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  • The concept is really good The humor is a lot sexual so if you are offended easily, its maybe not for you The story so far (4episodes in) is really interesting The world seems to be huge
  • It's good stick with it, it's enjoyable to watch. so in the beginning I did not like Plunderer. first it's mistitled and the artwork is wrong, at the time of writing this episode 12 their are no pirates. the anime seems serious, yet world seemed gamey as in hear are the rules, they are what they are. dredging threw the first few episodes you go oh their pulling a attack on titan where the mystery of the world is the plot that they will give to you a drop at a time. only instead of something that makes sense in the world like big monsters, it's cartoony magical numbers. they just keep adding characters all 1 dimensional to zero dimensional. what is the point of the military blond guy? if he was just some one for the girl solder to talk to why is he still their. give him a personality. so it may seem like don't like the show no it's interesting and becomes more so. but the 12 episode is like oh finally they fixed it before they fixed it's sirrous lightly dystopian world with a jarjar binks not as a character providing the fly in the ointment but as a critical part of the whole world. the fighting in the beginning episodes has no substance or built up to it. it feels like some executive said a good anime has fights ever 1.4 episodes, use that to fill the time. over all it's a good anime that in the beginning seems all over the place. I just don't want to see the next season go back to now that we have gotten that pesky plot out of the way with a episode we can shift back to make it up as we go combat with ever changing rules. and the 1 personality trait of the hero. despite it's many flaws it's good, enjoyable and worth the grind. it slowly moved from well its something to watch after "BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense" to I am really looking forward to what cool thing will be revealed on Plunderer, now that have to wait another 7 days for more maple. after a plunderer episode ends I want to quickly move on the next episode the cliff hanger type feeling that I would enjoy if I was binge watching and could just click next but because it comes out every week it's like ahhhhhhhhh another 7 days to find out more. this is what I get for watching anime week to week rather then when it's been completely finished for 10 years, and other people tell me it's good I should watch it.
  • The story is a bit weird ill give you that. But its nice, and there's a lot of twists in it. So im going to complete it and then write another review. But to conclude, this show is good. Not great.But good.
  • sspy-239083 February 2020
    Nice plot and concept used the main hero is quite intresting
  • Ka_zouto20 January 2020
    Pros. *ANIMATION is quite good *STORY Is not much reveled

    Cons. The leading character seems too kind and stupid. (UNNATURAL) Similar to GON (hunter x hunter)

    **I will edit it when the series is over
  • mr-altex28 June 2020
    This anime is all over the place. It is based on original manga and it is pretty much much good adaptation. But that said, the plot line despite being fairly interesting is interlaced with too much of a fan service to the point of realizing how big waste of time it is.

    Can't help myself but to compare it a bit with The Seven Deadly Sins, but it is clear from first couple episodes that Plunderer author skipped giving the side characters any interesting back story.
  • tajmedical-368447 May 2020
    This anime is mind-blowing because main character (mc) is overpowered.I like this anime but it is not legendary anime.Thogh it is should go and watch the anime.
  • vbodnariu6 January 2021
    Desereves better than 6.2, I honestly hought it would be atleast above an 8.
  • eeh-2985518 August 2020
    Me and my husband were super into the anime by the 1 episode. Its full of mystery, comedy, romance, and action. With quirky loveable characters and great character development. This anime I would recommend to anyone. 10/10 everything I ask for in an anime.
  • kakarlafardeen12 August 2020
    The anime is really annoying don't even think of watching it.Main character is a whimp he gets everytime beaten up by women and how is that suppose to be cool..
  • Lovely animation, story got plot twist I will recommend watch it.
  • Its not a bad anime like some claim, it is infact a dam good anime. Its like rick and morty, u must a high I.Q. to understand and enjoy it, because the story isn't for ure average person, an average anime viewer aint gonna get the story cuase its because its more than a 1 dimensional story and character development.
  • TVIsDead8 March 2021
    And its dumb.. panty shots = good anime with these people .. its not even worth writing a decent review.

    They're like the reaction views on youtube, cheap/pathetic and stupid af.
  • hmnz-09322 September 2020
    Show is creepy and disgusting. Way too much fan service and border line rape. Watched two episodes and it was to gross and unpleasant to watch.
  • This is a good anime both light but also really intense. The situations and emotions it lays out are more real than people are probably willing to admit. That is why its a good anime. It can entertain AND enlighten. That is an extremely hard thing for anything on the entertainment sect to try and accomplish. Since it has for this season, I hope there will be more!!
  • rookescanor17 October 2020
    A plot with minimal lucidity shrouding its pitfalls with degenerative Fanservice that goes beyond all measures. Not to mention cliché, confusing, and boring for the most part. At the least, I'm not surprised the anime is rated near a 6-point, but sadly it's worse than that. And as usual, a portion of the Japanese Animation budget is preserved for unworthy shows such as Plunderer, a name which seemed an irony to the content shown on the screen. Enough intro, let's rate.


