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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bee Movie: The Game is a true masterpiece. It perfectly matches the wonder of the film. This belongs in the Smithsonian as the pinnacle of man kind's creation. You will laugh, cry, and feel things you never thought possible. The amazingly written story line not only matches the films masterpiece but exceeds it entirely. This game is GTA but with bees. The gorgeous scenery and expansive open world took my breath away with a single look. If you don't think that Bee Movie: The Game is the most amazing cross generational piece of media ever released then you need to work some things out with a therapist. This game belongs on the PS5. The graphics are outstanding. Cory in the House has no right being more well reviewed than this gorgeous piece of video game history. The character of Barry B. Benson is absolutely amazing. Jerry Seinfeld gives the feeling of a bee going through the trials of his mid life crisis and existential problems perfectly. Seinfeld's voice perfectly compliments the character. This is a masterfully done prequel to the hit show Seinfeld. I cannot describe any further it's greatness. It is a must watch. My grandfather's throat cancer was dissolved after playing for a mere hour of this beauty. It is a required play by all generations.
  • You won't regret buying it. It's a great game. The voice acting is incredible. Just listening to Jerry sienfeilds sweet enchanting voice gives me a tingle of joy. I've played this game over 30 times.