Dead Serious: Knock, knock.

The Interviewer: Great. Who's there?

Dead Serious: Vanilla Ice.

The Interviewer: Vanilla Ice who?

Dead Serious: ...exactly.

Dead Serious: Right here is where I got shot the first time.

The Interviewer: How old were you?

Dead Serious: Four.

Dead Serious: Life is like a big piece of pie. Don't get mad at me because I only eat the crust.

The Interviewer: It's not my fault if their shortcomings are popping up all over the place.

The Interviewer: Really. You call it a poetry movement, but you should be calling it a bowel movement because it's crap.

3rio 2: 'Cause that's how we met. We were in a coffee shop. I ordered a bran muffin...

3rio 1: -And I ordered a muffin with bran.

The Trainer: They come in here with their annunciating, and their breathing from the diaphragm... you know that's crap.

The Interviewer: To what do you attribute their success?

Club Manager: Well, you know, if you wanted to, to, you know, examine their success, um, if you wanna like really figure, you know what? I don't know.

Speak: This cat was selling out coffee shops and basements all over the world.