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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Poor Alice (Jessica Biel, never better). She works as a carhop waitress on skates and she glides beautifully. This results in her attracting the attentions of Trooper Scott (James Marsden) who is ready to propose after only a few months. But, alas, when Scotty takes Alice to the posh Gondola Restaurant in their small Indiana town, their dinner is interrupted by a construction worker with a nail gun near their table. What gives? In the ensuing discussion about the atmosphere being ruined and the ring not fitting, the worker trips and a nail goes into Alice's head! No, she's not killed, Praise the Lord, but its in a very tricky place and needs to be removed. Unfortunately, Alice has no insurance, Scott gets cold feet and neither her parents or vet friend (Kirstie Alley) can help. What's more, the nail is rubbing Alice's emotional brain spots and she can get angry and sex-crazed easily. Woe to her when she upsets a tray on a customer, in anger, and loses her job. What's a girl to do? Spying a television ad for her congressman, Howard (Jake Gyllenhaal), her best bet seems to travel to DC and ask him for aid. Too bad he's go green and clueless but he does like Alice's hot looks! This darling film was written by the man behind Silver Linings Playbook and its non-stop fun. Biel is lovely and terrific as Alice while Marsden, Gyllenhaal, Tracy Morgan, Beverly Deangelo, Alley and all of the cast are first rate. The setting is sweet and costumes definitely enhance Biel's beauty. Add on the lively direction and what's not to love? It will be no accident if you end up cheering for Alice and company!
  • This movie will pass a lot of people by because it requires political awareness and being smart enough to understand the themes behind the simple characters of the movie. I don't often write reviews but I really enjoyed this movie and found it to be an intelligent comedy with a particular focus on the US health care system. There is an array of talented actors on display playing some wacky characters. It's a disappointment to see the review scores so low but unfortunately the mainstream cinema goer and critics would much rather see a new brainless action movie. I've heard the film had some issues getting funded but I'm glad it got released. I highly recommend it - 8/10.
  • kizapet21 April 2016
    This movie is between parody and satire. It is showing politicians as shallow turncoats that are after their needs and caprices.

    I guess bunch of people did not like representation of congress in this way but it is almost correct.

    Nice bunch of actors. Jessica Biel beautiful as ever. Kids were great with viral in the movie.

    Movie is better critic on Health care that Michael Moore's "Sicko".

    Nice movie for relaxing and fun, even better if you are tired of politicians. This is one great comedy with serious message.

    People will be people.
  • very creative comedy movie that mixes past and present day showing in a particular way average people needs that are not listened or understood by the government or politicians, showing that the one thing politicians want in the whole world is take advantage of their current jobs to get what the really want (more money and power)forgetting people^s real problems (and needs; besides lying people promising something they wont do. Jake and Jessica are fantastic as usually in their performances, but the real performance came from the director, i had a great time watching the movie, and clearly had an important message after all, never lose hope, fight for what you want perhaps some great might come along.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Accidental Love - It's not really a "straight" comedy, a "black" comedy a "rom-com", a political satire it's more an "off kilter" comedy. A roller skating drive in restaurant waitress in a small Indiana town has the rest of her life planned and laid out for her, mainly due to her parents her policeman boyfriend/fiancé (shortest engagement in history here!) and basically the whole town. It's to be lived in the town of birth with the standard 2.5 children happily married to the hottest guy in town. That is until a wayward carpenter working through service at the "best restaurant in town" uses her head as a nail gun target during the longed for engagement dinner. This brings in the surgeons and nurses of the local medical company whom interrupt the "lifesaving" surgery when it's revealed that she has no health insurance. The nail to the brain creates all sorts of behavioral changes in the saintly Jessica Biel such as wildly aggressive mood swings, speaking in Portuguese at any time and, random nymphomania (which is the most interesting personality change to the fiancé). After an attempt by her vet qualified Aunt Rita (a smoking, drinking rough edged Kirstie Alley cameo) to remove the nail it's off to Washington to try and change the law so that ALL citizens can benefit from free emergency surgery. Backed up by a duo of an "unceasing hard onned" Reverend and his "anally challenged" sidekick it's off to the Capitol we go. An inexperienced senator (Jake Gyllenhaal) is the person to make it all happen but his boss seems to think that a "moon base" is more important than free surgery for her constituents. A series of mishaps involving (the aforementioned) nymphomania, a nail gun taken into the senator's offices, the "lesbianisation" of girl scouts and the non-appearance of Shakira set the wheels in motion for a rom-com/political satirical farce that is as far-fetched as could be but rather pleasing with its almost plausible review of those voted into the power positions and then ignoring those that put them there. Fairly predictable (the goodies win in the end as usual) but branching off into some random paths that are introduced just to take us in an unknown and seemingly unimportant direction it's just a bit o' fun. Humorous but not hilarious. Irreverent but not stupid. Far-fetched but not implausible. Accidental Love is a little movie with a lot of BIG stars in cameo roles. Enjoyable and fun. 7+/10
  • thisanant21 January 2018
    When watching a comedy , I mostly focus on opportunities to laugh and this one provided them in plenty . it is a constant laugh-fest with a good story and unbelievable performances . I am a little surprised at the low ratings cause it is not vulgar or anything .
  • Accidental Love is a train wreck of massive proportions, and don't let the movie poster fool you, this is a David O. Russell creation.

