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  • jotix1001 March 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Marion and Vincent have decided to live in a small property in the country. The setting gets them away from the hectic life of Paris. What they did not count on was the invasion they are about to get when her mother Francoise and her lover, and their two grown up children plus their kids decide to live with them.

    Marion, a practical young grandmother, realizes there are things that could be designed to help young families. So what about a web site in which all kinds of questions and situations can be dealt with. With a young internet wizard, Julien, they put together the site. The household is a total mess, but everyone seems to be having a great time until it proves too much for Marion and Vincent.

    A mildly funny comedy made for French television was recently shown on a cable channel. Directed by Christiane Leherissey, and written by Brigitte Peskine, the film shows all the problems extended families must face when living under the same roof. Modernity plays a big part in the story in what the family is trying to accomplish.

    A good Fanny Cottencon is at the center of the story with her Marion. Didier Bezace also has some good moments with his Vincent. The film is good for a few laughs.