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  • I saw this movie at a preview event last Friday night and it was hilarious. The sold out cinema was laughing hysterically throughout the movie. The movie is fast paced and does not drag. The comedy is "r" rated with a little raunchy adult humor that can be shocking at times but that is in line with the movies theme of male/female relationships.

    Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler were both great in the film. Not a role that you would expect to see the King of Sparta, but Butler has great comedic timing complimenting his tough guy persona. And Katherine Heigl is once again perfect doing comedy.

    If you are expecting to see a typical romantic comedy you will be surprised, because this R rated film is geared toward the men in the audience as well as the ladies. Grab your significant other and be prepared to laugh and enjoy the movie together.
  • I now believe that 2009 should be dubbed the year of the Romcom.

    I was dragged to see the proposal by my girlfriend and thought it was hilarious. When she wanted to go and see The Ugly Truth I found myself putting up less of a fight this time. And I'm glad.

    This film is HILARIOUS. I have to say I enjoyed almost every second from start to finish. It truly is designed for both men and women with fantastic views on romance, sex, attraction etc from both sides.

    Acting is great, story is great and the chemistry between Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler works very well on screen.

    To sum this film up I have to say watch it. Make your own mind up. But I bet you won't be disappointed and I bet you can't stop yourself from one agreeing with some of the points made and two laughing out loud.
  • So as I was forced to watch this movie with my sister and her friend, the original stereotypical thoughts towards all love movies seem to be bursting throughout my head- corny: guy meets girl, girl hates guy at first, girl meets another guy then realizes that the first guy was the love of his life, girl goes back to guy and the movie ends with a touching make-out scene. Well, of course this was the case. HOWEVER, I wouldn't exactly call this movie a chick-flick. It seem to be the "battle of the sexes type," and it did not disappoint. I can easily say that I had some great laughs in this movie; surprisingly, and I am not even a comedy/chick flick guy. The whole moral of the movie is something both guys and women can you relate to, and some scenes are just hilarious for all types of audiences. The whole plot of the story was actually pretty solid for this style movie. In fact, the approach of this movie is so unique that I believe it belongs in its own category. Gerard Butler gives an excellent performance, both funny and charming. The humor had tremendous variety that kept audience laughing hysterically at some points. Overall, I really do recommend this movie for the male audience (Especially couples) and guarantee that they will not be disappointed after seeing this flick.
  • Abby (Katherine Heigl) is an intelligent producer of a local morning show in Sacramento, California. She lives with her cat in a beautiful, lushly-gardened apartment complex but, the lovely lady longs to meet Mr. Right. One day, bad news arrives, twofold. One, since the show's ratings have slipped, the owners of the station have decided to go in a new direction. And, two, that direction would be south, Abby believes, for they have hired a brash, I-don't-mince-words talk show host, Mike (Gerard Butler) for a reprise of his late-night call-in program, The Ugly Truth. Mike will do small segments of advice, where he will counsel women on what a man "really wants". Since Abby has a past with this gentleman (she had recently called the late night show to tell Mike to take a hike) the young producer is mighty peeved that he has been hired for "her" program. Instant dislike reigns supreme. However, Mike does seem to know about affairs of the heart, even in his twisted fashion, and starts to give advice to Abby, on how to "catch" the very handsome young doctor, Colin (Eric Winter) who has just moved into her complex. two doors down. But, since this requires Abby and Mike to actually converse and confide in one another, could it be that Cupid's arrows could go astray? This is a very raucous and funny romcom but. it is definitely not in the Doris Day tradition. Therefore, if you are easily offended or prefer "sweet" tales of love, with just a touch of spice, this one may not be for you. That said, the cast is really delightful, for Heigl and Butler make a most attractive. sparring duo and Winter turns heads with his looks and smiles. The supporting cast, with Cheryl Hines and the rest, is quite nice, too. Also, the Sacramento setting is lovely while the costumes are terrific and the production values high. As for the direction, it is full of energy and mischief, as befits a script that is clever but rather risqué. All in all, if you love romcoms or any of the stars, you will probably embrace this one with gusto. For the truth is, it is very romantic at its core, and that's the best ingredient a comedic love tale can possess.
  • What a fun movie! Don't pay attention to the critics - they need to just go and enjoy a movie sometimes. If you don't like crude, sexist humor, then don't go see this movie. However, if you can relax and just go watch a movie, then you will enjoy this one. The entire theater was rolling with laughter during this movie. I haven't laughed so much at a movie in a long time. This movie was a mix of romantic and slapstick humor with a little bit of crudeness thrown in for fun. This movie is definitely not one to take kids to - but that's why it is rated "R." It is full of adult humor (some crude), but that is nice for a change. All I can say is...go and enjoy this movie!!!
  • This may be one of the most abysmal movies I have ever seen. It surprises and disgusts me that it has a rating as high as it does. First of all, it basically sets the feminist movement back to the 1920s. It is offensive to both genders and portrays women as up-tight whiny control freaks and men as heartless and and arrogant jerks who only want sex. I hated the main characters and I honestly didn't care what happened to them. The jokes weren't at the least bit funny. I did not laugh once in this movie, mostly just cringed at the horrible dialog. If you like annoying, unintelligent, and disgusting humor, by all means go out and rent The Ugly Truth. If you you like Romantic Comedys that are actually funny and not grossly insulting, I highly advise you to watch something else.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Do you want to know the ugly truth about The Ugly Truth? Well, besides being obvious and banal cinematically, it made me laugh … a lot actually. Romantic comedies usually have one thing going for them and that is predictability. While this one has it in spades, what surprised me was how crude and crass the humor ended up being. And that's a very good thing because those instances brought on the biggest laughs of them all. One could guess there would be a few moments, especially after watching the trailer and seeing Gerard Butler's character being the epitome of alpha male, however, one would never anticipate a dinner party scene involving vibrating panties and a young child that loves objects resembling remote controls. But I'll tell you, set-ups like that were what kept me invested in the mediocre story, it definitely wasn't the manufactured chemistry between the leads.