    Story - 3/10 - I've seen and read much fantasy-based fiction, and this is one of the worst stories I have watched. Dunno of the manga it's based on, but I don't have to read the comic itself to say the plot is third-rate all the way. From what I can derive, it's simply a big mess of pre-existing ideas, insincere emotions, and excessive fanservice to deceive viewers of an already bad anime.

    Fanservice is becoming a major problem with most of the bad anime productions taking in stories from the gutters which flimsy creativity has to provide. I'm not saying Japan produces no good anime these days, but the bad ones are getting easier to make with better-animation technology, making the overall situation worse. The anime is mostly intended for a male audience. But the fanservice in this show is simply disgusting.


    Art - 5/10 - Colourful backgrounds and all that, but that's a method to be found in animes that try to deviate the viewers from its plot and characters, the latter which have nothing to show here. Nothing amazing to speak in aesthetics.

    Character designs are very generic - 'cool-looking' dudes and 'cute' girls with no originality. I wonder if the anime production, or in a part, the original illustrator himself put any effort or research into any originality. The writer must've watched/read a lot of bad manga/anime to arrive at such dullness. One does not always need 'cool-characters', let alone a whole cast of them, to make a story good. That just shows how shallow this whole production is.


    Sound - 4/10 - Nothing new. Very generic once again. The usual Background Music was mundane and you'll see the semblance in similar anime.

    I'm furious at certain points when the music tries to draw in cheesy emotions in moments that are so predictable, a fellow with a decent mind would simply quit the show.


    Character - 2/10 - Hands down, one of the worst cast of characters in the fantasy genre. The protagonist is a sleazy degenerate who shows himself as a cool, capable fellow, when the situation needs. It almost describes the bad bipolar stereotype seen in most of such quality anime.

    The initial shots of the first episode itself gave me the low hopes for this anime, and the same became lower during that school Arc after around Episode 10.

    The story is partially-based and driven by the theme of militarism, and Japan itself had its own share from the past. It simply shames the nation's past when the show elaborates the statement - 'Army that doesn't kill?' in those episodes, where bloodshed was shown without much restraint. I mean, Imperial Japan laid waste to most of East and South-east Asia during WW2. Even their present-day JSDF has prestige. All this anime had to show was a bunch of non-connectable characters, who believe militarism is fun. This shows how disconnected the story is to decent storytelling and the effort needed for it. The disillusion of the basic sense of realism is in its peak, and the only thing that keeps the last adhesive among the audience is the Fanservice, which is pointlessly cancerous and stupid.


    Enjoyment - 3/10 - I won't say there were no instances of humour and fun, but all that is nullified by the cliché tropes, uninteresting and confusing plot, extreme use of fanservice, crummy and insincere emotional scenes, conceited/unoriginal character designs, high predictability, and in the end an overpowered/Deus ex Machina/pervert protagonist who was simply dull.

    Enough said.


    Overall - 3/10 - This kind of show reduces the IQ of the decent audience, leading to degeneracy, with ideas of deceit and insincerity thrown over creativeness, bellowing a message of insult to the hopes of good content that's produced in Japan and the world.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Plunderer is a well thought out anime with a mix of sexual humor as well as some interesting plot twists and character growth. Some aspects of this anime is also meant to allow the viewers to relate to the characters on an emotional level. For an example I shall use Licht Bach, the main focus of the series. When he is first introduced in episode one he is extremely perverted and just wants to have fun, however towards the end of the episode you get to see his more serious side and his willingness to protect others. Further along in the series he is forced to make a decision that will have a terrible impact on his mind, kill one of his oldest friends and the people working for them, or watch as many innocent lives are lost. This moment is when you'll see just how broken he really is. On the surface he is a happy go lucky pervert, but on the inside he is just a broken man that is scared to lose anymore more people he cares about.
  • I agree with other posters. I turned this on just to pass time while I was engaged with other things (crafting). I thought it was kind of okay, a little sexual, a little weird at first. But holy cr*p episode 12 happened and then it was a roller coaster of emotion. 10/10 stick with it! It's amazing! I can't wait for season 2!!