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  • Wonderful perspective on the life of a strong woman raising her four children in a war zone, told through a film being shot by her eldest daughter who dreams of becoming a filmmaker. With great intimacy and aesthetics, the camera stays very close on their everyday life and struggle, without touching political topics.
  • "Earth is blue like an orange" is a joint Ukrainian-Lithuanian project, captures the story of a single mother Anna and her four children who share a lifelong love affair with the movies. Every member of the family has a passion for cinema, driving them to shoot, edit and screen a film inspired by their own life set against the backdrop of war in Donbass town (Ukraine) between 2014-2015. This is one of the best ode to cinema, a love letter to the medium which is superbly performed by everybody, although the cast is mostly non-actors. It is a sort of intellectual fearlessness that deepens the story with metastory. The title of the film references the poem of french surrealist Paul Éluard 'La Terre est bleue comme une orange', that appeared in his collection of poems 'L'Amour la poésie' published in 1929.