    Everything revolves around our heroine Abby, played by Katherine Heigl. It is definitely a role that she has proved herself willing to portray, the strong-willed, professional beauty left by the wayside in regards to the other sex. She produces a successful morning show that just can't win in the ratings. Her cohorts are as conservative as she, willing to do a piece about the mayor to try and drive viewership back their way, shaking their heads when risqué ideas are batted around. Her boss, however, decides to hire "shock-jock" of sorts Mike who has been cultivating a following on cable access with his insight into the truth about relationships. His callous nature and unwavering ability to say exactly what is on his mind breaths life back into Abby's show despite the trepidation of lowering herself to the kind of television she has always abhorred. She can be swayed, however, once Butler's Mike agrees to play Cyrano to her Christian in wooing her dating checklist approved neighbor Colin. Like that French film, though, and all its many copies, we all know who is really falling in love in the end.

    Legally Blonde's Robert Luketic is behind the camera for this one and I'll admit that he tries his best to use the script in order to keep the audience on their toes. With subtle silent tricks, (introducing Mike's nephew and sister in a way to make us completely believe they are his son and wife), as well as a fearless use of language and sexual innuendo, (bravo to the studio for letting them take the R-rating and run with it), definitely got this guy—as in me—to stay alert while awaiting the next comedic gag. And while I didn't quite believe the romantic chemistry between Butler and Heigl, their relationship as buddies worked swimmingly. The beginning of their pact—to get her Colin and he respect on the set—where Mike coaches her on how to recover from the desperate call for a date is paced perfectly and acted just right. His over-zealous confidence and her naivety to it all becomes a great one-two punch. One that works just as well when she turns the table by proving she can flirt after a very funny shopping sequence where Mike is the one approving her wardrobe.

    And it's that aspect that worked for me too, seeing the guy be the relationship guru for the girl. Sure you want to think that he is wrong, you want to take offense to things he is saying as a guy—willing yourself to believe that he isn't speaking about you—but the sad truth is, it's all probably not that far off. He is so right when he says he doesn't understand romance or love, but that he is a master at lust and manipulation. His methods work and they are foolproof, but as we realize towards the end, along with Abby, the bond they acquire is never lasting. If you have to be a generic type to win someone's heart, well, you will never be happy. The ugly truth, therefore, is that dating is hard and relationships take work, but if you aren't honest with yourself or your significant other, it is all a lie that will only end in heartbreak.

