Among the advertisements in magazines, advertisements for Coca-Cola and Chevrolet cars are visible.

In production, the film was launched under the name "Black Man and White Elephant."

The stamp of the verdict of the Beast Court on the guilt of Man contains the inscription "Ad perpetuam rei memoriam".

Based on the tales of Jomo Kenyatta - the leader of the national movement of Kenya.

In one version, there is the original caption, "By the Law of the Jungle."

The cigarettes that the Elephant gave to the Black Man is Winston.

The animated film was released in 1963 - the year Kenya gained independence from Great Britain and the election of Jomo Kenyatta as president.

In 2008, the cartoon was shown at the Grand Cartoon Festival in the program of animation historian Georgiy Borodin "Archive: Soviet anti-imperialist cartoons 1940-60."