The Monk in the Thailand scene is an actual 83-year old monk, and kept looking at the camera during filming.

The original screenplay had over 12 major subplots. The original rough cut was over 4 1/2 hours. After having been cut down to just over 2 hours with extensive re-writes, the additional sub-plots became unnecessary and tended to slow the pace down. The website features many of the deleted scenes and whole deleted sub-plots. While the current version of the film has a multi-plot feel, the current version doesn't even come close in the confusion factor to the original.

The director's pets are in the movie - Joe Saldana's cat "Natasha" and Aaron Husienfeldt's rabbit "Raincloud".

The post production and over 200 visual effects shots were done intermittently in Los Angeles and San Diego, California - all of which was done by Joe Saldana and Aaron Huisenfeldt. Since Joe lives in Los Angeles and Aaron lives in San Diego, they travelled back and forth with computer systems and as many as 25 external hard drives for the editing and visual effects for the film.

Names in particular scenes are names related to the directors. For example, Sgt. Spiloggi came from a variation on Joe's Girlfriend's last name, Spilker. Big MF comes from Aaron and Joe's band Big MF. Sanpa (the name of the storage place) is Joe's nickname for San Francisco, Guanajuato, the city in Mexico where he grew up. Antonio Gesualdo comes from the Madrigal Composer, Carlo Gesualdo.

Numbers also have relevance. The lottery numbers, 07-13-74 and 10-08-70 are Joe Saldana and Aaron Huisenfeldt's birthdays, respectively. The numbers from Pi, Avogadro's number, Joe's girlfriend's birthday, Prime number combinations, etc. are used extensively in the film.

Every step of the film making process was learned on the fly by the two directors: Screenwriting, casting, pre-production, cinematography, lighting, costume design, direction, production, editing, color correction, visual effects, music supervision, music editing, Foley, sound effects and web design.

The largest crew for this movie is three people. The smallest crew is ZERO. 'Zero' meaning that a camera was set on a tripod, and since the two directors were in the scene, they took turns directing.

The production was began with Joe Saldana working 60 hours per week as a chef at a restaurant in a new hotel in downtown San Diego and Aaron Huisenfeldt working part-time as a bartender and also going to graduate school for music. The two worked a combined 7,000 hours on the film to see it from it's conception all the way to completion.

Many of the actors have various cameos, some as many as 15, especially as Gang of The Black Mask members.

All of the fight sequences were coordinated by the actors playing the roles.

The young actress who plays one of the kids, Melody Au, had very little acting experience, and was a natural. She has lines in Cantonese, Russian, Turkish and English.