    I'd like to give some credit to the supporting cast, but, frankly, they aren't on screen very much. This is the Katherine and Gerard show through and through. John Michael Higgins and Cheryl Hines do their best to steal some thunder, yet, thinking back, their most successful moments are a result of reactions to what Butler and/or Heigl did. If there was one guy that I really enjoyed in the background, and he is very quietly effective here, it would be Jesse D. Goins. His brief seconds of screen time, with either a facial expression or quick quip, are gold. The rest of the movie does rely on the stars and I applaud them for doing an admirable job. Why Butler needed to fake an American accent is beyond me, (his face just looked weird as he tried so hard to hide the Scottish), and Heigl's smugness rubs me the wrong way every time, but I was able to look past those crutches. If I could give The Ugly Truth any words of encouragement, it would be that my girlfriend loved it. So, if it fires on all cylinders for the demographic it's marketed to, and kept me laughing enough to forget how mediocre the actual story was, I guess, when all is said and done, it does do a pretty darn good job.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Katherine Heigl single, uptight, rich and beautiful? Check.

    Lead man a loud mouth, shallow pig? Check.

    Hate each other? Check.

    Start to fall for each other? Check.

    Have a big fight right before totally falling for each other? Check.

    End up together? Check.

    Miss anything? Didn't think so.
  • Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a high maintenance dater, producer of a lowly rated morning show about to be canceled. Her boss hires male chauvinist call-in show host Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler). Mike and Abby clash even before their first meeting. On the opposite end, she thinks her new hot doctor neighbor Colin (Eric Winter) fits the bill perfectly.

    This character actually fits Heigl's persona. So it has some potential right off the bat. At least, she's not the sweet girly girl in a rom-com.... until she meets the neighbor. She doesn't do that broad comedy that well. She looks ridiculous and stupid. She's better off as angry girl, sort of like Katherina in The Taming of the Shrew.

    This movie is completely predictable. Everybody can see everything coming from a mile away. The good news is that Heigl and Butler has some chemistry in their combative relationship. That's about all there is in this movie.
  • My husband and I saw this at a sold-out sneak preview on July 17. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time at a film and the audience seemed to find the film as funny and bawdy as I did. My husband was happy to watch a romantic comedy from the male perspective as well as the female for a change. The leads are attractive but not the usual "perfect" specimens we usually get in these films, and the situations, while often over-the-top, are quite humorously portrayed. The typical fairy tale elements seem to go by the wayside here and we're left with a harsher but very funny battle-of-the-sexes comedy for the times in which we now live.
  • Romantic comedies, I've said it before and I'll say it again, we always have the hit and miss formula that comes with this genre. For the most part it's a miss, we RARELY have a funny or original romantic comedy. It's been over a year since we've had a good romantic comedy and this year seems to be pushing the horrible movies of this genre. For example, we had The Proposal that was released this year and it was just awful and so simple. The Ugly Truth seemed to be heading the same way when I first saw the trailer, but when I learned that it was Rated R, I decided to try to give it a chance. Honestly, this movie was a lot better than I had expected, it actually had some really great laughs and is a heck a lot better than The Proposal. But once again The Ugly Truth fell back into the ugly formula of clichés that are just annoying and there were quite a few things that I would have done differently with the story, I'll first explain the plot.

    Abby, a TV producer, is coming home from another disastrous date one night, she happens to see a segment of a local television show, "The Ugly Truth," run by Mike Chadway, whose cynicism of relationships prompts Abby to call into the show to argue with him on-air. The next day, she discovers that the station is threatening to cancel her show because of its poor ratings, and the station owner has hired Mike to do a segment on her show to bring them back up. At first, the two have a rocky relationship; Abby thinks Mike is crass and disgusting while Mike finds Abby to be a control freak. However she meets the man of her dreams, a doctor named Colin living next to her, and Mike persuades her to follow his lead. She agrees to his helpful advice and if he can get her the man she wants, proving his theories on relationships, she will work happily with him, but if Mike fails, he agrees to quit; he successfully guides Abby to be exactly what Colin would want. But being a romantic comedy, Abby and Mike instead fall for each other as usual, you know how the story goes.

