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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is a milestone of bad cinema, a person with normal senses can't watch it, so do I. I could not bear this movie for even 30 min, everything was way awful than you guys can imagine. This movie ended career of all known actors in this movie. I wish I can write more but this movie does not deserve any write up also. Now IMDb is forcing me to write 10 lines, so let me tell you more about this movie. The main lead actor in this movie does not suites for spot boy, even extra actors were did fantastic job than him. You may laugh when he dance, run or even he cries. This movie is a joke for Indian film industry. In fight scene Even a the baseball bat has done a good acting than actor.
  • This is one hell of laugh riot mainly because of the hero's ineptness. The idea of bad acting can be subjective but this highly incompetent wussy's bad acting is universal truth. Even the kindest of people will get sadistic pleasure whenever he gets beaten in the movie.

    There is nothing to write home about this abomination apart from the moralistic idea, just the idea. But the screenplay, direction and acting are laughably incompetent.

    Gracy Singh seems to be on an ordeal of exploring austere side of life: from being in all-time great movies like Lagaan and Munnabhai MBBS to being the love interest of a good-for-nothing character, played by a good-for-nothing actor.
  • sam-noctis16 November 2014
    He calls himself an 'uttar bharatiya' (north Indian) and keeps crying himself hoarse about the second class treatment meted out to him and his fellow uttar bharatiyas by the political class of Maharashtra. - TOI Despite its obvious flaws, this writer took guilty pleasure in enjoying this genre where most love songs are actually dreams, where emotions are always displayed loudly, where the villains are always obvious and the hero can do almost anything despite being random. Acting : 1/10 (There is no negative marking) Although they have good actors like Yashpal Sharma, Gracy Singh, Mukesh Tiwari. (Not sarcasm,they are actually actors)

    But our superstar(Sarcasm) KRK brings down the pace to another level.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In the opening scene we see a rickety eyesore running ham-fisted, in possibly wet pants. We find out in flashbacks that the effete bungler receives corporal punishments from his father. His villagers browbeat him; he kneels before their crotch in return. He gets kicked around by pampered fanatics; he leans over, offering his limp corpus for more punishment. Then, out of nowhere, he inflicts flying kicks and punches — straight out of South Indian cinema. And he shoots dead a few bad guys quite offhandedly. Thereafter, he goes through cycles of ham-fisted empowerment to relapses of a limp washout. At best there are unintentionally hilarious moments throughout this abject pseudo-intellect, though vapid like the uncouth prude at the helm. He is like those grossly ineffectual singers who turn up at auditions of reality shows for self-abasing publicity.

    It's hard to understand all the attention showered upon this rickety eyesore: film snobs hail him as chic socialite, pious film critic and moral guru. It is contended, with rabid justifications, that, since he doesn't have nepotic association in the film industry, his work ought to be appreciated. Nepotism is more prevalent in Indian politics; then, as per that logic, he should be made the prime minister of India. He is positioned in the utmost echelon of film critics in India. He orates his reviews like a God-man, while his disciple-audience agree to him with unquestioning obedience. All the prolific film critics in India avoided reviewing Desh Drohi for reasons they have never explained clearly. Was it abject fear of contradicting their darling? Or did they choose to stay silent out of reverence, since they had nothing nice to say about it?

    The director made some potboilers in the 1990s, so one could have expected at least that standard. But there is nothing to write home about in this toffee-nosed botchery.

    So, again, what makes the Indian media and masses fawn over him? It cannot be his haughty deportment. It cannot be his caterwauling voice. It cannot be his grunt of emasculation whenever he gets bitch-slapped. Nor can it be his pantywaist tantrums. Surely it cannot be his limp physique, bandaged by gaudy clothes. It cannot be his fatuous sarcasm. It cannot be his Fascist bent of mind, though it could make him Bajrang Dal's pet. Any draconian regime would be proud of Indian media's subservience towards him.

    A wise man once said that snobbery can sell anything in this country. The box-office plaudits and the television premiere in prime-time slot reaffirm the adage that snobbery sells quicker than hot cakes in India. In Hindu mythology, it is prophesied that in Kalyug (the current era, translated as 'the age of downfall'), swan will pick a grain and crow will eat a pearl. In other words, brilliance will be lampooned and idiocy will rule the roost.
  • I gave 1 star just because i couldn't give half star rating. Awful acting, poor movie plot, and most pathetic thing about this movie is its lead actor "Kamal R Khan". Even 2 year old kid can act better than him. This movie doesn't deserve more than a half star rating. looks like actors, director and even writers didn't get any money For this movie. Only word suits to this movie is "Chutiyaapa"... Don't miss the fun fact of this movie: Kamaal R Khan farted a lot during the dance sequences, making him unbearable for shooting... LOL So if you are drunk and out of your mind think thousand times before watching this sh**. Even sh** is better than this movie. Lol
  • shubhamkkadam9 September 2019
    Successfully Wasted 2 hours and 19 minutes of my life. pathetic movie
  • mmahantesh3 December 2008
    One of the worst (probably "the worst") movie I have ever watched. Please do not waste your time watching this movie I can't believe they still make movie like this...this movie is awful...I would like to rate it "Zero or negative" but unfortunately there isn't such an option