    You know David O. Russell, the Academy Awards darling responsible for Jennifer Lawrence's prevalence? Well, Accidental Love is so bad he went the pseudonym route because he wants to wipe this project from any association with him.

    Accidental Love is about a waitress from a small town in Indiana that gets a nail lodged in her brain and is unable to get it removed because she is without health insurance and doesn't have $150,000 laying around for the surgery. As with many head injuries, this nail causes unpredictable behavior like decreased inhibitions, anger, and speaking in tongues. Obviously not thinking straight, she heads to DC thinking government officials will help. While there she meets a freshman politician and sparks fly.

    Typically directors claim lack of creative control and dip out before the film is complete, thereby maintaining their credibility as a director. Unfortunately, David O. Russell was associated with and filmed the totality of the scenes that are edited into this unfortunate endeavor, so this excuse doesn't quite apply. Even if the script went through several re-writes, the plot stayed consistent and the uninspiring and foolish approach is unexplainable. Accidental Love is so atrocious that it seems deliberate, an experiment, if you will.

    Accidental Love is the Gigli of 2015 – it is that bad. It is almost like the film is supposed to be a bad dream for all those involved. There is no chemistry, no plausibility, no charm, no perspective. You can't help but cringe for the actors and writers at the dialogue and nonsensical progression of events. In production since 2008, there was absolutely no reason for any of this footage to see the light of day.

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  • This is somehow a black comedy with over-the-top situations and acting, with a mild, to-late-for-that lampoon about politics and government.

    It is an expensive film. 26 millions are too much for what it really is.

    The style it reminds movies from other decades. You even got Pee-wee Hermann in a secondary yet prominent role.

    PLOT: It's about a young waitress who has a freaky accident that changed her life. She can't have health care and travels to Washington with some other mishaps to pass a health-care bill, only to realize the true face of politics.

    Well, it is less than it sounds. The movie fails to feel big in that manner. The cast is OK and is doing its best to work with the weird script and material. Jessica Biel looks good and you can admire James Marsden's and Jake Gyllenhaal's effort to give life to their awkward characters. Tracy Morgan is also in this showing his lack of comedic talent, trying to deliver some deadpan oneliners.

    There is song and a dance at the end that is somehow entertaining. You can fast forward to that.
  • This movie is a gem. The writing is excellent. The acting is excellent. The cast is excellent. The reason your typical moronic reviewer disses it is because they do not get it.

    Love Jessica Biel. Underrated actress. Also completely hot. Can't believe it has a 4.1 rating at IMDb. This is the best movie out of maybe 10 that I will watch. And there are another 1000 I won't watch because "Hollywood" puts out such demented dogs--t that I cannot believe it.