    Now things I would've done different, if you don't want spoilers then don't read on: there is a child that comes into Mike's apartment, he and Mike get along great, I'm thinking that's his son; instead it's his nephew. I think this would have added substance to his character and made him more likable and would have had a better story on why he was so bitter on women, maybe like the mother left him or something. Second: I honestly would have had Abby chosen the doctor over Mike. Katherine and Gerad are great on screen together, but their chemistry for this film I felt was more of a great friendship than falling in love with each other. Her choosing Mike over the doctor was so typical, I would have had the doctor find out about what was going on and then take her back realizing that he still liked her very much and then Mike ends up with some slutty girl as usual happy with his shallow life, but still enjoying it. Third: no tired formulas, no girl best friend supporting everything the lead female does, no big kiss in front of an audience, no dramatic of finding out what a kiss meant. Fourth: why do we have gorgeous people claiming they have a hard time finding love or supposedly not having sex for a year? I'm not saying it's impossible, but I'm finding it hard to believe that girls who look like Katherine Heigl are having the hardest time finding love.

    But there are some positives in the film, honestly I did have a good time watching this film over all, it was just the ending that killed the movie. But even the little rip off of When Harry Met Sally where Abby is wearing vibrating panties at a company dinner and someone saying what was in her food to have the same effect, it's an old joke but it never gets old. I loved that this was a Rated R rom-com because the reason MOST of these movies don't work are due to the fact that they're too family friendly and very much unrealistic. Not to say that The Ugly Truth is completely realistic, but more so than most films. We have some sick jokes but get a great laugh, Abby is going to a baseball game with Colin, her crush, and she accidentally spills her drink on his lap and starts rubbing his pants to clean them and the kiss cam lowers in on them with a bad angle looking like she's just having fun with his hot dog. Honestly I think most of the theater had a hard time catching their breath on that joke, no one could stop laughing. Katherine and Gerad do have great chemistry on screen, I just think it would have worked better as a friendship. So I would say this is better suited as a rental vs. a theater view. It's a lot better than I expected but had more potential as it falls back into the same old tired formula.

  • I like Romantic comedies, they humorous and never try to preach to much. Last good one I saw was Knocked Up and it was sweet. But according to the female lead in it was Sexist. Yes... okay what's your move Miss Heigl

    *Katherine Heigl stars in The Ugly Truth*

    There is no way nice way of putting this. There no kind way to lay this out. But this movie is freaking sexist. It paints men as sex crazed dogs, without an ounce of romance within them and everything they do is solely for sex. Move over Knocked Up, a film that made me laugh that was beautiful that really told a wonderful story.

    Here we have a film that speaks down to woman, objectifies them and actually says this is right. That all men want is sex therefore woman should accept this and dress like whores, act like whores and overall listen to misogyny.

    This film hurt me, it made me sick, I'm so glad only saw review because nothing about this movie appealed to me. The characters, the script, the music. It was all to paint men as sex crazed Neanderthals.

    I'm 19, I want love, I want a relationship, I don't want sex for sex sake. And I'm demographic this movie aimed at.

    Honestly it claims men only pretend to listen, that men only care what will get them laid. It doesn't have any nuances doesn't have any redeeming features and it's so contrived.

    How can you call Knocked Up sexist and then go to star in this? It's beyond me.

    There only one ugly truth here hypocrisy, making a film that attacks men rather than woman is just as bad as sexism against woman.

    Trust me girls, this movie isn't realistic to any degree of real people.

    So it just depresses me, how much people love this movie:

    Gender wars is a pathetic use of anyone time, once you see people as anyone other than the shallow superficial crap you think of us as, then truly there will be less of this contrived and jaded nonsense.

    God this movie annoyed the hell out of me.

    Don't watch.
  • belzedet18 December 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Before renting this film I had read quite a few reviews about this film on this site and decided that it sounded good and would be appropriate for me to watch with my 17-year old daughter. I was misled.

    So, I need to make a comment. I've just re-read as many of those previous comments/reviews, plus a dozen more. It seems that many people saw the film in "preview" showing - they all loved it. Could those posts be planted by the movie production or distribution companies? Because, frankly, this movie was not funny, it was filled with vulgarity, and it was poorly made, with choppy scenes, poor character development, etc.