    One of the worst (probably "the worst") movie I have ever watched. Please do not waste your time watching this movie I can't believe they still make movie like this...this movie is awful...I would like to rate it "Zero or negative" but unfortunately there isn't such an option

    One of the worst (probably "the worst") movie I have ever watched. Please do not waste your time watching this movie I can't believe they still make movie like this...this movie is awful...I would like to rate it "Zero or negative" but unfortunately there isn't such an option
  • What to tell about this movie. Don't go on the genre Action+Thriller. Actually this is a funny movie. You haven't seen a funny movie in you life like this. Hero of this movie- The great KRK; can't act, can't dance, can't run, can't fight. There is no such a work which he can do in this movie. This movie is a masterpiece and should be used for torturing the terrorists.
  • Movie: Deshdrohi

    Rating: 0.5/5

    Very rarely do people come across such "mastsrpieces" overloaded with extreme silliness and tomfoolery. DESHDROHI is a masterpiece in this regard. The makers wanted to make an action, crime, drama and thriller film but ended up making a comedy film indeed. I had a great laugh at the poorly written and delivered dialogues, bad general knowledge of the lead actor, funny fight scenes and what not. But it's true it wasn't supposed to be a comedy film, that's why it's an epic Disaster.

    The self proclaimed critic KRK, who's hardly liked by anyone, proves why. Well there's nothing to talk about this guy as everyone knows. The scenes involving him fighting and delivering one liners are unintentionally so funny that you'll even get pain in your mouth. Surprisingly, there's a presence of big actors too and they do nothing except showering extremely downing performances.

    The screenplay is weak, extremely and rather so much that it irritates at a point. Songs after song irritates. Action scenes are poorly choreographed and laughable to watch, with even more hilarious BGM. Dialogues are spoken in such a funny way one will die laughing. Though a fistful of shots are good, it's regrettable to say that even emotional scenes look funny. KRK's voice: When he's getting beaten, shot or even crying: is so funny that it makes you think whether DESHDROHI is any film or a spoof.

    What's good is the writer's dig at the situation north Indians face in states like Maharashtra. But, The present situation has changed a lot. The film is a blatant effort to turn a shoddy looking guy into a gangster-esque hero who can remember the names of freedom fighters but can't tell the right number of states in India (Laugh and feel ashamed!). In other words, the film had potential, but a bad casting and laughable execution killed the film entirely.

    The film goes some bit above disastrous verdict in a few parts in the first half where I thought I could rare it 1/5, but the film after that second half was so cringe-inducing, that I thought 0.5/5 is the best for the film. People either just keeping shouting or try making you shout. It's not that it's entertaining if it's unintentionally funny. It's quite boring too. Negative reactions keep coming out from your mouth while watching it.

    The music is bad. Editing was...just leave it. Every other department underscores. Even visually the film doesn't engage you. I was myself surprised how I couldn't remember the last scene I watched. It was that bad.

    Overall, DESHDROHI is an epic masterpiece disaster which is worth skipping for life. I just wanted to risk my sleep, my peace and my silence, and thus I watched it. And now I realized the essence of the film's title. It needs not to be told that even making such films is called Deshd...Disciplined people like me and many can use decent words but haters can even turn to abuses. What else to say? A big DISASTER (Sorry makers, don't take it personally. There are many people who have similar opinions, how many would you be unhappy with?) Note: For more fun and laughter, check the film's budget and collection at
  • This movie was unbearable I was unable to Watch it this is the crappiest movie I have ever watched in my whole life. Just don't watch it!!!
  • johnrockz24 November 2019
    Just look at the poster of this movie and Does any HUMAN BEING would want to go through this torture.For the sake of humanity don't watch this.
  • katochsunny10 October 2019
    This movie is cancer to your eyes. terrible story, pathetic acting undoubtedly worst one in cinema history.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Throwing the money is better than seeing thiz movie .and Now u can understand my review of thiz film with thiz words
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let me clarify by saying that this would be the best worst movies I have ever watched

    The first time I saw the lead hero I thought they were just showing some "Extra cast" as they call it running from the main lead. But it turned out to be our "Hero" as they call it much to my amazement and "delight". Then you see that he really fits the role being kicked arround and swindled easily by everyone like a typical "Laluu". Voila! the heroine comes to the rescue ala "Jhansi ki rani" on a bike instead of a horse with a helmet to hide her face in case anybody notices that she is Gracy Singh from the Oscar running movie "Lagaan" which was her first movie. Looks like our Laluu has a thing for dames on bikes and bicycles his first one being Miss bicyclist - Hrishitta bhatt again a renowned face. God knows what Jhansi ki rani and Miss bicyclist had in mind when they signed for this movie but bless their souls for having to go through the torture of dancing and singing with one of the most Laluu characters ever seen leading a movie.