    I love this movie. It's a commentary on our completely f'ed up society. And evidently Jessica was smart enough to to take the role. Obviously this is no dumb broad. Is this enough or do you want more?
  • 'ACCIDENTAL LOVE': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    David O. Russell's abandoned labor of love, which was many years in the making, is this political satire film. The movie began production in 2008 and was halted multiple times, due to budget problems (a lot of the crew wasn't being paid). O. Russell quit the film in 2010 and has since disowned it. The filming was finished under a different director and O. Russell's credit in the movie has been changed to a pseudonym; Stephen Greene. Despite all this, the movie is still pretty clever, funny and very politically insightful. It was written by O. Russell (credited as Stephen Greene), Kristin Gore (Al Gore's daughter), Matthew Silverstein and Dave Jeser; it's also based on the 2004 novel 'Sammy's Hill', by Gore. The film stars an all-star cast including Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Marsden, Catherine Keener, Tracy Morgan, Kurt Fuller, Paul Reubens, Kirstie Alley, Beverly D'Angelo, James Brolin and Bill Hader. It's an odd misfire of a movie, but I think it's definitely still worth seeing.

    The story revolves around Alice Eckle (Biel); a waitress, in a small town, who is accidentally shot in the head, by a nail gun, one night while she's at dinner with her boyfriend, Scott (Marsden). Due to Alice lacking any insurance, doctors refuse to operate on her; and remove the nail. The nail causes her to act erratically though and if she doesn't come up with the money, to afford the $150,000 operation, it could kill her. After Scott dumps her, Alice decides to travel to Washington, with two friends (Fuller and Morgan), in an attempt to get healthcare reformed. In the process she falls for a naive congressman (Gyllenhaal), who sees Alice as good publicity for his own political causes.

    The film is pretty funny and the actors all give it their all; Gyllenhaal and Marsden are especially hilarious. It's also a great commentary on how politics work (especially healthcare). Gore's story is brilliant and the movie is full of good intentions and a lot of heart. It could have been a truly great comedic masterpiece though, especially with this cast and O. Russell at the helm! As it is, it definitely seems like a slightly deformed 'mixed bag' of goofy slapstick and political satire. Watching it, definitely doesn't feel like you're watching a David O. Russell movie either! It still definitely has a lot of great moments though. I'm glad I watched it and I actually had a pretty good, fun, time doing so; despite all of it's flaws.

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  • The wit and conceits are some of the best I've seen in a while. Super script. I loved it from the moment the swaggering trooper pulls up on his bike at the retro diner, his persona is written to a T. The engagement episode is to die for. Then the conceit of the nail, and the turn coat trooper.

    I had to love it when the protagonist is told one side effect could be that she is likely to loose all kinds of inhibitions, which could be good when it came to making love.

    Protagonist, "Maybe I can finally have an orgasm" Trooper quasi fiancé, "Honey that is so private. I already told you that 50 to 60 percent of women can't orgasm from intercourse." She, "What about you starting gentle like I asked, ant then taking it at an angle that I really like?" He,"Anyway, so..." So true.

    The characters were all zany but believable. The politics were over the top with the right versus left: a moon army base station, versus a bill for catastrophic accidents health care like a nail in the head. It was all good irony and satire.

    The making love scene in the rookie congressman's office was one of the best I have seen staged in a long time... nothing was shown but hands, legs, and things getting broken.

    The aunt with her cigarette, and scalpel in hand, throwing back whiskey to steady the hands....too much.

    I loved the fact that there was no profanity.Great actors. I loved everything about this. The dancing in the end was great. Actually watched it once while I was getting ready for work, belly laughing at some of the lines, certain ones subtle but significant if you listen up, then watched it again when I got home after dinner. Will watch it once more with my significant other. You watch it too. :)
  • Uhuh, I saw these adverse reactions. But, you need to really get the spirit of the production to appreciate the lightness in the script. You should thank the heavens that somebody like DOR did this movie, and not some pseudo psycho fictional extraterrestrial stuff.