    If the creators of this film were trying to emulate a Hepburn/Tracy-like relationship on screen, they failed. Seeing a beautiful woman say the word c*** repeatedly is not humorous, sexy or intriguing. It's just plain bad film-making. A terrible script, stereotyped characters and, overall, a bad career choice for the actors involved.

    Very inappropriate for high school aged kids who love the romantic comedy formula and go to these movies because they feel good that the couple ends up together happy. This couple finally gets together, but my daughter and I felt liked we'd been dragged through the mud with them to get there.
  • So-so sitcom starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler, set in a completely unbelievable (by me) world of daytime television, in which Katherine Heigl, the hoity-toity politically correct producer of a very low-rating breakfast/midday news & current affairs show is incensed when her superior appoints a politically incorrect hunk (Gerard Butler) to host a special segment called 'The Ugly Truth', in which he tells 'the truth', which she finds ugly, but the audience loves, and which, of course, rates its head off. There are some funny ideas here, which don't quite play out. KH is not believable as Ms Hoity-Toity. In fact this is the sort of romcom that KH usually sends up. Gerard B is okay, he's just not funny. Some people aren't. Successful romcoms, I think, are like souflees; they seem insubstantial, but they're delicious when they're just right – light and fluffy. All that lightness takes a lot of hard work, and skill. This looks like it's been cast in a hurry, and shot in a hurry..and it'll probably be forgotten thus
  • The Ugly Truth is a entertaining romantic comedy about Abby Richter, a romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left her hopelessly single. She's in for a rude awakening when her bosses team her with Mike Chadway, a hardcore TV personality who promises to spill the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick. Although I think the movie is a little predictable and with some corny moments, it is also very enjoyable and funny. The cast is formed by Gerard Butler (300) and Katherine Heigl (27 Dresses) in the leading roles. Heigl is like in her previous movies very good, she is made for this type of movies and Butler is a real surprise, he did excellent in his very first romantic comedy. In conclusion, The Ugly Truth is a very enjoyable comedy for men and women.
  • "It's a little sexist. It paints the women as shrews, as humourless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys... I'm playing such a bitch; why is she being such a killjoy?" The Ugly Truth star Katherine Heigl there, talking to 'Vanity Fair' in 2007 about Judd Apatow's 'Knocked Up.'

    Fast-forward a couple of years, and stone me, if Heigl's not playing another shrewish, humourless and uptight media-professional, in yet another opposites-attract romantic comedy. Is this her idea of progress? If she's atoning for her early role in 1994's American remake of 'My Father, The Hero', in which her 14-year-old character wears a white, one-piece thong bikini while claiming her dad Gérard Depardieu is actually her lover in order to appear more womanly to boys, then perhaps it is. But right now Heigl's range is proving slightly more limited than John Wayne's, who at least played both a Mongolian *and* an ancient Roman with a Madison County accent.

    Heigl plays Abby Richter, a Sacramento breakfast TV show producer, and the kind of frightening valkyrie who background-checks her dates. This glamorous professional remains inexplicably single - until the execs pair her up with shouty shock jock Mike Chadway (a dodgy-accented Gerard Butler) to boost the ratings with his lame 'Men are from Bars, Women Need a Penis' shtick. Chadway's 'Ugly Truth' segment claims to spill the beans about the sexes while advising pent-up women to flick the same. "Men are simple, they cannot be trained! You wanna win a man over, you don't need ten steps, you just need blowjobs!" While women who want 'relationships' are advised to talk dirty, dress like Streetwalker Barbie and "get a StairMaster". Given that Mike has already called Abby a "dog" and a "lesbian", what happens next is frankly extraordinary: the shriekingly strange control freak falls for her neighbour, the young orthopaedic doctor Colin (Eric Winter), and challenges Mike to be her very own Cyrano-in-an-earpiece. And, well, we all know how 'Roxanne' turned out. (Or not: Mike doesn't actually get off with Colin.)