    As for Mr. Laluu he keeps ruing about the fact that he is still alive, kills 5-6 policemen and politicians with one bullet, penetrates the most toughest security perimeters with gravity defying jumps and stunts and keeps crying about his dead grandpa and his dreams. Jhansi ki raani lends the Mithunda touch to the movie and strangely looks more masculine than our Mr. Laluu. In fact I suspect that both these characters are confused about their sexuality and therein find compatibility. Cant wait to see what their next generation turns out to be.

    This movie is meant to be watched friends at a time when people have nothing better to do but ridicule, debase and insult someone from the bottom of the heart and laugh at it like a devil. Please Please watch this 8th wonder of the world in its pure ugliness.
  • I saw this movie after my exams hoping to get some entertainment i wasn't disappointed at all.this MOVIE IS A OUT N OUT ENTERTAINER..whether its the pathetic screenplay, hopeless dialogs or horrendous acting, it never fails to crack you up..OH yes i almost forgot to mention that the acting is really bad as well..its almost like a really long and extended spoof of some kind..

    positives: there arn't many , but i guess the theme of this movie is very relevant today. so if uve watched it and had your laugh, the good thing to take home is that we are all Indians and are one people. don't waste money on this one, its barely worth a DVD watch.
  • tegrazero7 September 2019
    This is not a movie, it's hate against humanity. kamal khan has waged jihad against art
  • This is one of the worst movie you'll ever see so please don't watch it
  • tusharstsn31 August 2020
    Such movies do not deserve to be released. I wish I could regain the time I wasted watching this disaster.
  • The film belongs to the genre of "Gunda". It is a laugh riot and contains iconic scenes. There is a scene where the owner of a food stall starts beating KRK at night because he did not pay him. In the very next shot he is seen continuing to beat him in broad day light. Just goes to show the sloppy and tacky editing. It is so bad that it is good. KRK's dance movies are cringe worthy and so is his smile. Both the heroines of the movie look like Madhubalas while sharing screen with him. The movie is best watched with a group of old buddies and bear. Just bitch the crap out of the movie as you watch it. I feel the many negative reviews are not justified. Why? Movies are meant to entertain and I bet you will enjoy laughing at the movie.
  • Worst movie in the history of the film industry. Boht hi kharab movie hai kabhi sochna bhi mat dekhne ka haa agar dekhna hai to slay point ka is movie pe roast dekhlo youtube pe!!
  • I request you all to watch any movie other than your own regional language,it would be more good than this movie🤢
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Advice: Never watch this film alone;it tastes best when watched in groups.

    Coming to the point, Desh drohi is a timeless classic by mega ishtar KRK and has content that has never been attempted before in the history of Hindi film industry. It depicts the never-ending struggle of a common man for justice in a city ruled by goons and #2rs politicians. This journey is so emotional and believable that you are into tears throuhout the film. Not evn a single scence is to be missed for films like deshdrohi come once in a lifetime. KRk as the protagonist carries the entire film on his own. He delivers a performance that you just cannot stop discuss his antics once you are done with the film.He is the heart and soul of the film and delivers a performance that has the potential to put even the likes of Tom Hanks to shame.The music is extraordinary while the locations are a delight. All in all, a film that should be cherished and savoured in the years to come...
  • This movie single handedly changed the course of Indian Cinema forever! Film Industry is so jealous of this movie that they did not let this masterpiece get nominated for Oscar..!! Such movie can be created only once in human history. Special mention for heartthrob of India Mr Kamaal R Khan for stupendous performance as the lead.
  • This movie talks about unity of India, this is what our Country needs. This movie is about politics, corruption and a common man. after watching this movie I am very happy that Kamal Khan has made this type of movie which can open our minds and makes us think why we are fighting and hating each other. An unemployed RAJA(KK) comes of Mumbai in search of a job. Staying in Mumbai for RAJA is not easy and he soon realizes that being a North Indian is even tougher. The main highlights of this film is its powerful dialogues. Movies like this should always be appreciated. Watch this good movie to know how Raja and Sonia teach lessons to the criminals?
  • khushal25 October 2008
    This is one of those great old movies that is worth a repeat viewing every now and again in a person's life.Be that as it may, the story that is told here is every bit as important and thought provoking.Throughout the film there is a spot-on wisdom about man and his endless quest for justice.

    I came away from this movie feeling secure in my belief that in life you just can't have it all, but a true patriot can.Since this movie was largely about "North Indians (literally speaking Yadavs, it must have made quite an impression on audiences back who share the same last name and hail from the north India).I'm sure more than a few viewers still have painful memories of catastrophic losses caused by the recent feuds and the aftermath that followed.

    That's why I think this movie qualifies for repeat viewings, because just think how appropriate this wisdom is for our current generation of people "Fortunes come and go, gold is often times nothing but dust in the wind, but life goes on and so man must go on. That's what this movie says to me whenever I see it."
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