout in a relationship. Sometimes it's not huge fights or massive problems that end relationships, but simple things like whispered words by family members, a hateful sibling or an overbearing mother etc. Like I said, I went through a situation like this with my ex-boyfriend, and sadly, it did not last. The fight scene in the kitchen really gave me chills. I felt as if I was watching a scene of my life. You could tell they were angry at each other, but that they did not really want to hurt each other. It's hard to explain.

    I think the acting was not great but it was good enough to make me believe in them, and I could tell they really loved each other in the beginning and it was sad (kind of melancholic) to see it all fall apart that way. The dialog was a little silly at the beginning when they first met and were falling in love, but if you have ever been in love you would know that we all say girly, silly things like that. (Repeating I love you a hundred time, writing love poems, kissing at every second possible). Take note that Kyle made fun of Marcel's letter towards the end showing that he no longer thought it to be cute but instead kind of ridiculous. We are all ridiculous when falling in love. And cruel when falling out of it. And that is sad.

    The only complaint I have about the movie is the ending. I think it was unnecessary, and it left me feeling a little cheated. But overall it was a great movie and I would recommend it. It's definitely better than some of the crap that's out there.
  • The two lead actors were hot & their acting skills were good (compared to most gay film stars), but the writing & directing were atrocious. A decent movie could have been fashioned out of the storyline. The dialogue just didn't make sense. We we hearing words that didn't match what we were seeing.
  • There was a small exchange in the film between Kyle and Sarah where he says: "He (Marcel, his boyfriend) can be so egoistic sometimes!", to which she replies "Actors!" That reminded me Jules Renard's wonderfully biting gag "An egoist is someone that does not care for me." It sums up pretty well I think the stupid tone of this film.

    A new low for bad writing, too. "It was so exciting," and after two lines "It meant nothing"? Has anyone told these people that writing is not brainstorming clichés in an effort that apparently spans some days in the making of that script. Unless implausibility is what one wants to encounter - did I say implausibility? And then "You're a born loser"? OK, we came to appreciate the high-school charm of the concert's throughout presence that comments and communicates what happens in the film, bla bla bla, but this is off limits; telling your boyfriend how you feel, by a song in a concert? Whee, how humiliating. And lame. And mad.

    Perhaps you will say, that happens in real life. Sure, there are people, lots of people who wander through life thinking they are ethically realistic, which is actually another name for cynicism, but who cares? "I'm an artist, and my heart tells me what to do." That means "I'm using this as an excuse to prove I am conceited." And then things try to get even worse, and make an amazing effort in the end. Why did I say try?

    Ah, let's remember Dali, and his wonderful phrase: "Mediocre artists, no matter how hard you strive to be bad, you will always be mediocre."
  • Story about a hot American guy named Kyle (Simon Miller) falling for hot French guy Marcel (Justin Tensen). They fall in love but Marcel has to fake a marriage with lesbian Sarah (Jane Elliott) to stay in the country. Then Kyle's sister April (Rob Harmon) gets thrown out of her apartment and asks to stay with Kyle and Marcel. She hates Marcel and he hates her and she decides to get them to break up. This all leads to tragedy.