    If one were to take a buzzsaw to The Ugly Truth, its arterial spray would drip down the wall to form the coagulated word 'Generic'. Among 37,000 similar rom-coms, it is markedly close to 2001's 'Someone Like You', in which Ashley Judd uses roommate Hugh Jackman's womanising outlook as raw material for her sexist advice column. And then falls in love with him. This lack of any originality whatsoever wouldn't be so insulting if there existed any actual chemistry between the leads; if the supporting cast weren't as slight as snowflakes (wimpy Colin is barely even human); or if, with its trash-mouth, oral-sex gags and casting, it didn't so desperately and transparently want to be a Judd Apatow movie. Just one without the insight. Or soul. Or wit. Or anything. Why is Mike in love with Abby? "Beats the s*** out of me, but I am." And that, boys and girls, is how you tidily dispose of character development when your script ain't worth a fart.

    Its leading lady exec-produced this (rarely a promising sign), and so did her mum, but this film seemingly exists only to utterly humiliate Heigl via three farcical set-pieces; the lowlight of which sees her remote-controlled vibrating sex knickers (a gift from Mike, with the honest-to-goodness words "this isn't for you, it's for your bean") being 'accidentally' activated while she's out having dinner with clients. Meg Ryan's got nothing to worry about but Nora Ephron should sue. "Thanks for coming tonight" says Mike. "For dinner. That kind of coming." Sure, we get it. Who wrote these gags, David Brent? Well actually, a trio of women wrote this film (two of them also being the brains behind 'Legally Blonde', 'She's The Man' and 'The House Bunny'), demonstrably proving that chauvinism isn't the sole preserve of one sex.
  • dbean6625 January 2011
    the 6.4 rating is beyond me. I hated this movie. Hated it. hated it. hated it.

    First off, Gerard Butler's American accent is pretty horrible. Katherine Heigl's character is a walking cliché. (A workaholic woman who's unlucky in love, even though she looks like Kathryn Heigl)

    The movie ends with one of the most stupid endings that I've ever seen. WARNING SPOILERS

    Why would she fall in love with Mike? I still don't get it. They had some decent chemistry as friends, but were not believable as a couple.


    Even worse is the fact that the movie is a big sexist lie. It's offensive to both women and men. In interviews, the cast and director defend it saying that "it's the truth." Bull****. It's not the truth. Women don't need to degrade themselves to land a man. Not all men want their women as sex objects.

    The film is mean spirited, not funny, not charming, boring, dull, and clichéd.

    And the film really failed to take advantage of it's R rating. There are much better romantic comedies. Don't waste your time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I did not expect much from this film and it didn't even live up to those small expectations. I actually didn't laugh once, and so I was in disbelief when the rest of the cinema started to crack up at the obvious and smutty jokes. Therefore I'm guessing I'm probably in the minority who really really hated this film, although the two friends I was with also felt this way. All three of us knew the ending when we saw the trailer, but we had also felt this way about The Proposal trailer and had found that film really really funny, so we thought we'd give The Ugly Truth a try. I wish we hadn't bothered! I feel bad for Katherine Heigl, I like her as an actress and I know she can be funny because I've seen Knocked Up. This film is just terribly clichéd and really rather dull, dull, dull. The fact that Gerard Butler's character had been hurt in the past and that's why he doesn't believe in relationships but underneath all his dirty talk he really is a nice guy because he lives next door to his sister and looks after his nephew who just wonders into the news studio during recording! (How did he get in?!) And the ending in the hot air balloon was ridiculous, the assistant producer said they were off air, then the balloon takes off and their conversation and make out session is apparently going out live. I have already mentioned The Proposal and I have to say go and see that, not this. Although the ending is equally predictable it has a more original story and several great moments. And if you've already seen The Proposal, go and see it again, because it has to be more enjoyable than sitting through one and a half hours of The Ugly Truth!
  • Katherine Heigl is capable of good acting, but it'a wasted on a film that seems to be targeted at 12 year-olds whose humour stays around the masturbation and such themes level. It really, really is not in the same league as "When Harry met Sally" as another commenter suggests; that film had some class - this has none.

    What's particularly sad about this film is that the basic theme of "what men really want is tits and arse, anything else is a denial of the truth" theory is portrayed as being THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Well, it is for a certain proportion of the population - but the whole world is not trailer-trash - thankfully! We walked out after 45 minutes wondering why we did not have the wisdom to do so earlier.
  • Now I do like this genre of film, but only when the comedy is funny and the romance touches or moves me. The Ugly Truth I am afraid to say, did neither.

