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  • salotfolahzadeh18 July 2020
    Wanna hate Iran's cinema? Watch this series. Terrible acting storyline etc. With although respect to some of this series actors and actresses (not all of them) there are 3 women traling a 40.50 age man like he is Brad pitt or something. You want to make a love story; ok cast young actors not the actors that are at edge of 50.Finally if you want to know Iran's cinema there way better series and movies.
  • The storyline is very slow and weak and i believe the only thing that encourages you to watch is presence of 2 good actors on the poster, annoying scenes that are dedicated to sponsers hurts more. In total : a mess
  • shabnam_h18 June 2020
    Storyline is so slow, hard to stay interested. Also hard to connect with characters.
  • zazabagheri1 August 2020
    Still wondering how a tv show could be as terrible and stupid as this one😅 I still can't believe how they could make a show this awful. Apart from having the most stupid story line, the poor acting is unbearable. I blame the director! I strongly believe that the director should consider retiring after this masterpiece hahaha😂😂
  • alizamani-889252 September 2020
    Can't imagine this could happen in reality. Story is hardly trying to fool you pretending this could happen and everything's from karma!!!
  • None of the people involved are worth their salt. It's definitely one of the worse tv shows I've ever come across. To think that someone has spent a penny to make this garbage blows my mind.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Apart from the worst acting I have ever seen and extremely disappointing storyline, Manouchehr Hadi has done everything he could to portray men as deceiving, conning, unreliable, cheating, irrational and in essentially not worthy of any trust from the innocent women. In this attempt of artwork, you can see crude stereotypes such as Mehran, who is a drug addict and a misogynist, Arash who has no self-will and is fully control by his parents, Farab who is a convicted homicidal thug, Siavash an incompetent man who loses his fiance for Arash, Atabak who is a cheater and totally overpowered by his wife, Khosrow who is a good father but unable to control his rage, and finally the cherry on top, Nakisa who was practically adopted by Khosrow from childhood, but ended up raping his daughter, Rasta on her wedding day with Arash. Apparently Mr Hadi hates all men and is trying to subconsciously destroy all trust that women have for men in general. It seems to be an overkill to try to please his wife ( who plays Ava) and pretend to be a feminist. Take the comments on your Instagram page more seriously Mr Hadi.
  • The plot has almost nothing to offer. Each episode is 50 min long with close to 40 mins of it is rehearsal and flash backs. The actor wear extremely formal dress even in the least formal plots; it is totally unnatural. Every single detail of the incidents is predictable even by a naive viewer. This movie serial is an utmost fiasco of the Iranian movie industry.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The author of the series' point of view on the issue of rape and life of a woman after the loss of virginity is very short-sighted and very disgusting and insulting to women
  • In This TV series you can see everybody has luxury cars and dresses and they're all rich but in early episodes they face a weird incident that the probability of occurrence is very low and the series is gratuitously extending not disclosed the secret behind that incident till now and it's really not interesting at all. Content of "DEL" is really cheap and hollow and it's not gonna happen in real world! It's just an imitation from a novel. This TV series is made only for financial purposes and tearing the producer's pocket.
  • baazaarweb29 April 2020
    Can't expect anything better coming out from the Islamic republic of iran. I hope all creators of this shame are recognized and never participate in another movie or series.
  • The storyline is too slow and actors are unprofessional. The whole story could be said in 2 to 3 episodes. The general idea is simple but could be interesting as a mini series. 40 episodes is more than too much. Each episode contains too many flashbacks and some of them are unnecessary. There is nothing good about it except the general idea so 1 is fair.
  • artinesafarian7 September 2020
    The writers will get more respect by delivering pizza. Stupidly elongated.
  • simaz-691172 September 2020
    I can't believe how terrible can a series be; awful. Stupid story full of flash backs. Its slow and you feel wasting your time by watching this.
  • This series is the baddest series of my life my grandma is better than hadi
  • nimagilani31 March 2020
    The series has a very slow pace but is able to persuade you to follow.
  • sohrabaraghy9 April 2020
    Slow pace Iranian drama about rich kids and their issues. 2 good actors and beautiful women and clothes wear and music, but I can't give more than 5 and it's almost to high even.
  • This is a very realistic storyline and the actors are true masters. The cinematography is rich and the use of flash backs is done very well. My family and I are hooked.
  • fffariba24 June 2020
    One of the refreshing Iranian series that we rarely find. nice love stories and unpredictable! unlike many other Iranian sick series, this one has good respectful stories. watch it and enjoy it :)
  • It has a quite good scenario but extremely slow and weak acting...