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  • This drama proves that winning a game doesn't all depend on just training hard but also been emotionally and psychological prepared is a factor. I really don't know much about baseball, but this drama really made me interested in at least knowing the rules of this game. The story tells how people especially are always fixed on the coaches and players when a team doesn't win a game ignoring the fact there could be some internal and management issues that doesn't motivate them to give their all. Yes, players should be blamed since they are the ones on the field but it wouldn't hurt to investigate the other factors causing their failure which every episode tries to address. Corruption, bribery, hiding of internal injuries and salary issues is what this drama tries to bring out. These issues are tackled so well with suspense that it makes someone who doesn't like sports to be glued to the drama. Overall, the drama is very fun and entertaining and also succeeds in getting its message across making it worthy to watch.
  • A low cost drama that uses low budget material and low manpower. The low cost material like CEO using low cost cars still showed the same no make senses. They also keep showing the same faces which are bored to say low manpower. However the story plot are nice from episode 1 to 14 but episode 15 beginning to get low expectation and quite bored. Final episode 16 is a low standard conclusion which make no sense. Sadly the writer did not think of a better conclusion. But overall its a short 16 episodes drama so it quite exciting to pass time.
  • As in doctor prisoner, this is again a atypical story centres on sports management. It shows male lead's effort to choose plot that is new to ordinary kdrama.

    I am living in a small city and never has resources to develop sports, like the scale shown in the drama. It is interesting to know the team behind a sports team.

    The pace of story is at times kind of slow. But most of the time the drama develops with great stories. Going aboard to interview foreign sportsman, taking of illegal drugs, selling and buying of team members. All these constitute a rich story and well-developed plot.

    It is just disappointed for male lead to lose the best actor in Baesang. He will have more chance to win if there is a love line with a more beautiful female lead. Hope he could win in the next round of award presentation.
  • pennyelenabooks16 February 2020
    " Stove League " is the Chief Kim of sports.

    Honestly, stove league was not for me. I didn't get entertained, and a few of the stories kept me interested. However, taken in consideration that maybe it wasn't my cup of tea, I'll review it without taking that factor in mind.

    So, the story was interesting, as they presented the way the team was trying to get the Dreams, aka their baseball team. The stories were mostly humane, and the fact that they didn't add any unnecessary romance to it was a delight. The performances were really good too from all actors and actresses of the cast. The pace, presentation of the sports and training process, as well as the poster, were nailed to perfection.

    So, seven out of ten.
  • lmerana20 February 2020
    I guess I did not like it that much because I am not interested in baseball. Also, Namgoong min has very passive acting and his voice sounds boring. I skipped a lot of parts and I don't know if there are some scenes that were good. But still I can at least rate it 5 for the other supporting actors.