The doctor that Sofia is talking about as she recounts her time in Auschwitz is the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele. He was notorious for selecting those that came off the cattle carts for those who lived or were sent to the gas chambers. He was particularly interested in experimenting with people, whether it be freezing people in sub-zero water or changing the color of the iris of eyes. He also had a deep interest in twins and would do organ switching, blood transfusions or sewing twins together.

Rabbi Sendak's name is a reference to Maurice Sendak, writer of children's classic "Where the Wild Things Are."

The bugs in this movie are potato bugs, or Jerusalem crickets.

When Rabbi Sendak opens the Hebrew book in his office, he thumbs through it in the wrong direction. Hebrew is written in the opposite direction to English; a real rabbi would have opened the book and read it from right to left.

Rabbi Sendak has a sign in his office that reads, "When God made Man, She was Only Joking!"

This was the first horror movie from Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes production company to be rated PG-13.

Megan Good says "old-timers" when referring to Alzheimer's.

In Mexico the bugs in the movie are called cara de niƱo