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  • Asur riding on a shoulders of the strong storyline and scripts with having a love hate relationship trio by Jeet,Abir,Nusrat worth a watch.Everyone played their part quite convincingly and emote right. But for instance kigan turns into real jeet, the action hero,the profile that doesn't fit at all in the sense of hygiene and fitness of a alcoholic. Also there are few unanswered question. Overall it's nice film to watch.
  • Love triangle against the backdrop of Tallest Durga is really a unique concept.....Jeet as Kigan reminds us about great artist Ramkinkar Baij...Abir as Bodhi touches our heart, sometime he seems to be good and sometimes bad but everyone will just love him...Nusrat as Aditi is a surprise package...BGM by Bikram Ghosh is extra-ordinary... Climax is the biggest surprise
  • Watch it for the screenplay and Abir's performance. Jeet is such a huge star but his acting is below average
  • souvikriju6 January 2020
    Best film of JEET. His acting in this film is beyond any boundary. Pavel as director is bang on ! The first Bengali film of this decade is a masterpiece. I am pretty sure this will be a CULT. ABIR & NUSRAT also were brilliant. Hats off. 👌
  • surajkola6 January 2020
    A mind blowing movie by Pavel. What a script !!! Super BGM and top notch acting make this movie special. This movie will break all the record. Whole cinema hall done standing ovation after finishing the movie. Wow!!!
  • Abdul_karim00728 April 2020
    No logic.. no common sense, no story just bunch of high paid actors.. only good thing is Abir good performance
  • An above average, carnage-driven Bengali drama. It has a very unique storyline. I would definitely recommend everyone to watch it
  • Great film . Jeet best work till date. Excellent dialogue excellent screenplay. Everyone done great job. After watching i can say pavel is a very good director. Song of the film are outstanding.
  • kolamridula13 January 2020
    After a long time feeling proud to being watch such as a Bengali movie like ASUR. What a concept by Pavel. Storyline of this movie is mind-blowing. The climax part of this movie surely done goosebumps to all.
  • Although I personally do not believe in classification of cinema but going by the popular notion, Asur is the new age Bengali mainstream cinema. And it is an excellent example of good film making. Right at the beginning of the new decade Asur makes an impact with the audience with a potent mix of reality and fiction in the backdrop of Durgapuja. Pavel's script, screenplay and direction is spot on. He is one director to look out for in this decade. Pavel scripted the lead characters well. Cinematography is superlative with the camera capturing the essence of Kolkata (from Academy to Maidan and bylanes) with aplomb. Excellent BGM by Bikram Ghosh. Songs are good. Jeet in a de-glam look of a eccentric artist gives a decent performance (thought I found him a bit over the top in few scenes.). Nusrat Jahan delivers her career best performance. Abir Chatterjee in a grey character steels the show. He delivers an excellent performance as a ruthless corporate leader on one hand and a loving father, deprived husband on the other. The film engages the audience till the climax. Although the climax is bit melodramatic but there are a few twists which the audience will enjoy. In all, Asur is a good watch with a strong concept that revolves around Bengali art, culture and heritage.
  • This movie is not something which we usually get from Jeet. I used to wonder that being one of the best actors in India, why Jeet does not come out from the traditional entertainment zone type of movies and create something big. Finally, this is big. This movie is engaging and at the same time its thought provoking. There are very few movies in Bengali which are made this big. All the actors did their job wonderfully... story line, direction, music, everything was superb. I rate it 8 out of 10 because I think there could be more focus on the character of Kigan (Jeet), in other words, it seemed to me that I wanted to know more about Kigan, wanted to know more aspects of his nature.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Kigan, an eccentric but extremely talented sculptor, goes about creating the tallest Durga idol in Kolkata for the Deshabondhu Park Puja. In the film, too, his creation attracts millions of visitors and umpteen awards, but ends with a stampede at the venue. But a twist. The Stampede is here to share a plan to break Kigan and the creation he considers his biggest gift to mankind. This drama shows that even the best of us are slaves of circumstances, which can turn us into asurs (demons) anytime.

    The story by Pavel is, of course, the hero in this film, where all the lead characters are sway between various shades of gray.According to the director, it is a tribute to the sculptor Ramkinkar Baij.Lead actors, especially Jeet and Abir. Everyone plays their part quit convincingly and emote right, while riding on the shoulders of a strong storyline and script.