    In its direction and design, it is well in the top 10% of percentage of movies made in the last 12 months, and that is considering its so much harder to pull of a comedy than psycho thriller about of a marauding pedophile.

    Its a comedy. Unbelievably spontaneous scripting, laughs from the word go and the hangover is with you all through the next week or more. If you liked Silver Linings Playbook then you will like this.

    Again, the 4.5 rating is a lot unfair and non-representative. Imagine its a 7.5 rating, and watch it and you will know the rating was evil. Or look for the rating after you've watched, even though thats a lot difficult these days. If you are light hearted person you will love it, if not you will become one after you watch this.

    Also, do you recognize the movie was stigmatized and denied a release through some very dystopian back staging by influential members of the congress and entity in general? Much like, Kill The Messenger by CIA.

    So, its more symbolic about free speech and expression than anything you will do this year, probably.
  • You really need to suspend your disbelief from the beginning, but once you do and go along with the story it is very entertaining and funny. The writing is sharp and quick and the actors are excellent.

    I like the creative use of camera angles and the movement of the camera. The production values are very good. There are several scenes involving many people and costumes.

    The filming was done before Obamacare was passed but touches on some of the issues involved in that debate. It was funny to see the politicians want to spend trillions to establish a military base on the moon but not care at all about people's medical needs in a crisis. The movie also skewers the medical establishment when an emergency operation is stopped because the patient is not insured and it would cost $150,000.

    Like I said, suspend you disbelief and it is a fine movie. It is truly a comedy and satire.
  • berenger-laurent12 February 2015
    Probably one of the worst movies i've ever seen. I don't see the point having such a casting to release that crap.

    You'll notice, this movie follows an idiotic chain reaction based on an event and it's consequences. Consequences that could clearly not happen. OK OK i got it it's a satire but if it's designed to make people laugh or reach a king of irony, then it's not even good absurd humour but just cheap one.

    I'm no USA Citizen and not English native speaker so i'm not directly concerned nor educated about congress and related subjects. Still this movie's meaning has been completely messed.
  • Don't believe any of the stuff people are saying about the film being bad. It's not bad, it's extremely bloody good! It's David O. Russell who made I Heart Huckabees and The Fighter and Flirting With Disaster (great adoption comedy with Ben Stiller) and it's really insightful and hilarious.

    It's about a couple who have big plans, but when she gets a nail in her head and half the time starts acting cray, he loses his attraction towards her. It's ends up in our nation's capital with the characters trying to change the system. There are many moments of great wisdom and humour. I don't understand what happened with David O. Russell and the production and the problems, but it's still a very strong movie.

    Jake Gyllenhall is very good, as are many of the cast. It was actually shot some years ago but shelved and the director had his name removed.
  • I am not a Biel fan and David is hit or miss admit it real cinema watchers! Jake did a great job as he always does in any role. I despise the one note Tracy Morgan and still enjoyed this movie. This move for all the making of drama it has, is after all a black comedy hit in my opinion. I hope this becomes a cult hit so it gives Hollywood the FU! I thought it had elements of Drop Dead Gorgeous, Troop Beverly HIlls, Legally Blonde 2, sure many political humour movies can fit in there!

