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  • Youngish porn actresses are interviewed (presumably by hack director Will Ryder) in tediously identical vignettes, told they were recruited misleadingly for a "modeling gig" but instead have to service bbc's, i.e., big black cocks. Yes, racism in porn lives eternal.

    Ringer is obviously, very very obviously, Carly Parker, whose mammoth jugs and overall look makes her appear a decade older than the crypto-kiddie porn actresses in the rest of the show. Even in the ridiculously lengthy (and useless) BTS feature (48 minutes of filler) it's pretended that she's an unknown newbie, despite the dozens of credits already under Carly's belt when this was shot.

    Interracial sex in porn has become ubiquitous nowadays, but even as a niche item made over a decade ago this amounts to pure filler.