    As for flaws, there are a few. For example, Kigan momentarily turns into Jeet, the action hero, when attacked by a few goons. That profile really fits the bill. He is a sculptor too high on alcohol most of the time and too indifferent about hygiene and fitness to beat the agility or training of the living daylights out of quite a few goons. Then again, no character has a back story. Although we feel a lack of it through most of the film, one wonders why only Aditi is a living parent and why Kigan keeps seeing his imaginary muse (played by Rajnandini Paul).

    Aside from all this, Asur is surely a film worth watching - if not for anything else, for the performances by Jeet, Abir, Nusrat and others, and of course, the love-hate relationship of the trio.
  • Nice Plot & Mindblowing Making.. Everyone Should Watch It...
  • nikitasaraf10 March 2020
    The show is really nice. It has a different story and theme line. I would recommend everyone to watch it.
  • manik-1973313 February 2020
    Very outstanding movie directed by Pavel. Each has a unique performance from their own place.
  • Overall a nice movie!! Script very interesting, ending was very very good!! As usual great acting again by Jeet & Abir, specially Jeet. Great work by Pavel.... Nice movie.
  • Good performance by Jeet ,Abir and Nusrat Poor CGI ,set and prosthetic Decent music 🎧 Overall story of the Movie is fresh and new, can be watched without any hasitation
  • A fitting tribute to the famous sculptor Sir Ramkinkar Baij. This movie is a relationship drama in the backdrop of the largest Durga idol of Deshbandhu park. The movie is a wonder to behold. Director Pavel builds the story carefully and intricately just to give an ending none expected. This is one of those movies which should have boasted of huge box office numbers, unfortunately it didn't happen due to the lack of audience who passionately watch Bangla Cinema. The movie has slight mistakes and loopholes but the tight screenplay and world class performances keep you engaged through out the film. This movie is a milestone in Bengali commercial cinema.
  • kundan-772477 June 2020
    This film is all about passion with promising factor. When Arts and Artists both love each other then only it it will be conserve to make it story to history.
  • This is a masterpiece. Jeet gives us stunning performance. Abir and Nusrat also great. Direction, music, story, songs are superb! In one word FIRE🔥
  • Superbly written and almost flawless direction but ending the last episode is such a huge disappointment.. looks as if the director wanted to finish and squeeze everythin into episode 8.. too many errors and ending doesnt justify thr binge watch effort at all !!!!
  • 'Asur',really it is a kind of masterpiece . The script(though it has some flaws) keeps you engaged through out the movie.This movie is an epitome of bengali art and culture. And acting wise saying, Jeet has rediscovered himself as an actor, He reminds us about the mad artist Ramkinkar Baij, this is his best work till date, people who say he can't act should go and watch the film,And Nusrat too has given a stellar performance,and Aabir acting as a pro, not unusual for him! There were competition among these 3 that who will overshadow whom(acting wise)! And last but not the least the 'Background music', boy its just amazing, Bickram Ghosh has done an excellent job! The last seen with that BGM gave goosebumps really.
  • It's story about love, friendship and art culture. The lead character kinagi is a art professor , who deduct his life to art and scriptures. All artists does their job in a impressive way. Hatts off to the story, screenplay and direction. Once again Bengali film industry present their unique master piece work in front of us. A must watch for all ages people and it's worth watching.
  • pritambag23 April 2020
    A total 180° degree rotation from the mainstream. Offbeat, dark, intense format highlighting the culture, the artforms and typical human nature. One of the finest performance by Jeet and from the ensemble cast including Nusrat and Abir. Over the top music highlighted each and every artform in a new manner. I personally enjoyed it. And will highly recommend it.
  • The movie is worthy to be watched especially in this era of Bengali cinema where 80 to 90 percentage movies are the remake of South. The story is quite unique with a different kind of aspects of romance. A bit of thrilling moment is also there before the climax which makes the movie more exciting. Both Abir and Jeet have done some quiet fabulous acting. But specially Abir, he is outstanding on his job as much as he have done in any Byomkesh or Sona Da movie. He is just exceptional and does justice with his role. I just want to ask Jeet why he is wasting his talent by doing the commercial larger than life movies. I think he doesn't know what he could be capable of. But only the minus point in the movie is Nusrat. She got a good character to showcase her talent but could not justify with her acting. She just faded away between the two male leads. I was expecting something more from her. The music is also good. So overall the movie is worth to watch once.
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