    Writer/director Casper Andreas has done two previous films before this that I saw--"Slutty Summer" and "Four Letter Word". They were funny well-made and had unrealistically happy endings. This is a strong drama with no humor and a very depressing but realistic ending. Some people think this was overdone and TOO strong...but I thunk that was the idea. Love isn't always beautiful and wonderful. It hurts and can wound you and this movie goes out to show that. Also this has some beautiful erotic moments with Miller and Tensen nude in bed and making love. There's only a few shots of full frontal and the sex is obviously being faked, but the two men are handsome and have great bodies and are great to watch. There is also some good songs sung by Miller that comment on the action. The low budget does show but Andreas is a very good director and makes it work. The script is tight and vicious but realistic. Miller is great in his role and Elliott is lots of fun as Sarah. On the bad side Harmon is a bit TOO vicious and one-dimensional in his role and Tensen isn't as good as Miller. Still I recommend it but it is sad and depressing.
  • bellamycay26 February 2021
    Although Amazon Prime lists this movie as a comedy, it most certainly is not and there is not a single humorous thing about it. It is a ruthless demonstration of the disastrous results that happen when a bonded couple in love allows another person, secrets and excuses, to put a wedge between them. When two people have mated for life, NO ONE can be allowed get in the way of it - not parents, not siblings, not friends.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For someone struggling with their own sexual orientation, this was a horrible movie to watch. Fun at first, but the movie soon takes a deep tailspin until finally crashing at the end. It was mean spirited and negative, showcasing how mean and hurtful we can be to those we once loved. I kept hoping there would be light at the end of the tunnel but alas, both main characters are swept away brutally and hopelessly. One is left dying on the street while the other is being carted off by immigration apparently to be deported, with absolutely no resolution or closure possible. Most gay movies I have watched are depressing, sad, with horrible endings like this one's (though not usually this bad), and it seems at least one main character always does, or they are torn from each other, with very few happy endings. It fills me with despair and makes me feel sentenced to a hopeless, miserable future unless I can figure out how to become straight and never have to face a horrible, sad, depressing, lonely future as movies like this always portray regarding gay love. I know it's just a movie, but if it's nothing like true life for many gay people, why has nearly every single gay love story I've ever watched ended so tragically? It makes me feel like they're always stating that gay people just don't deserve to be happy, they're never allowed to be with another person of the same sex happily, forever, and accepted. They're either foresaken by society, the person they love, their own loved ones, or somebody dies...usually violently. I realize that mainstream stories have these elements too, but not nearly every single time. Of course all stories must have conflict to tell a great story, but they also need resolution and closure. This story seemed to just get worse and worse, only abruptly ending after both main characters are last seen experiencing the absolute worst moments of both their lives. Then, the ending credits roll. AWFUL HORRID MOVIE!!!
  • cjrouth-6056923 March 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    There were some very good elements to this film including some endearing characters and a strong depiction is a deep love in the beginning. It turned very dark about halfway through and spiraled for way too long into what became one nasty scene after another, far beyond what was necessary to establish the sentiment. Then the ending was a complete and total let down emotionally. I don't remember the last time I was so mad at a director for screwing up an ending like that. My disappointment does reflect the degree to which I connected with the characters. I thought the lead in the film was able to create a compelling character, and had some strong scenes throughout. Overall the film had an identity crisis, starting with a quirky, fun Amy Heckerling vibe and empathetic characters and ended up like a bad version of Fatal Attraction. Very respectable effort on behalf of the actors of the four primary characters.
  • well, i do watch a lot of gay movies and a lot of them are awful. i mean, really awful. so... i had absolutely no expectation that this movie is gonna be good. and... of course this movie wasn't superb. but... hey, this movie wasn't so bad. this movie was much better than now classic gay movie latter days.

    i felt the hatred feeling towards each other, obsession, jealousy are genuine. i went through those things. didn't you? and two of the songs that featured are pretty good (especially the first one played during the opening title)

    there are bad things. cheesy dialog, over-used yellow filter, stupid slow motion... but i didn't fast-forward a bit.

    if you love gay films (for just guilty pleasure), watch this, rather than latter days or velocity of gary.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've read much of the comments here, those long and boring essays people write. In my comment I will try to be brief, short as possible. So, I will begin.

    When I saw this movie I was like..."awesome", "great"... and things like that were going again and again through my mind. I think the movie was well done, the colors (the use of symbolic colors like gray, strong red...), the development (use of flashbacks, shuffled scenes...). But what I didn't like was the end. I've seen a lot of dramatic-gay films and I think it was just another "of those ones". When I say "of those ones" I talk about gay dramas that end in death. When I began watching the film I though it was going to be different; but not, it was the same sketch, the same diagram that seem to have most of gay dramas.

    I've heard people saying that "gay relationships end in tragedy" and I detest when people say this, and when I see this on gay movies. It would be better to have some gay dramas with less tragic ends, it would be better to have some happy endings, we have to show people that gays can "survive" on relations like most of heterosexuals do. It would be better for this movie to have a happy ending... like for example... Kyle at hospital recovering from the accident...or something like that... But that scene of Kyle laying on the floor... losing his life... and Marcel crying at the apartment...I think it was lame...I think it was more of the same... I think the end was not original.
  • nukafly1 December 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    first off I'm very upset it only got 5.7 stars, its a very good movie. People are saying its not good i think its because they haven't been through or thought about going through what the characters in this film was going through. its actually quite simple the brother was bitter he didn't like his brother lover for no reason he wanted his brother to his self and he corrupted his mind badly, which caused the 2 to break up and go through a series of problems. i been obsessed with gay themed films lately and i must say this is one that made me and i couldn't watch another for a while. i think when it comes to breaking up with someone u loved at first sight and actually made it with that person to last 2 years, this film is what you need.
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