    The actors may regret the role now but shouldn't, they had to have known it was never to be a masterpiece. "Tell us about the tragedy of your gayness" - 1:04:44 in the movie,I laughed so hard! All these people mad about it having health care in it, suck it! This is based on a book subject, is something the USA still needs improvement on,therefore its relevant in any form for cinema. If you ever get your crap together USA this movie will be even funnier. All will be,Why were we such tools, pun intended, What took us so long?! Considering Dumb Dumber Too and latest Transformers gets you spending your money FULL PRICE, whiners on this thread board need to rate/ judge fairly! 6/10
  • "You can't fix a brain with crazy ideas." Alice (Biel) has everything she wants in life. A job she loves and is good at, a loving family and a boyfriend who has just asked her to marry him. Right after the proposal a freak accident happens and she is shot in the head with a nail. With her life falling apart around her she sees Congressman Birdwell (Gyllenhaal) on the TV and thinks he is the answer to her problems. This movie is pretty much exactly what you would expect it to be. Funny in parts, pretty predictable, little generic but at the same time not a terrible movie. Every once in a while it's nice to just put a movie on without having to think about it and just enjoy yourself. This is that type of movie. There really isn't too much else to say about this one. I liked it enough, but wouldn't watch it again and nothing to rush and see, but I have seen worse. Overall, a generic, predictable movie that is a decent watch. A decent date movie. I give this a B-.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let me start this by saying sorry, sorry to whoever I hurt or offended which resulted in me watching this film. I must have done something down the line to be cursed with this! I guess this is an indication of where this review it set to go...

    The cast of this film on the surface is a wonderful ensemble that would entice even the most cynical Rom-Com watcher like myself to take interest, however they were all beyond below average. I mean this is Jake Gyllenhaal one of the current best actors who comes across like he is winging every line, all the cast felt like they didn't know the script it was all just guess work. Which is beyond surprising considering I am a huge fan of the majority of them, in this film though there was zero chemistry and zero development of these people you were meant to relate to.

    Onto the story a pretty boring one at that, none relatable characters, unbelievable events and a down right lack of Comedy. How this is considered a "comedy" I will never know, I smirked once, maybe twice it was a horribly written script everything said and done felt unnatural, the jokes just didn't land and the entire premise of the story was ridiculous. Which comes at as a shock because the writing team have turned out some good films and television shows in recent years, this just comes across as an attempt to not try at all. There was one scene in which Jake Gyllenhaal's character Howard is trying to escape a telling off by jumping out of a ground floor window, I felt like jumping out the second story window of my house at this point! The production of films is something I am yet to touch on in such a way in a review, however I can't help but think that the production of this film had a huge hand in making this film the mashed together piece of crap it turned out to be. There is countless stories of the production being shut down for many reasons including the lead actors walking off set on more than one occasion. Even resulting in director David O. Russell abandoning production after two years of set backs, pardon the language but the entire production turned into one big cluster f**k of incidents. Which leads me to believe resulted in the poorly cut together film, jumping from scene to scene without and fluidity to it, as WATW? said "Scenes chop and change making Accidental Love feel like a jigsaw puzzle that was put together in the dark." Overall, this film was abysmal, horrible, horrific ALL of the negative superlatives you could imagine and that is about 0.01% of how close you are. This film genuinely may be the worst film I have ever seen in my life time and that is saying something after 15 years and over 3,000 films seen. There was zero redeeming factors for this film for me, it is very easy to see why David O. Russell turned suit and ran the other way. Do NOT fall for Mr Russell's name on the poster this is nothing like he has done in recent years. If you don't want to take my word for it check out What About The Twinkie? or RT Write-Ups reviews of the film or any film fan reviewing site, I imagine they will all come to a similar conclusion.
  • cekadah14 February 2015
    This flick is so bad, so awful, so poorly edited, written, acted you can't even laugh at the awfulness of it. With the line up of names the viewer is just dumb struck because this movie is just so awful.

    Director David O. Russell and Writers Kristin Gore, Matthew Silverstein must have had nails hammered into their head to write and direct this embarrassment of bad movie. How does director Russell make a marvelous film like 'American Hustle' and then make this trash? Did he have a nail in his head? And Jake Gyllenhaal --- was he drugged or maybe threatened into this garbage?

    If anyone wants to see a text book bad movie this is it! Their makeup is not consistent, the backgrounds are not consistent, the only consistency in this crap is the awfulness!
  • The most amazing thing about this nonsensical and terribly conceived film is how an actor who in the same year can play a riveting character in NightCrawler can sign on for this rubbish.