    The film does look quite nice with striking cinematography and locations, but sadly that is the only praise I can give. I was disappointed in the soundtrack, I did find it very generic and forgettable, and in the direction which was so smug and unfocused.

    When it comes to the acting, it wasn't very good really. Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler do try to bring some life into their roles, but the two have no chemistry together and it doesn't help that their characters(and all the characters of the film for that matter) are so shallow and clichéd that I couldn't care for them at all.

    The worst assets were the script and the story. The script is incredibly unfunny and mean-spirited, and the story is predictable and hackneyed with an ending you can smell a mile off. Also the pacing is so sluggish, and with everything else so poor the whole film was a dull chore to sit through, and on top of all that with how some of the characters behave and treat each other here some of it felt sexist.

    Overall, I disliked it, because I found it dull with a poor story and script with characters I felt nothing for. 1/10 Bethany Cox
  • This 2009 movie proves that women - in this case, screenwriters Nicole Eastman, Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith - can write romantic comedies just as poorly as men can. As directed by Robert Luketic ("Legally Blonde"), the idea behind this misfire is to cross-pollinate the most tired conventions of the female-focused genre with the sensibilities of the recent spate of raunchy, man-boy comedies, this latter genre having found its unequivocal leader in Judd Apatow. However, unlike Apatow, who has figured out how to make films that are insightful as well as funny like "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up" (ironically featuring this film's star, Katherine Heigl), Luketic shows no such finesse as everything in this film feels labored with the principal actors Heigl and Gerard Butler overplaying their opposites-attracts roles to near-cartoon proportions. Moreover, there are so many absurd gross-out gags inserted in this film that it feels like the creators (including executive producer Heigl) completely miscalculates who its target audience appears to be.

    The strictly by-the-numbers plot centers on Abby Richter, an uptight, overachieving producer for a ratings-challenged morning talk show in, of all places, Sacramento. Her workplace is full of the stock characters you would expect in this type of formulaic movie - the demanding station manager, the show's vainglorious co-hosts with empty smiles and non-ironic deliveries, the inane segments that make up Abby's struggling show. Predictably, her personal life is burdened by an incessant, programmatic search for Mr. Right, and consequently, her one-time dates become a series of qualification interviews. Prospects don't look much better at work with her show's ratings, and so enters local cable-access celebrity, Mike Chadway, a chauvinist personality who regales in providing sexist advice on what men are really looking for in women. Naturally, it comes down to guys wanting nothing but sex and how women should do everything they can to encourage it.

    Ratings rise based on the prurient content and Mike's unapologetic behavior, and even Abby recognizes his prowess in tapping into the public's psyche, so much so that on a stay-or-get-fired wager, Mike convinces her that he can be her Cyrano to help her land her neighbor, a handsome doctor who meets all of Abby's superficial qualifications. As tired as the premise sounds (and it is), the movie's pain points are exacerbated by the constant need to humiliate Abby, mainly through simulations of sexual acts in public. Obviously a knock-off of Meg Ryan's fake orgasm scene in "When Harry Meets Sally…", the most notoriously contrived episode involves a pair of electronic panties that cause her to writhe uncontrollably in front of her corporate sponsors. Heigl seems to be playing the same model of efficiency in all her big-screen roles, and as Abby, she plays her stereotype on hyper-drive, for instance, hanging upside down from a tree in her underwear or doing her happy dance repeatedly.

