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  • This is Battle Star Wars, a mockbuster of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. What's a mockbuster? Well, sometimes when a big-budget, highly-anticipated movie is coming out, small studios will quickly and cheaply pump out their own ripoffs for a quick buck, hoping to trick people into buying them because of the similar titles and cover art. They are NOT parodies. They're just ripoffs. The most infamous studio that does this is The Asylum, who have made such masterpieces as Transmorphers, Atlantic Rim, Avengers Grimm and many, MANY more. I highly recommend looking up their filmography. It's pretty funny. They also make their own original giant monster movies, sleazy sex comedies, B-horror movies and Christian movies. Hmm. One of these things is not like the others. Anyway, normally I wouldn't bother with these damn mockbusters. I tried to watch Transmorphers once and was bored to tears. However, I'm a big Star Wars fan so I thought it might be fun to check this movie out. There are no new Star Wars movies coming out until 2022. Gotta fill the void somehow. I don't really know what I was expecting, but it's really bad. The effects are really bad, the cinematography has all the personality of a soap opera, the score is generic, the story is derivative and it's just boring. Everything is basically Star Wars but changed slightly. Instead of Jedi, you have Paladins. Instead of the Galactic Empire, you got the Coalition of Planets. Instead of the rebels, you get....still the rebels. They didn't even change the name! The movie even has expository text at the beginning! They even straight-up used some Aurebesh letters from Star Wars in the movie! It's very shameless. You know how Star Wars is fun and action-packed and is always taking you to new locations and moving the story along with great characters? Well, 99% of the scenes in this movie take place in the interior of ships. The other 1% is shot in some desert. And I swear, they used the same sets for every ship but only changed the colour of the lighting! That kind of thing might be acceptable for a stage play, but not a movie! And the characters are dull! And the action is boring! And the story is hard to follow because it hardly shows you ANYTHING! They just tell you everything, but even then they don't explain things. One of the bad guys, who's supposed to be Darth Vader or something, has Force powers out of nowhere, which was NOT established at all unless I missed something! And the costumes are bad! Half of the characters are just wearing regular clothes, and the ones who are wearing something Star Wars-y look like they're wearing Halloween costumes! My favourite was this one character that's supposed to be a Wookiee or something but it's just a tall guy with a beard! My second favourite were all the robots who all just looked like regular humans. Even the worst sci-fi B-movies from the 50s and 60s usually remembered to make their aliens look like aliens and their robots look like robots! There's only one actually properly costumed alien in this movie that shows up near the end out of nowhere! There are also technical issues everywhere. Some sound effects are just missing, there's some bad editing and half the actors can't even pronounce the name of the main character, who's supposed to be Poe Dameron or something, correctly! Speaking of the actors, they're clearly trying their best but the direction and the script are so bad they just don't have anything to work with. Overall, this movie could've worked if it were a fraction of the runtime and a Star Wars fan film on YouTube or something, but even some of those are better than this. Maybe the script could've been turned into one of those crappy self-published sci-fi novels on Amazon. It still wouldn't be good, but at least we might get a Jenny Nicholson video out of it! It would be better this! Anything is better than this! Don't watch it! It's not so bad it's good! It's not enjoyable at all! It's just bad! Even The Phantom Menace is better than this! No, you know what, even The Star Wars Holiday Special is better than this! No, you know what, even Turkish Star Wars is better than this! Avoid it like the plague! Oh, one last thing, there's a setup for a sequel. Ughhhhhhhhhh.....
  • aubreyc-4061728 January 2020
    In just the TITLE, this movie rips off two other, far superior franchises, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Wars. The opening exposition dump uses the Dragon Language from Skyrim with an odd transition into English. The ships at the beginning look surprisingly okay, but the explosions that quickly follow are reminiscent of the flower clouds from Spongebob. There are also Hyperspace(?) jumps that appear to use the same effect but blue. I have trouble describing events past this as it causes me actual pain to think about this movie.
  •!! Zero imagination went into this cheesy and horribly acted movie. That is all.
  • Typical Asylum turd, skirting copyright infringement hoping for people to accidentally buy this, as they mistake it for a movie of "some" quality.

    Lets see if i can give this fest the 0 starts it deserves.
  • What clown thought it was a good idea to put THAT much pressure on their low budget mediocre at best film as to blatantly rip off titles of two powerhouse franchises??? Even if it was the boss they should fire themselves.

    That's like a brand new barely can sing artist just trying to get on the scene and deciding to call themselves Mike L. Jackson. lmao FOH smh
  • I never thought that I would watch a movie like this! Horrible acting and plots. Such a disgrace to this Title. And yes you must be kidding, you used Battlestar and Star Wars titles?
  • There has been at least some money spent on VFX and sets etc. but the terrible script, laboured scenes and characters who we really don't care about made it a big, big mess.
  • I would like to offer my services to the people from The Asylum, i think my input could make their movies have bigger rating, instead of the 2.1 it has right now, with my input it could have 2.5, assuming i could let go at least half of them and the remaining half will do what i say out of fear! but i doubt the budget of this movie could pay for that... the cgi is horrible, the acting is nonexistent, the story is a joke, the title says it all!
  • Clearly no Vulcan logic was involved in the making of this movie, it's not the stuff that makes careers, its the stuff that break them.
    • Terrible post editing, loads of awkward pauses.
    -Bad and missing sound effects. -Acting is all over the place, with some actors acting seriously, while others comedic over dramatize. -Costumes department has never seen a Star Wars movie.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is an Asylum mockbuster. The story line is similar to "Star Wars" except they can beam. The Jedi master is called a Paladin and he doesn't use the force. I imagined from the title this would be a clever spoof but it was far from it. The film while similar to "Star Wars" was far from a comical spoof. The acting and dialogue never got up light speed.

    Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.
  • Pretty much what the title says. You've got to be joking, right?
  • caniblcat11 March 2020
    Wow. Was this filmed in someone's garage? With the exception of Alyson Gorske, there wasn't a half-decent actor in the movie and the quality was bad even compared to Ice Pirates, a B film from way back in 1984. That movie was at least worthy of being called a cult classic, there's nothing redeeming about this piece of trash. I can't decide what the worst part of this movie was... the lousy acting, the terrible dialogue or the amateurish costumes, scenery and effects.
  • seanleafgreen3 February 2020
    Never in my life would I think cheaply made Bollywood film could look good until this assault on acting, writing, directing and production came along

    For everyone involved in the creation of this movie... find another profession. Don't stress yourselves though. Do something challenging ... like pan handling
  • RodMartinJr31 January 2020
    Only occasionally does this waste of time lift its sleepy head above mediocrity. For the most part, the dialog is awful, the story line predictable, the acting atrocious-to-barely passable. The director needs to go back to school.

    Cool title graphics. But everything was downhill after that.
  • OMG awful movie horrible acting how dare they steal amazing tittles with as one other said actors that are just learning how to act. So bad that I stopped after 10 mins could not bear it anymore.
  • Oh boy, here we go again. I rated this a 1 because IMDB won't allow me to rate it a big fat zero. When you see the title: "Battle Star Wars", what do you immediately think of? Could it possibly be the Lucas/Disney Star Wars franchise? you think that maybe the title of this film was intentionally chosen as such? Here's a test, do a Google search for "Battle Star Wars". Do you see the results that come up? Most of them are for the legit Star Wars franchise and it's various properties. Do you need any further indicator that this really cheap shoestring sci-fi flick is a cash grab trying to capitalize on the current wave of popularity that the legit Star Wars is getting from it's recent string of films?

    Here's another thing to raise your eyebrows: have you read the synopsis? "When the leader of the evil Coalition threatens to destroy a Rebel planet for its resources, his daughter will have no choice but to join the Rebel side and fight for what is right." What's that sound like? If you said Star Wars, you're absolutely correct. "Evil Coalition" or...........Galactic Empire?? They're threatening to destroy a so-called "Rebel Planet" huh? You mean like how the Death Star or Starkiller Base destroyed planets in Star Wars? Maybe how the Death Star blew up Alderaan in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope?, that couldn't possibly be it.

    And how about that daughter (of the leader of the so-called evil coalition) that joins the rebels and fights for what is right? Did these writers step out of the theater after watching Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and think that they could just copy that film's premise? I'm not spoiling anything but know. If you haven't been living under a rock then you already know to what I'm referring. It doesn't take a genius to see that this film is a total rip off. In this day and age, real Star Wars media are so widely available that one has to wonder why anyone in their right mind would want to watch a cheap knock-off? Then again, those people are probably the same ones that enjoy saving a $1 or 2 on their Tommy "Hilfinger" jeans.
  • Watched the first ten minutes, what a waste! the title misled me but it don't have to misled you, the acting is horrible, c movie actors, the writing is awful and its horrible cheap made, nothing to watch here.
  • gundersenterje30 January 2020
    Should be death penalty to all partiets involved. Horrible horrible and horrible.
  • Generally I pride myself on being able to watch badly acted/directed films and see past the errors and mistakes, but not this time. This has to be one of the worst Sci-Fi films that I have seen, the acting was atrocious, the directing was laughable and the special effects, well, they were just plain cheap and nasty. About the only good thing I can say about it is, the opening credits were pretty good. That's the only reason I gave this film 2 stars. Overall don't waste your time with this one
  • For those unfamiliar with the joy that is Asylum Mockbusters.... wait for a movie to come out, make a cheap video and slap a very similar title onto it, hope dumb people rent it before they realize what it is.

    So, no sooner than you can say, "Hey, where's Luke Skywalker", you have this bit of cinematic larceny, where names have been changed to protect the copyright infringement.

    The acting is marginal, the special effects are lame, but the plot actually is more coherent than the mess that was the last three Star Wars Sequels. Maybe they should have hired these guys instead of Jar-Jar Abrams and Ruin Johnson.

    It dumb, it's fun, you can probably rent if for a lot less than the latest Star Wars Cash grab by the Mouse.
  • I started waching the film, had nothing to do so i finished it. Should have gone to bed in stead .
  • I'm comfortable to put this in my good bad films category

    You know it was not going be a blockbuster it was a low budget indie film fanfiction done on a shoestring budget

    To their credit to them they entertained me more than half the Blockbusters I've seen this year

    For all of its so obvious faults, for all of it corniness, cliche acting, the film wasn't too bad

    If you are prepared to check your brain in on the couch and watch this one by yourself the films going to end and you're going to say what a lot of crap but I enjoyed it.

    The film achieved its objective. Well done Asylum
  • Well, definitely a waste of time, or in three words: bad, very bad
  • The first 10 minutes were awfull, the onthef minutes were... Well I don't know because I couldn't bare to keep watching...
  • I just wanted to watch something that is totally badly rated and I found Battle Star Wars. Sounds quite original! Actually this is not a rip-off of one of them. It's totally outstanding, but not in a good way. They introduce a lot of characters and most of the screen time is in some space ships, which are poorly designed (nice). The dialogues are flat and have mostly nothing to do with main plot. I don't know what this was about, actually I didn't care.
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