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  • shrtfe18 December 2021
    I think that T2 tries to put together too many cliches that were most likely suggested to the creators of T1 after the success of T1, in order to 'educate' teenagers with the episodes themselves. T2 becomes less credible and more artificial than T1. The message must be subtle and not too obvious. I stopped watching it half way T2.
  • sakipmert-2912020 October 2021
    So good
    So good. Young actors and actresses are shining. I think HIT is one of the best spanish serial all time. Highly recommended... thank you for this masterpiece guys best wishes !!!
  • pguadalix12 June 2022
    First season was original and good, but I don´t know what they want to do (really why they do) in season 2.

    If you cannot improve previous seansons better leave it and do another thing.