    Burying his Scottish brogue under an accent that sounds suspiciously like Mel Gibson's, Butler should be careful about accepting roles like Mike because he could otherwise turn into a Matthew McConaughey-type of actor, a promising career start ("Dear Frankie") followed by bad commercially-driven choices. The other actors make little impression with even the comic talents of John Michael Higgins and Cheryl Hines wasted as the shallow talk show co-hosts. The ending is predictable and poorly matted on a hot-air balloon, and the denouement brings an unnecessarily cynical exclamation point to the whole venture. The 2009 DVD is unsurprisingly, mostly filler - a gag reel, a set of alternative endings, and a couple of featurettes – the first about the differences in the male and female points of view and the second about the apparent hilarity in making this film. I'm glad the cast and crew had a good time, me not so much.
  • Usually I don't feel the great need to write a review but after watching this piece of garbage I did. When Katherine Hiegel came out months after "Knocked Up" was released saying how she thought that the film was sexiest and put women in a negative light I thought that she would be more picky about her roles. Personally as a woman I liked "Knocked Up" I thought that it was intelligent, witty, and great fun- unlike this piece of garbage called "The Ugly Truth." Hiegel thought that "Knocked Up" made women look like shrews who didn't like to have fun well this movie brought the shrew up to the upteanth billion factor. It was suppose to be a romantic comedy, in which I wasn't laughing or the two other people in the theatre with me, weren't either.
  • If you're looking for a breezy, predictable romcom that pokes fun at gender stereotypes, "The Ugly Truth" will fill the slot. It's basically a watered-down rehash of the classic "When Harry Met Sally" gender war romcom (right down to the orgasm at a restaurant scene) with nothing really new. Unfortunately the angle that would have given it a fresh spin ended up on the cutting room floor. I'll get to that in a sec. First let's summarize the story.

    Abby (Katherine Heigl) is an uptight, prudish tv producer who is forced to work with a loud-mouthed, misogynistic talk show host named Mike (Gerard Butler). Each presents an extreme stereotype of the sexes: Abby is a control freak who expects her man to be straight out of the Hallmark Channel while Mike treats women like he's ordering at the McDonald's drive thru. The plot revolves around a bet: Mike tells Abby that if she follows his neanderthal advice, she can snare her perfect dream man.

    So there's an interesting sort of role reversal, where the prudish female is taking lessons from the neanderthal bro in order to achieve her ideal Hallmark romance. That itself was a great start, but this clever spirit of the film got lost when they cut a few critical scenes (I guess because those scenes focused on character development and didn't have enough zingers).

    The scenes that were cut showed exactly how hopelessly neurotic Abby is and why she keeps scaring men off. And they focused on the important, yet mostly lost, subplot of how fake Abby must become in order to snare her man. 4 or 5 scenes were cut, and rather than understanding the degree of Abby's "Pygmalion" transformation, we the audience are rushed through the process. Also cut are some scenes that show Mike to be more sensitive/human, giving his character depth which is otherwise lacking. The result of these cuts is, instead of this film showing more of a complex gender-role-reversal switcheroo, it simply falls back on the black & white stereotypes of men being neanderthals and women being prudes. Nothing exceptionally clever, but still entertaining enough.

    So in the end, yes, I can understand why the watered down message could offend some. What we get is mostly the male perspective of Mike, reducing Abby's role to being his clueless sidekick. And the rest is predictable.

    The angle of them on a tv set with a producer/talent relationship is interesting, but it's nothing really new if you've done your romcom homework. On that account I would sooner recommend "Groundhog Day" which has the identical setup--Bill Murray playing the narcissistic tv talent with Andie McDowell playing his more sensible-minded producer--except that Groundhog Day rightfully focuses on the narcissist coming down to earth, not the other way around which we see here.

    A final note worth mentioning. I've heard it said that any movie that ends with a hot air balloon is insulting to the viewer's intelligence. There is indeed a hot air balloon in this one. So be prepared...
  • Well I think this film is really good I think it could have a higher rating. Gerald Butler and Katherine Heigl are just perfect for the roles. A good American romantic film with plenty of laughter and not to mention it has a lot of adult humour. If you have not watched it then do
  • This is the most a-moral, bull movie some one could watch. All men want is a physical relationship and they are dimwitted arrogant over grown children, and that's what men are.

    The Ugly truth is the war raging on against you all and the way they want you to think.

    It lacks any true wit, it is a deluded crude spoof on reality. It's more of the sort of junk that the military industrial complex wants out there. Take away your beliefs, morals and intelligence. Dumb you down and take away your ethics.

    It's a trash film and the fact that my family sits through it without even knowing why they are watching it disturbs me. The most shallow, brainless entertainment full of crude comical interpretations of both sexes that aren't even funny. Brain wash garbage.
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