    Other than seeing how well endowed Jessica Biel is, I can't think of many better moments. This is nothing more than a low grade TV movie based on an absurd premise...that a woman seriously injured in a restaurant by an employee would not have any medical care provided by the restaurant or any legal recourse.

    From there the plot only gets worse in what evolves into a propaganda film promoting US health care legislation. While I support such legislation, I refute this film entirely. It's not a rom-com since it's not romantic or comic. The writing is juvenile in the extreme. The only guy with any decent lines was the versatile James Marsden.
  • Well guys, I'm afraid that what I stated in the title is just plain truth. I watched the film (and I enjoyed it too) and then I realized that all I did was watching Jessica Biel and thinking that she was really pretty.

    Athletic, radiant, with a beautiful smile and a sweet voice, she did more than just stealing the scene: she monopolized my attention. And the movie seemed just an excuse to make her act and let the audience enjoy.

    The film, on the other hand, was not too bad: I'm sure that (unless you are 6 or this was your first film) you have already seen something like this but the Authors however strove to enrich the plot with funny and original situations and the production was excellent (great director, great actors, great staff).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thought this would be a comedy or a romance. Instead it was a boring turd of a movie that is neither. I have to wonder what the scriptwriters were thinking. Are they 12 year olds?

    The kind of jokes here are:

    * A woman forcibly sleeping with a man because of her physical illness. Ha ha!

    * Two male characters who are also physically injured but it's not taken seriously either. Because guys want sex right!

    * And two leading males who are also garbage characters that just want sex.

    Real classy Hollywood. What a shameful piece of crap.
  • I kind of get the feeling that this whole movie was made to emphasize the state of the medical health situation in America, and how people who need care won't get it because they simply cannot afford it. Which is a real shame, considering how much money gets funnelled out of healthcare to investors in drug companies and insurance companies. And of course, it's all going on with the consent of every politician because they get kickbacks from those industries on a regular basis. This is the kind of thing that you really need to suspend your sense of reality while watching. So, sure, it's watchable, but just barely. You won't have any difficulty doing something else while watching the movie. One dimensional characters, poor comedy, the screenplay is so bad that you can't tell if the acting is any good because the lines suck so bad. It's just not that interesting. Basically a 'B' movie that you have playing in, oh, a waiting room or somewhere where there's nothing else to watch. A notch above reality TV. But that's about it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Indiana Girl Alison (Jessica Biel) accidently gets a nail driven into her skull while at a restaurant. The hospital refuses to remove the nail because she doesn't have insurance and the restaurant liability never comes up. Instead Alison seeks the help of her congressman (Jake Gyllenhaal) to pass a bill to pay for the operation. This takes us to a comical insider's look at Washington which unfortunately is not too far from the truth.

    The plot didn't make any sense and the humor was fairly lame. It was sad to see top stars lower themselves into such idiotic roles. It was a script they should have passed up.

    Guide: Sex. No nudity or F-bombs.
  • I had the misfortune of seeing this film the other night. And this is someone who is a fan of David O. Russell. I love films like Three Kings, The Fighter, and Silver Linings Playbook, but this doesn't even feel like an O. Russell movie. It is the most baffling thing I've seen him make.

    This movie does not know what it is trying to be; it's a slapstick comedy, but also a black comedy, but also a romantic comedy. This might be because it was written by three different people. Some of the comedic segments were painful to watch. At times this felt like the least funny Steve Martin kiddie comedy ever made.

    Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal are quirky and have somewhat of a slight amount of chemistry between them, but this is not enough to save the movie. The supporting cast is only made up of cartoon characters.

    Some of the songs and sound effects that you hear during certain segments are just bizarre. This is like watching a parody of what a bad David O. Russell movie would look like.

    Overall, if you're a fan of Russell you don't really lose anything beside 100 minutes of your life by watching this film. But if you aren't a hardcore movie person and you just wanna watch a comedy for Friday night then avoid at all cost.
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